JOB BIDDING Sample Clauses

JOB BIDDING. The City reserves the right to organize work and assignments. Bureau managers will consult with the Union prior to implementation of a reorganization to discuss proper application of this Article. Whenever the City determines that it will fill a vacancy in a new or existing job, present employees shall be given the first opportunity on the following basis: the City may choose from among the two (2) most senior qualified bidders for 25% of all vacancies occurring within a bureau in a Fiscal Year. Prior to posting, the City must identify a posting as one which will be subject to this provision.
JOB BIDDING. Job posting and bidding will be established in each classification. Vacant positions will be posted for a minimum of (5) working days in each building or work station. Positions vacant in between the window openings will be open for bid at the next bid window opening. Bids will be awarded by seniority during the appropriate window opening for bids in each classification. Seniority in one classification does not apply in another classification. A position vacant between bid windows may be filled temporarily by the superintendent until the next bid window opening. Temporary employees will not be entitled to seniority. Bargaining unit members in one classification may be considered by the board of education in another classification if the employee is considered to be qualified by the board of education. The board of education reserves the right to fill the vacant position with the person who the board considers the most qualified for the position.
JOB BIDDING. 2 13.01 A nurse who desires to change shifts or move to another nursing unit in 3 the Hospital shall make this desire known in writing to the appropriate unit manager, 4 who will make good faith reasonable efforts to notify such nurse of openings that occur 5 in the manager’s unit for the subsequent three months.
JOB BIDDING a. Bidding. Only positions as authorized by the Board of County Commissioners shall be filled. Management reserves the right to fill positions as needed. When management decides to fill a vacancy covered by this addendum it shall be posted and opened to qualified employees of the same department. Employees who have not completed a minimum of one (1) year at their current position will not be authorized to bid, promote or demote without the approval of the Director of the Shawnee County Health Department. The Director of the Shawnee County Health Department shall post the vacancy on designated bulletin boards. The posting shall list at least the position number, the classification, the work performed, the minimum qualifications and the pay range. All vacancies shall be posted a minimum of seven (7) calendar days. Prior to bidding on vacant positions, employees should investigate working conditions and discuss issues with prospective new co-workers and supervisors to determine appropriate job match. Each employee wishing to bid must complete a bid sheet containing at least the employee’s name, current classification, departmental seniority date, and an explanation of how they meet the minimum qualifications. Bids will be awarded in the following order: transfer, promotion, and then voluntary demotion. The employee with the most departmental seniority who meets the minimum qualifications shall receive the bid. Once a bid is awarded the employee must serve one (1) year at the new position prior to another bid being accepted unless approved by the Director of the Shawnee County Health Department. If no one meets the minimum qualifications the position may be advertised outside the Health Department as determined by the needs of the Shawnee County Health Department for the effective delivery of health care services.
JOB BIDDING. Each employee who desires to bid for the posted job may do so by going to the Human Resources Department and signing a job bidding form within the seven (7) day period.
JOB BIDDING. When a vacancy occurs in any of the four (4) facilities, the job will be posted on the employee bulletin board for a period of five (5) days, excluding weekends. Employees may submit a bid prior to going on vacation. At the end of the five (5) day period, the most senior employee shall be selected provided the employee has the qualifications and the ability to do the job. A copy of the posting will be provided the Union.
JOB BIDDING. SECTION 1 The Human Resources Department shall post new or vacant positions. Such posting shall be county-wide for five (5) calendar days before the position is awarded. If no qualified Employee from the County bids the position, then the position shall be posted by the Human Resources Department for seven (7) calendar days for bid by outside applicants. However, if a qualified candidate pool is not obtained within the seven (7) calendar day time frame, the Human Resources Department may post the notification for additional calendar days in order to obtain further applications. Qualifications, fitness and ability being substantially equal, the positions will be awarded pursuant to the seniority provisions of Article 11. However, such award shall be subject to a forty-five (45) calendar day probationary trial period in which the employee must demonstrate they possess the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the duties of the job. If the employee was promoted and fails to perform the duties of the new position during the probationary trial period they shall be returned to a position comparable to that held immediately prior to the promotion at the current salary of such promotion. If the employee transferred to a new position and fails to perform the duties of the new position during the probationary trial period the employee can request to return to their original position or apply for other current position openings. However, if their original position is not open and there are no other open positions, the employee will be terminated.
JOB BIDDING. At the end of each school year, all transfer routes shall be posted and awarded by seniority. A driver who opts out of a transfer route may not bump into their choice of routes. They must take the low seniority route. All route vacancies shall be posted for a minimum of three (3) days within 48 hours of the day when the vacancy occurs. If the vacancy is known ahead of time, the vacancy shall be posted within 24 hours.
JOB BIDDING. All other qualifications being equal, the most senior nurses will be 18 given the first opportunity for advancement.
JOB BIDDING. 11.01 Insofar as practical and consistent with rendering good telephone service, seniority shall apply as follows whenever more than one