Health Benefits Sample Clauses

Health Benefits. Provided that Executive elects continued coverage under federal COBRA law, the Company shall pay the premiums of Executive's group health insurance coverage, including coverage for Executive's eligible dependents, for a maximum period of eighteen (18) months following a Covered Termination; provided, however, that the Company shall pay premiums for Executive's eligible dependents only for coverage for which those eligible dependents were enrolled immediately prior to the Covered Termination. No premium payments will be made following the effective date of Executive's coverage by a health insurance plan of a subsequent employer. For the balance of the period that Executive is entitled to coverage under federal COBRA law, Executive shall be entitled to maintain such coverage at Executive's own expense.
Health Benefits medical and dental insurance coverage for you and your eligible dependents at no cost to you (except as hereafter described) pursuant to the CBS benefit plans in which you participated in at the time of your termination of employment (or, if different, other benefit plans generally available to senior level executives) for a period of eighteen (18) months following the termination date, or if earlier, the date on which you become eligible for medical or dental coverage as the case may be from a third party, which period of coverage shall be considered to run concurrently with the COBRA continuation period; provided, however, that during the period that CBS provides you with this coverage, the cost of such coverage will be treated as taxable income to you and CBS may withhold taxes from your compensation for this purpose; provided, further, that you may elect to continue your medical and dental insurance coverage under COBRA at your own expense for the balance, if any, of the period required by law; provided, further, that to the extent CBS is unable to continue such benefits because of underwriting on the plan term or if such continuation would violate Code Section 105(h), CBS shall provide you with economically equivalent benefits determined on an after-tax basis (to the extent such benefit was non-taxable).
Health Benefits. The Employee shall be entitled to major medical and health insurance coverage for the Employee and his or her immediate family on such terms, in such amounts and in such coverage as shall be consistent with the insurance coverage programs available to other salaried employees of the Company generally, as the same may change from time to time.
Health Benefits. For the twenty-four (24) month period immediately following the Date of Termination, the Company shall arrange to provide the Executive with group health coverage substantially similar to that which the Executive was receiving immediately prior to the Notice of Termination. The premium charge to the Executive for each month of such coverage will equal the Company’s monthly COBRA charge for such coverage in which the Executive, his spouse and covered dependents (as applicable) is enrolled from time to time (less the amount of any administrative charge typically assessed by the Company as part of its COBRA charge) and the Executive will be required to pay such monthly premium charge in accordance with the Company’s standard COBRA premium payment requirements. The Company will pay Executive a lump sum in cash equal to an initial multiple that is increased by a percentage. For this purpose, the initial multiple is 24 times the difference that results from calculating (i) the Company’s monthly COBRA charge on the Date of Termination for family coverage with respect to the highest value health coverage provided to salaried employees, minus (ii) the amount the Company charges active salaried employees for such coverage on Executive’s Date of Termination. In addition, for this purpose, the percentage is the sum of (I) 1% for each month in the 24-month period that will fall in the calendar year following Executive’s Date of Termination, plus (II) 2% for each month in the 24-month period that will fall in the second calendar year following Executive’s Date of Termination. The Company will make such payment within 30 days following the date of the Executive’s termination of employment, except as provided by Section 14 below.
Health Benefits. By agreement, effective January 1, 1995, and subject to §M, the County reduced its contribution with respect to each separate medical and hospitalization plan, calculated separately for individual and family coverage, to 80% of the actual premium charged by an HMO or, in the case of self- insured plans, 80% of the projected premium rate for the calendar year in which the rates are to be effective. The member shall pay the remaining 20% of the plan s/he selects. The rates for each self-insured plan shall be calculated using standard actuarial principles with separate medical trends determined which reflect plan design. The rate will include a 2% administrative fee. Lodge 35 shall be provided with information (including but not limited to all actuarial and consultant reports) enabling it to review the premium determinations. In other respects the comprehensive health benefit program shall remain in effect except as provided below.
Health Benefits. All members of the unit who are eligible for the State’s health insurance pension/life insurance benefits shall be provided with these benefits on the same basis and to the same extent provided to all State staff members whose contracts expired June 30, 1999. Should negotiations or legislative action change these benefits for State staff members during the life of this contract, the benefits for eligible members of the unit shall change accordingly. If the State should notify the University that they will not cover Part-Time (less than 35 hours per week) staff members, the University will not continue such coverage.
Health Benefits. Executive (including her or his family) is eligible for medical and dental insurance provided through the Employer's agreement with the current health plan provider as described in the Employee Handbook, with premiums being paid by the Employer. In addition, Employer will reimburse Executive up to $300 for health insurance deductibles, plus cover out-of-pocket medical expenses (i.e., medical expenses not covered by the health plan provider) up to $5,000, for a total of $5,300 per year. Finally, the Employer has adopted a self-insured vision care plan for all full-time regular employees. Under this vision care plan, the Employer will reimburse Executive for 100% for one annual eye exam and one pair of glasses or contacts per year for each family member of the Executive covered under the Employer's health plan.
Health Benefits. The Company shall provide the Executive --------------- with the same level of health coverage and benefits as in effect for the Executive on the day immediately preceding the day of the Executive's termination of employment; provided, however, that (i) the Executive constitutes a qualified beneficiary, as defined in Section 4980(g)(l) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended; and (ii) Executive elects continuation coverage pursuant to the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985, as amended ("COBRA"), within the time period prescribed pursuant to COBRA. The Company shall continue to reimburse Executive for continuation coverage until the earlier of (i) the date Executive is no longer eligible to receive continuation coverage pursuant to COBRA or (ii) six (6) months from the termination of Executive's employment; and