Notification of Recall Sample Clauses

Notification of Recall. Notification of recall from layoff shall be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, deliverable to addressee only, to the employee's last known address. The notice shall give the employee a minimum of ten (10) calendar days within which to respond after the notice of recall has been mailed. Employees who decline recall or who, in the absence of extenuating circumstances, fail to respond within the time set for return to work, shall be presumed to have resigned and their name shall be removed from the seniority and preferred eligibility list.
Notification of Recall. EMPLOYEES who are eligible for recall shall be sent a recall notice by registered mail. The EMPLOYEE must notify the Fire Chief within three (3) working days after receiving the notice of recall of their intention to return to work. Failure by the EMPLOYEE to so notify the Fire Chief shall represent a decision not to accept the recall. The EMPLOYER shall be deemed to have fulfilled its obligations under this section by mailing the recall notice by registered mail, return receipt requested, to the last address provided by the EMPLOYEE. It shall be the obligation and responsibility of the EMPLOYEE to immediately notify the Fire Chief of any changes in mailing address during the twelve (12) month period from layoff provided by this section, or extension thereof.
Notification of Recall. 1. Each employee recalled shall be notified of the offer of reinstatement by certified letter to the address maintained in the employee’s official personnel file. The notice shall also specify under which conditions the employee’s declining of an offered position may cause his/her removal from that or other recall lists.
Notification of Recall. If a nurse does not respond to a recall notice sent by certified mail or receipted telegram within seven (7) calendar days of receipt, the nurse will be removed from the recall roster and the personnel records shall be adjusted to reflect the nurse’s termination. The nurse shall notify the Employer by certified mail of any change in the nurse’s current mailing address. If the nurse fails to provide this notification, the nurse’s name shall be eliminated from the recall list and the Employer’s recall commitments shall terminate. If a nurse must give two (2) weeks’ notice at another facility, the nurse will be allowed two (2) weeks to report back to work.
Notification of Recall. If any Regulatory Authority or other governmental agency issues or requests a Recall or takes similar action in connection with a Product in the Territory, or if LANNETT reasonably determines after consultation with ELITE that an event has occurred which may result in the need for a Recall, the Party notified of or wishing to implement such Recall shall, within forty-eight (48) hours (regardless of weekday, weekend or holiday), advise the other Party thereof by telephone or facsimile, after which the Parties shall promptly discuss and work together to effect an appropriate course of action. ELITE shall be responsible for notifying the Regulatory Authorities in the Territory of any voluntary Recall and implementing any Recalls. LANNETT shall fully cooperate with ELITE to fully implement any Recall. ELITE agrees to forward to LANNETT a copy of any field communication associated with the Products that it plans to issue before such communication is issued or sent to any governmental agency. ELITE will maintain complete and accurate records of any activities conducted with respect to any Recall for such period as may be required by Law. Following any Recall, ELITE will review all of its procedures as impacted by the identified root cause in the associated investigation, and will revise such procedures, as necessary, to correct the cause of such Recall subject to the change control requirements set forth in the Quality Agreement. ELITE will provide LANNETT with such information regarding such review and revisions as LANNETT may request and ELITE shall provide LANNETT the right to approve, reject or request modifications to the proposed changes.
Notification of Recall. It shall be the responsibility of each staff member to notify the Board of any change of address or change in certification. The Board shall give written notice of an offer of re-employment by sending a registered or certified letter to the Association President or his designee and to all qualified said staff member at their last known address. Such notification shall also contain the seniority list for the areas of certification being recalled. Any senior eligible staff member that fails to accept the offer of re-employment in writing within ten (10) days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, or within five (5) calendar days if the offer is delivered within ten (10) days prior to the start of a school year or semester, from the date said offer is delivered at the last known address of the staff member, shall be considered to have rejected said offer, and shall be removed from the recall list. The most senior of those responding will be given the vacant position.
Notification of Recall. (2000) An employee, recalled from lay-off, shall be notified by courier, or by telephone contact to the last known address or telephone numbers on record with the Company. A copy of the recall notice shall be given to the Union Chairperson.
Notification of Recall. Notification of recall from indefinite layoff shall be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested to the employee’s last known address at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date the employee is to return to work. The notice shall set forth the date the employee is to return to work. If the employee verbally agrees to return to work sooner, the notice will state the agreed upon return to work date. An employee who declines recall or who, in the absence of extenuating circumstances, fails to respond within ten (10) work days of the date the notice was sent shall be presumed to have resigned and his name shall be removed from the seniority list.
Notification of Recall. 10 Any person selected for recall will receive written notification by certified mail, return 11 receipt requested, or by personal delivery at the address s/he provided to the Superintendent’s 12 office. Written acceptance of the position must be received in the Superintendent’s office 13 within ten (10) calendar days after receipt of recall notification. If a recalled person does not 14 accept the offer within the specified time: