Coverage of Sample Clauses

Coverage of a faculty member under the Board-approved insurance programs shall commence and terminate in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance programs.
Coverage of all system components 7.2.1 Confirm that access control systems are in place on all system components.
Coverage of a classroom by dividing the class and moving students to other classrooms. This option is to be used when no other viable alternative exists. In the event where classes are dissolved with students moved to other classrooms, each teacher effected by the dissolution will receive a flat rate of $50.
Coverage of. November to November Coverage of The Company shall pay the total cost for dental insur- ance. The coverage provided shall be the Blue Cross Plan or a comparable plan, with a year lag to the current The dental plan has been upgraded to include orthodontics to age 19; payable at with a maximum of lifetime; major restorative; payable at with a maximum of lifetime.

Related to Coverage of

  • Single Coverage The School District will pay up to $28.00 per month for individual coverage for each full-time employee who qualifies for and enrolls in the School District's group dental insurance plan.

  • Duration of Coverage All required insurance shall be maintained during the entire term of the Agreement. In addition, Insurance policies and coverage(s) written on a claims-made basis shall be maintained during the entire term of the Agreement and until 3 years following the later of termination of the Agreement and acceptance of all work provided under the Agreement, with the retroactive date of said insurance (as may be applicable) concurrent with the commencement of activities pursuant to this Agreement. 3.

  • Coverage Options Eligible employees may select coverage under any one of the dental plans offered by the Employer, including health maintenance organization plans, the State Dental Plan, or other dental plans. Coverage offered through health maintenance organization plans is subject to change during the life of this Agreement upon action of the health maintenance organization and approval of the Employer after consultation with the Joint Labor/Management Committee on Health Plans. However, actuarial reductions in the level of HMO coverages effective during the term of this Agreement, including increases in copayments, require approval of the Joint Labor/Management Committee on Health Plans. Coverage offered through the State Dental Plan is determined by Section 7A2.

  • Insurance Coverage The Company and each Subsidiary maintains in full force and effect insurance coverage that is customary for comparably situated companies for the business being conducted and properties owned or leased by the Company and each Subsidiary, and the Company reasonably believes such insurance coverage to be adequate against all liabilities, claims and risks against which it is customary for comparably situated companies to insure.