Auction Sample Clauses

Auction. The one-time auction conducted by the Trustee, as described in Section 9.01(b) hereof.
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Auction. If at least one Qualified Bid is received, other than that of the Purchaser, which Sellers determine, after consultation with the Agent, is higher and otherwise better than the bid of the Purchaser set forth in the Purchase Agreement, the Sellers shall conduct an auction (the "Auction") with respect to the Business and provide to the Purchaser and all Qualified Bidders the opportunity to submit additional bids at the Auction. The Auction shall take place at 9:00 a.m., on December 19, 2003, at the offices of Xxxxxxxx Chance US LLP or such later time or other place as the Sellers shall notify the Purchaser and all other Qualified Bidders who have submitted Qualified Bids and expressed their intent to participate in the Auction, as set forth above. Only Qualified Bidders will be eligible to attend the Auction. At least two business days prior to the Auction, each Qualified Bidder who has submitted a Qualified Bid must inform the Sellers whether it intends to participate in the Auction. Sellers shall provide copies of the Qualified Bid which Sellers believe is the highest or otherwise best offer to all Qualified Bidders who intend to participate in the Auction at least one business day prior to the Auction. Based upon the terms of the Qualified Bids received, the number of Qualified Bidders participating in the Auction, and such other information as the Sellers determine is relevant, the Sellers, in their reasonable judgment, may conduct the Auction in the manner it determines will achieve the maximum value for the Business. The Sellers may adopt rules for bidding at the Auction, that, in Sellers' business judgment, will better promote the goals of the bidding process and that are not inconsistent with any of the provisions of the Bidding Procedures, the Bankruptcy Code or any order of the Bankruptcy Court entered in connection herewith. Prior to the start of the Auction, the Sellers will inform the Qualified Bidders participating in the Auction of the manner in which the Auction will be conducted. At the Auction, Qualified Bidders will be permitted to increase their bids. The bidding at the Auction will start at the purchase price stated in the highest or otherwise best bid and continue in increments of $500,000 until there are no further bids. As soon as practicable after the conclusion of the Auction, the Sellers, in consultation with their financial and legal advisors and the Agent, shall (i) review each Qualified Bid on the basis of financial and contract...
Auction. No auction, public or private, will be permitted.
Auction. The one-time auction conducted by the Securities Administrator, as described in Section 10.01(b) hereof.
Auction. Internet Bidding will run simultaneously through the end of the auction on November 4th, 2023, at 10:30 AM EST. All Internet Bids will carry over to live auction and Auction Company Advise the bidder to contact the Auction Company if you desire to be on the phone with a Representative of the Auction Staff.
Auction. The one-time auction conducted by the Trustee, as described in Section 9.01(b) hereof. Auction Date: The date on which the Auction occurs.
Auction a specific moment sale mechanism for subscription by the Shipper of Daily Entry Capacity at a Network Interconnection Point or Daily Exit Capacity at a Network Interconnection Point or Daily Link Capacity made either from the Trans@ctions website or from the PRISMA Platform.
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Auction. Not later than forty five (45) days prior to Closing, Seller will conduct an auction for all units seventy-five (75) days or more past due. All auctions shall be conducted in accordance with the laws of the applicable state where each self storage facility comprising the Property is located. Seller will hold Purchaser and Purchaser’s agents and representatives harmless from any legal actions brought by any tenant as a result of any such auction or any other action of Seller with regard to the sale of a tenant’s property during the period Seller owned the Property. Seller’s obligations under the immediately preceding sentence expressly shall survive Closing.
Auction. Tenant shall not conduct, or permit to be conducted, any sale by auction on the Premises.
Auction. Subject to Articles 3 and 6, any Bid Rate Quote so made shall be irrevocable except with the written consent of the Administrative Agent given on the instructions of the Borrower.
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