COVERED EMPLOYEE. A person who meets all applicable eligibility requirements, enrolls hereunder by making application, and for whom premium has been received.
COVERED EMPLOYEE. Is a Covered Employee and continues to be covered by the EACA provisions. [Note: Under this Election, the Participant's Contrary Election will remain in effect, but the Participant must receive the EACA annual notice.]
COVERED EMPLOYEE. Covered Employee" shall mean an employee of the Company who is designated as a Covered Employee by the Plan Administrator.
COVERED EMPLOYEE. This policy shall apply to any person working for pay for the School District, including contractual employees. (For those who carry CDL’s to transport students or bus drivers see also District policy 6.60)
COVERED EMPLOYEE. Covered Employee" means the chief executive officer of the Company (or the individual acting in such capacity) and the four (4) other individuals that are the highest compensated officers of the Company for the relevant taxable year for whom total compensation is required to be reported to shareholders under the Exchange Act.
COVERED EMPLOYEE. A person in a position or classification that is covered by the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act as determined by the City Manager.
COVERED EMPLOYEE. The term “Covered Employee” shall refer to any person who is or was employed by the Company or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. The term Covered Employee includes any person who becomes employed by, or starts providing consulting services, to the Company or its subsidiaries or affiliates after the Effective Date, and who was introduced to or was hired by the Company or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates primarily through the efforts of the Executive; however, the Restrictive Period shall apply to such a Covered Employee who was introduced to or was hired by the Company or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates primarily through the efforts of the Executive, only as long as: (i) Executive is employed by the Company; and (ii) for the one (1) year after termination of Executive’s employment only if Executive receives a Severance Payment or Non-Renewal Payment. (iv)
COVERED EMPLOYEE. A Covered Employee is a Participant who is subject to the EACA. The Employer in its Adoption Agreement will elect whether a Participant who makes a Contrary Election is a Covered Employee. A Covered Employee must receive the annual EACA notice even though the Participant's Contrary Election remains in effect. In addition, a Covered Employee who revokes his/her Contrary Election or whose Contrary Election expires, is thereafter immediately subject to the EACA Automatic Deferral.
COVERED EMPLOYEE. A Participant identified by the Employer as being covered under the EACA. An independent contractor cannot be a Covered Employee.
COVERED EMPLOYEE. The words "Covered Employee" shall mean a salaried Employee working full time and an hourly Employee who customarily works at least thirty (30) hours per week for a Participating Company and who may become entitled to benefits hereunder if he shall satisfy the requirements for entitlement to benefits set forth herein. A "Covered Employee" shall be an Employee who is not: