Insurance Program definition

Insurance Program or “program” shall mean a program of the Authority under which participating members are protected against designated losses, either through joint purchase of primary or excess insurance, pooling of self-insured claims or losses, purchased insurance or any other combination as determined by the Board. The Board of Directors or the Executive Committee may determine applicable criteria for determining eligibility in any insurance program, as well as establishing program policies and procedures.
Insurance Program means the Customer's insurance products within the Authorized Line(s) of Business to be offered within the Authorized States.
Insurance Program means the insurance program of Affiliates of Manager that are provided to the Other Managed Facilities and Other Managed Resorts.

Examples of Insurance Program in a sentence

  • The health coverage portion of the State Employee Group Insurance Program is provided through the Minnesota Advantage Health Plan (Advantage), a self-insured health plan offering four (4) Benefit Level options.

  • If any material part of the improvements, exclusive of a parking lot, located on a Mortgaged Property is in an area identified in the Federal Register by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as having special flood hazards, the related Mortgagor is required to maintain insurance in the maximum amount available under the National Flood Insurance Program, plus such additional excess flood coverage in an amount as is generally required by the Seller originating mortgage loans for securitization.

  • If both spouses work for the State or another organization participating in the State’s Group Insurance Program, either spouse, but not both, may cover the eligible dependent children or grandchildren.

  • This section describes eligibility to participate in the Group Insurance Program.

  • While flood insurance may not be mandatory in this instance, HUD recommends that all insurable structures maintain flood insurance under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

More Definitions of Insurance Program

Insurance Program shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.4.
Insurance Program means the insurance program described in Appendix A of this Agreement.
Insurance Program means the comprehensive collection of insurance policies maintained by the Debtors, which includes, but is not limited to, policies for (i) workers' compensation, (ii) directors & officers liability, and (iii) casualty events.
Insurance Program means a portfolio program of insurance, purchased from commercial insurance companies and/or Starwood, for the benefit of participating Vacation Ownership Properties and Starwood Lodging Facilities, as may be made available to Vistana with respect to one or more Licensed Vacation Ownership Properties as a Centralized Service. Under the Insurance Program, some (i) insurance premiums may include third-party pass-through costs associated with the procurements, administration and servicing of the insurance; (ii) insurance policies may be provided by Starwood or its Affiliates, which Entity may have a profit or loss for its insurance business from time to time, depending on claims experience and loss ratio; (iii) policy coverage, terms and limits may be provided via a combination of “locallyplaced and/or “controlled masterprograms insurance and may contain a combination of dedicated and shared coverage limits, sub-limits and policy term aggregate limits among participating facilities, and claims are/may be adjusted on a pro rata basis of contributions of loss to total loss and limits available; and (iv) coverages and limits may be subject to annual aggregates during the policy year and a prior loss may reduce or exhaust the coverage available for a claim below the maximum limit stated in the policy summary. Starwood may (a) modify the structure, scope, availability, delivery, fees, costs and terms and conditions of the Insurance Program, including adding or discontinuing all or any part of the insurance coverages under such program, and (b) receive payments, fees, commissions or reimbursements from third parties in respect of the insurance coverages. For the avoidance of doubt, Starwood may offer other Persons the opportunity to participate in the Insurance Program.
Insurance Program shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.13.
Insurance Program means the various insurance policies maintained by ----------------- Waban pursuant to which various insurance carriers provide insurance coverage to Waban and its subsidiaries (including, prior to the Distribution Date, BJI and the BJI Subsidiaries).