Speech Therapy definition

Speech Therapy means medically prescribed diagnostic and treatment services provided by or under the supervision of a certified speech therapist.
Speech Therapy means a course of treatment, ordered by a Physician, to treat speech deficiencies or impediments.
Speech Therapy means General Treatment that is:

Examples of Speech Therapy in a sentence

  • Outpatient 0% 20% - After deductible In a physician’s office 0% 20% - After deductible Respiratory Therapy Inpatient 0% 20% - After deductible Outpatient 0% 20% - After deductible Skilled Care in a Nursing Facility* Skilled or sub-acute care 0% 20% - After deductible Speech Therapy Outpatient hospital/in a physician’s/therapist’s office.

  • Habilitative services 20% coinsurance 20% coinsurance after deductible Includes Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy.

More Definitions of Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy means a medically-prescribed speech or language-based service that is provided by a licensed speech therapist and identified in the Enrollee Care Plan, and that is used to evaluate or improve an Enrollee's ability to communicate.
Speech Therapy means the identification and treatment of neurological deficiencies related to feeding problems, congenital or trauma-related maxillofacial anomalies, or neurological conditions that affect oral motor functions and includes the evaluation and treatment of problems related to oral motor dysfunction.
Speech Therapy means the treatment for the correction of a speech impairment resulting from disease including pervasive developmental disorders, trauma, congenital anomalies or previous therapeutic processes and which is designed and adapted to promote the restoration of a useful physical function. Speech Therapy does not include educational training or services designed and adapted to develop a physical function.
Speech Therapy means a program of care that evaluates the patient’s motor-speech skills, expressive and receptive language skills and writing and reading skills, and determines if the patient requires an extensive hearing evaluation by an audiologist. The therapist also evaluates the patient’s cognitive functioning, as well as his or her social interaction skills such as the ability to maintain eye contact and initiate conversation. Therapy may also involve developing the patient’s speech, listening and conversational skills, and higher level cognitive skills such as understanding abstract thought, making decisions and sequencing. Therapy may be considered medically appropriate even for patients who do not have apparent speech problems, but who do have deficits in higher level language functioning as a result of trauma or identifiable organic disease process.
Speech Therapy or “Speech Pathology Service” means General Treatment that is:
Speech Therapy means Medically Necessary short-term therapy which can result in significant clinical improvement in your condition; often combined with Occupational Therapy and/or Physical Therapy.
Speech Therapy or “speech pathology” means the services provided by a speech pathologist as set forth in section 20-408 of the Connecticut General Statutes;