JOB BIDDING Sample Clauses

JOB BIDDING. The City reserves the right to organize work and assignments. Bureau managers will consult with the Union prior to implementation of a reorganization to discuss proper application of this Article. Whenever the City determines that it will fill a vacancy in a new or existing job, present employees shall be given the first opportunity on the following basis: the City may choose from among the two (2) most senior qualified bidders for 25% of all vacancies occurring within a bureau in a Fiscal Year. Prior to posting, the City must identify a posting as one which will be subject to this provision.
JOB BIDDING. Job posting and bidding will be established in each classification. Vacant positions will be posted for a minimum of (5) working days in each building or work station. Positions vacant in between the window openings will be open for bid at the next bid window opening. Bids will be awarded by seniority during the appropriate window opening for bids in each classification. Seniority in one classification does not apply in another classification. A position vacant between bid windows may be filled temporarily by the superintendent until the next bid window opening. Temporary employees will not be entitled to seniority. Bargaining unit members in one classification may be considered by the board of education in another classification if the employee is considered to be qualified by the board of education. The board of education reserves the right to fill the vacant position with the person who the board considers the most qualified for the position.
JOB BIDDING. SECTION 1 The Human Resources Department shall post new or vacant positions. Such posting shall be county-wide for five (5) calendar days before the position is awarded. If no qualified Employee from the County bids the position, then the position shall be posted by the Human Resources Department for seven (7) calendar days for bid by outside applicants. However, if a qualified candidate pool is not obtained within the seven (7) calendar day time frame, the Human Resources Department may post the notification for additional calendar days in order to obtain further applications. Qualifications, fitness and ability being substantially equal, the positions will be awarded pursuant to the seniority provisions of Article 11. However, such award shall be subject to a forty-five (45) calendar day probationary trial period in which the employee must demonstrate they possess the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the duties of the job. If the employee was promoted and fails to perform the duties of the new position during the probationary trial period they shall be returned to a position comparable to that held immediately prior to the promotion at the current salary of such promotion. If the employee transferred to a new position and fails to perform the duties of the new position during the probationary trial period the employee can request to return to their original position or apply for other current position openings. However, if their original position is not open and there are no other open positions, the employee will be terminated.
JOB BIDDING. 13.01 A nurse who desires to change shifts or move to another nursing unit in the Hospital shall make this desire known in writing to the appropriate unit manager, who will make good faith reasonable efforts to notify such nurse of openings that occur in the manager’s unit for the subsequent three months.
JOB BIDDING. 16.1 When the Company determines a permanent vacancy exists, other than a minimum pay job and it cannot be filled from senior employees within the same job classification, the Company will post a notice of such fact, such notice to remain posted for a period of five (5) days, not including Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. Any employee on vacation during the posting period (not to exceed two (2) weeks) will have forty-eight (48) hours from the time the employee was scheduled to return from vacation to determine if any bids were posted during the vacation and to submit a job bid for consideration. This notice shall state rates of pay, hours, current shifts and off days, and job requirements. Employees who wish the job shall be considered in the manner provided herein in paragraph 16.2 and the successful applicant's name should the job be awarded, will be posted within fourteen (14) days after the bid is removed from the bulletin board, no more than thirty (30) days where testing is required. The successful bidder will be placed on the job as needed. If a successful bidder is not assigned to the job within ninety (90) days following the awarding of the bid, and the Company still intends to fill the job, the employee shall receive the applicable rate of the new job. If there are no qualified bidders, the Company may assign the least senior qualified employee who does not hold a bid job to the vacancy.
JOB BIDDING. For the purpose of providing every regular employee covered by this contract with an opportunity to bid on posted vacancies, Employer will make a reasonable effort to notify all employees, including those on leave, of posted vacancies, provided that the employee on leave has left an address or telephone number where he/she can be contacted. Any individual covered by this contract may, within five (5) working days from the date of job posting, present in writing (or verbally, if out of town) to his/her Shop Xxxxxxx his/her request to bid. Such request will include his education, training, and experience data required for the position. The application will not be considered nor will the bidders' personnel files be researched by the Employer until the bid committee is convened. The appointing authority may require any applicant for examination to submit documented proof of the possession of licenses, certificates, degrees, or other qualifications claimed and may refuse credit for such qualifications in the absence of proof. In the absence of regular employee bids, probationary employees, and then temporary employees may submit bids for posted vacancies prior to open hiring.
JOB BIDDING. §1. If the Management determines to fill a permanent vacancy below the level of Supervisor not caused by vacations, illness, leave or similar reason, a written notice of the opening, indicating the position, rate and necessary qualifications shall be posted on the bulletin board for a period not to exceed six working days. Any employee may signify to the Management in writing during that period an interest in being considered for the opening. The Management shall make its selection from the bidders on the basis of its judgment of the qualifications, employment and absentee record, skill and ability of those bidding, giving preference to the senior bidder, considering the overall effect on operations. The bidder so selected shall fill the vacancy on a temporary basis pending examination for permanent status. Selection will always be made on a basis consistent with State law. Should the successful bidder fail to qualify, or otherwise not be selected in accordance with State law, he/she will return to his/her former job. If no employee has bid, or the Management determines that no bidder had appropriate qualifications, the vacancy may be filled by outside hiring. The job vacated by a successful bidder shall be filled by Management from the work force, provided there is a senior qualified employee available for the job.
JOB BIDDING. Each employee who desires to bid for the posted job may do so by going to the Human Resources Department and signing a job bidding form within the seven (7) day period.
JOB BIDDING. All other qualifications being equal, the most senior nurses will be 18 given the first opportunity for advancement.