Insurance Products Sample Clauses

Insurance Products. The Directing Party may direct the Trustee in writing to invest assets of the Trust in insurance products of all kinds authorized under the Plan, including but not limited to: group or individual insurance contracts, annuity contracts, and guaranteed investment contracts, provided however that such contracts are issued by an insurance company or companies qualified to do business in more than one state. The Directing Party shall have the sole responsibility for and shall direct the Trustee with respect to such insurance products. The investment in, valuation of, and management and disposition of these insurance products shall be the sole responsibility of the Directing Party, and the Trustee shall follow their directions with respect to such insurance products and shall have no liability therefore.
Insurance Products. The companies of the Target Group are not party to any active distribution contracts with regard to the distribution of insurance products from Third Parties.
Insurance Products. Eligible individuals may apply for insurance products through the Site. Insurance products are only available to people in those jurisdictions in which they may be legally sold. By applying for insurance products through the Site, you are agreeing to (i) designate us as your agent of record, (ii) authorize us to communicate such designation to any insurance carrier, your prior insurance producer, and any other person or entity we determine should be advised, and (iii) permit us to receive any compensation that any insurance carrier agrees to pay to us in connection with your purchase of insurance products. With respect to any insurance product, if any term or condition of these Terms differ from the terms and conditions of the policy, the policy’s provisions will control. With respect to the insurance products offered through the Site, you may report any complaints to the insurance regulator in your state. Contact information for state insurance regulators in the United States may be found at
Insurance Products. Insurance Products" shall mean the ------------------ insurance and annuity products set forth in Exhibit A which the parties may by mutual agreement amend from time to time. "RetireMAP" as used in this Agreement shall mean the RetireMAP variable annuity issued by United. With regard to those Insurance Products listed in Exhibit A, United shall use its best efforts to qualify such products in all states requested by Mid-America. United agrees to work and counsel with Mid-America as to the form and content of Insurance Products, industry trends, regulatory developments and United's experience.
Insurance Products. The Trustee shall not invest assets of the Trust in insurance products.
Insurance Products. The Insurance Products contemplated, without limitation, as the subject of this Agreement are as follows:
Insurance Products. 3 Insured.......................................................................4
Insurance Products. Employees shall receive a fifty (50) percent reduction on commission charged upon personal lines insurance policy purchased from HG Insurance Agencies. For the purposes of this clause, personal lines are defined as policies which cover the employee’s primary residence, recreational vehicles, motorhomes, campers and boats, but does not include rental properties or any vehicles normally covered by ICBC. The above (d) and (f) are effective the date of ratification.
Insurance Products. (i) Each of the Insurance Contracts that is a life insurance contract qualifies as a “life insurance contract” under Section 7702 of the Code.
Insurance Products. Except as set forth in Section 3.29 of Seller's Disclosure Schedule: (i) F&G Life and each of the F&G Subsidiaries have substantially complied with all applicable reporting, withholding and disclosure requirements under the Code, including, but not limited to, those regarding distributions with respect to insurance contracts issued, entered into or sold by it and have reported the distributions under such contracts substantially in accordance with Section 72, 7702, and 7702A of the Code; (ii) each insurance contract issued, entered into, or sold by F&G Life or any F&G Subsidiary (whether developed by, administered by, or reinsured with any unrelated third party) qualifies as a life insurance contract or an annuity contract, as applicable, under the federal Tax laws, including, without limitation, under Sections 72, 817(h), and 7702 of the Code and their underlying regulations; (iii) the insurance contracts are not modified endowment contracts within the meaning of Section 7702A of the Code unless and to the extent the holders of the policies have been notified of their classification; (iv) F&G Life and Thomas Jefferson Life are treated, for federal Tax purposes, as the owners of the assets underlying the respective insurance contracts that F&G Life and Thomas Jefferson Life have issued, entered into or sold; (v) each insurance contract issued, entered into or sold by F&G Life or any F&G Subsidiary (whether developed by, administered by or reinsured with, any unrelated third party) which is provided under or connected with either a plan described in Section 401(a), 403(a), 403(b), 408 or 457 or any similar provision of the Code has been endorsed, administered and otherwise is in substantial compliance with the requirements of the Code applicable to such contract, and there are no nonexempt prohibited transactions within the meaning of Section 4975 of the Code with respect to such contracts (other than such non-exempt prohibited transactions or violations that arise to the extent that, for these purposes, F&G Life or Thomas Jefferson Life may be holding "plan assets" in or may be a "fiduciary" with respect to its general account); (vi) there are no "hold harmless", Tax sharing or indemnification agreements respecting the Tax qualification or treatment of any product or plan sold, issued, entered into or administered by F&G Life or any F&G Subsidiary (whether developed by, administered by, or reinsured with any unrelated third party); and (vii) the insurance ...