Item 6 definition

Item 6. Harvest Rates
Item 6. Proposed Conduit’s Commitment (if any):

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  • Shared power to vote or to direct the vote: See the response(s) to Item 6 on the attached cover page(s).

  • Interest of Management and Others in Certain Transactions Item 6.

  • Refer to section L of this IFB, entitled “Bid Requirements and Information,” Item 6 (b) to learn how tie bids will be resolved.

  • Unregistered Sales of Equity Securities and Use of Proceeds Item 6.

  • Each of the foregoing is referred to as a “Reporting Person” and collectively as the “Reporting Persons.” Each of the Reporting Persons is party to that certain Joint Filing Agreement, as further described in Item 6.

  • The sum of item 6, columns B, D, and F, must equal Schedule RC, item 4.c. Item 6, column E, must equal Schedule RC-C, Part I, Memorandum item 7.b. Item 6, column F, must equal Schedule RI-B, Part II, Memorandum item 4.

  • Item 6: School Furniture (Classroom) • Student desk, chair desks, tablet arm chairs and stools.

  • Ownership of Five Percent or Less of Class.If this statement is being filed to report the fact that as of the date hereof the reporting person has ceased to be the beneficial owner of more than five percent of the class of securities, check the following: [ ]Item 6.

  • Item 5: Ownership of Five Percent or Less of a Class Not Applicable Item 6: Ownership of More than Five Percent on Behalf of Another Person (1) Price Associates does not serve as custodian of the assets of any of its clients; accordingly, in each instance only the client or the client's custodian or trustee bank has the right to receive dividends paid with respect to, and proceeds from the sale of, such securities.

  • The affidavit must be signed in the same manner as required in Item 6 of Section 00100.

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Item 6. THE DETERMINATION OF THE BEGINNING DAY OF AN EMPLOYEE’S VACATION PERIOD (ARTICLE 10, SECTION 3.E) The beginning day of the choice vacation shall be Monday.

Related to Item 6

  • Schedule means a schedule attached to, and forming part of, the Contract.

  • Schedule of Charges means the Schedule hereto.

  • Schedule of Prices means the completed price schedule or any part or individual schedule thereof, submitted by the Contractor with his Bid and forming a part of the Contract documents.

  • Schedule of Values means the detailed breakdown of the cost of the materials, labor, and equipment necessary to accomplish the Work as described in the Contract Documents, submitted by Contractor for approval by Owner and A/E.

  • Schedule C means internal revenue service schedule C (form 1040) filed by a taxpayer pursuant to the Internal Revenue Code.

  • Part II means Tariff, Part II, sections 13 through 27A pertaining to Point-To-Point Transmission Service in conjunction with the applicable Common Service Provisions of Tariff, Part I and appropriate Schedules and Attachments. Part III:

  • Rent Schedule means a written schedule for the Mortgaged Property showing the name of each tenant, and for each tenant, the space occupied, the lease expiration date, the rent payable for the current month, the date through which rent has been paid, and any related information requested by Lender.

  • Schedule of Fees means the published note of the School's prevailing fees notified to you from time to time and a copy of which remains available on the School's website and from the School at any time upon request;

  • Schedule of Discount Fractions The schedule setting forth the Discount Fractions with respect to the Discount Mortgage Loans, attached as an exhibit to the Series Supplement.

  • Schedule of Performance means that schedule of performance, attached hereto as Exhibit G and incorporated herein, setting forth the timelines for Milestones in the design, development, construction, and completion of the Project (including a construction timeline in customary form) together with the dates for submission of documentation required under this Agreement, which schedule shall be attached to the Development Plan and to the Declaration.

  • Schedule of compliance means a schedule of remedial measures included in a state permit, including an enforceable sequence of interim requirements (for example, actions, operations, or milestone events) leading to compliance with the Act, the CWA and regulations.

  • Schedule B herein mean Schedule B attached hereto as constituted on the Effective Date, and thereafter as it may be amended from time to time (deemed or in writing) pursuant to Section 16 or 19(l).

  • Part III means Tariff, Part III, sections 28 through 35 pertaining to Network Integration Transmission Service in conjunction with the applicable Common Service Provisions of Tariff, Part I and appropriate Schedules and Attachments. Part IV:

  • Conversion Schedule means the Conversion Schedule in the form of Schedule 1 attached hereto.

  • Early Termination Schedule is defined in Section 4.2 of this Agreement.

  • Shift Schedule means a projection of all employees' shifts at a location with regard to days worked and days off, including shift starting and terminating times.

  • Schedule A has the meaning specified in Section 2.3(a);

  • Order Schedule means an MSC Order Schedule (or any other order document) agreed to by Customer and MSC, and which incorporates this Agreement, by reference or otherwise, and sets forth, among other things, the Software, Maintenance and/or Services ordered.

  • Schedule of Rates means the priced Schedule of Rates forming part of the tender [where applicable].

  • Fax Number 293 0000 Xxxex Number: RS 21445 BAYSIN Attention: Mr Stefan Hattenkofer/Mr Nx Xxxxx Xxx By: /s/ Patrxxxx Xxx By: /s/ Ng Cxxxx Xxx ----------------------------- -------------------------------- Name: Patrxxxx Xxx Name: Ng Cxxxx Xxx --------------------------- ------------------------------ Title: Vice President Title: Assistant Vice President -------------------------- ----------------------------- CITIBANK, N.A., SINGAPORE BRANCH 5, Sxxxxxx Xxx, #00-00, XXX Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx 000000. Fax Number: 225 0000 Xxxex Number: RS 24584 CITBANK Attention: Mr Bxxx Xxxx/Mr Lxx Xxxex Xxxx By: /s/ Bill Xxxx ----------------------------------------- Name: Bill Xxxx --------------------------------------- Title: Director, Head of Public Sector Unit -------------------------------------- OVERSEAS UNION BANK LIMITED 1, Rxxxxxx Xxxxx, 00xx Xxxxx, XXX Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx 000000.

  • Reference Schedule means the reference schedule in Part A of this Invitation

  • Exhibit means any item labeled as an Exhibit in the Solicitation or placed in the Exhibits section of the solicitation.

  • Prices & Rates Schedule means the Schedule containing details of the Contract Price.

  • Schedule of Work means that schedule attached to the Interconnection Construction Service Agreement setting forth the timing of work to be performed by the Constructing Entity pursuant to the Interconnection Construction Service Agreement, based upon the Facilities Study and subject to modification, as required, in accordance with Transmission Provider’s scope change process for interconnection projects set forth in the PJM Manuals.

  • Part 2 means Part 2 of the withdrawal agreement or (as the case may be) Part 2 of the EEA EFTA separation agreement, so far as the Part in question applies to and in the United Kingdom;

  • Purchase Price Allocation Schedule has the meaning set forth in Section 5.11(f)(ii).