Interns Sample Clauses

Interns. Any employee with three (3) or more year’s satisfactory experience shall have the right to request the assignment as supervising employee for an intern, or any other preservice student and the right to recommend the non-assignment of interns. At least ten (10) days prior to the date an intern is scheduled to report to the school center, the employee shall be notified when the intern is expected to report. Employees who have interns shall be given available background information, objectives, program requirements, other expectations, and the projected schedule for the intern.
Interns. The parties to the Collective Bargaining Agreement agree that a working group be set up in order to identify the internships required and actually served in the operations of the member companies, with a view to reflect this in the Collective Bargaining Agreement if so required. Note on Item 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 and 6.5 of Section 6, and on Item 16 of Section 21 The parties to the Collective Bargaining Agreement note that, with the exceptions of the modifications listed in these items, no further claims for remuneration shall be established in connection with all-in agreements. Additional Protocol of 12 April 2011 on the Signing of the Collective Bargaining Agreement of 20 January 2011: Addition to Item 5.5 of the Protocol to the Collective Bargaining Agreement Item 6 of Section 6: Overtime allowances The following sentence shall be added to Item 6.6: In the case of lump-sum remuneration agreements (all-in agreements), the calculation basis (definition of remuneration within the meaning of Section 10 AZG) for overtime remunerated by an allowance of more than 50% (fifty percent) as per 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 and 6.5 above shall be specified in a works agreement (or an individual agreement in operations that do not have a works council) in derogation of Item 6.6.
Interns. The Parties agree that it is in our mutual interest to offer paid internship opportunities for training and recruitment purposes. An intern is someone who is in the workplace for training purposes and to augment their learning at a recognized educational institution.
Interns. Intern programs may be approved by the Board for individual schools upon completion of acceptable plans by the faculties and the administration. Educators shall not be assigned to coordinate or supervise interns unless they are willing to do so. The number of interns assigned to a coordinating educator shall not exceed three unless special approval is granted by the Board. Provisions shall be made for in-service training of interns and coordinating educators.
Interns. No contract teacher shall be declared unassigned as a result of an intern program in their school.
Interns. The School agrees that the students shall not be considered employees of Splash Lagoon within the meaning of the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Law.
Interns. 21. As part of continuing education and training, it is possible that an intern may be present for the intervention. All interns are experienced clinicians interested in developing their clinical repertoire and skills. As such, communications among all participants in this treatment, the therapists, and the intern may be shared. The parents will not be responsible for payment for any intern associate. ELECTRONIC PROVISION OF SERVICES
Interns. The Hospital may establish internships for the purpose of meeting future projected nursing shortages. In such circumstances,the implementation and guidelines of such an arrangementwill be determined locally by the Hospital and the Union subject to the following: Internships are designed to develop the Hospital’s staff in order to fill positions for which there are currently no qualified internal candidates for which shortages are predicted within a five (5) year period. Internships enable hospitals to maximize the use of qualified internal staff to meet their COLLECTIVE AGREEMENT MARCH human resources needs, while at the same time providing career development opportunities for their employees. To provide direction to the local parties in developing and implementing (an) the Ontario Nurses’ Association and Participating Hospitals have agreed to the following principles: The Hospital will establish the expectations for each internship opportunity; There will be an open application process for internship opportunities; The opportunities will be open to currently employed nurses who can demonstrate continuous learning, and a commitment to the Hospital; Nurses who are selected for internship opportunities will commit to continued employment on a mutually determined basis: Initiatives to support selected candidates may include but are not limited to: No loss of regular wages while attending a requisite course Paid course fees Paid time for in the Hospital or another clinical site Any other initiatives, as agreed. The Hospital undertakes to notify the Association in advance, so far as practicable, of any technological changes which the Hospital has decided to introduce which will significantly change the status of the nurse within the bargaining unit. The Hospital agrees to discuss with the Association the effect of such technological changes on the employment status of the nurses and to consider practicalways and means of minimizing the adverse effect, if any, on the nurses concerned. Nurses who are subject to layoff due to technological change will then be given notice of such layoff at the earliest reasonable time and in keeping with the requirements of the applicable legislation and the provisions of Article will apply. Where computers are introduced into the workplace and nurses are required to utilize those computers in the course of their duties, the Hospital agrees that necessary computer training will be provided at no cost to the nurses involved. AGREEM...
Interns. If I am employed by the Company as an intern, Section 4.3 shall only apply during the period of time I am employed by the Company (and not post-employment). In addition, any applicable state specific modifications provided for below shall also apply while I am employed by the Company as an intern (and not post-employment).
Interns a. Teachers who agree to supervise a student (graduate) intern will receive a yearly stipend of $350.