Insurance Products Sample Clauses

Insurance Products. The companies of the Target Group are not party to any active distribution contracts with regard to the distribution of insurance products from Third Parties.
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Insurance Products. The Directing Party may direct the Trustee in writing to invest assets of the Trust in insurance products of all kinds authorized under the Plan, including but not limited to: group or individual insurance contracts, annuity contracts, and guaranteed investment contracts, provided however that such contracts are issued by an insurance company or companies qualified to do business in more than one state. The Directing Party shall have the sole responsibility for and shall direct the Trustee with respect to such insurance products. The investment in, valuation of, and management and disposition of these insurance products shall be the sole responsibility of the Directing Party, and the Trustee shall follow their directions with respect to such insurance products and shall have no liability therefore.
Insurance Products. Employees shall receive a fifty (50) percent reduction on commission charged upon personal lines insurance policy purchased from HG Insurance Agencies Ltd. For the purposes of this clause, personal lines are defined as policies which cover the employee’s primary residence, recreational vehicles, motor homes, campers and boats, but does not include rental properties or any vehicles normally covered by ICBC. The above (d) and (f) are effective the date of ratification.
Insurance Products. 35 Insured(s)..................................................................36
Insurance Products. (Other than for the Vehicle) Where applicable, at the express request of the Hirer, the Owner has agreed to finance the premium for Insurance Products. Given as such, the Hirer expressly agrees and undertakes to pay the Owner the amount incurred in providing such financing including any term and charges or any other further costs, where applicable, incurred pursuant thereto. As a separate and independent stipulation the Hirer undertakes to indemnify the Owner for any loss or expense suffered or incurred by the Owner as a result of agreeing to the Hirer’s aforesaid request to finance the Insurance Products. Where the Insurance Product is under the Life Insurance Scheme: (a) a Master Policy Contract shall be entered into between AmMetLife Insurance Berhad (197301002252)/ AmMetLife Takaful Berhad (201101002936) as the insurer and the Owner as the policy owner; (b) a Certificate of Assurance shall be issued by AmMetLife Insurance Berhad (197301002252) )/ AmMetLife Takaful Berhad (201101002936) in the name of the Hirer as the insured and the Owner as the policy owner; (c) the Hirer shall be insured subject to the terms and conditions in the said Master Policy Contract and the Certificate of Assurance; and (d) any payment received by the Owner from the insurer shall be applied towards payment of the Amount Due. In the event of any early cancellation or termination of any of the Insurance Products by the insurer, no value for such Insurance Product shall be given by the Owner to the Hirer. The Hirer confirms that the Hirer has read and understood the terms and conditions of the said Insurance Products and agrees to be bound by such terms and conditions. It is hereby expressly agreed that the Owner shall not in any manner whatsoever be liable or responsible for the said Insurance Products and any claim(s) of the Hirer therein.
Insurance Products. An insurance company may pay Euroz Hartleys initial and ongoing commissions when we arrange for you to obtain an insurance product. As the commission payable may vary with each insurer, your adviser will give you details about any commission receivable by us in the SOA that will be given to you. Euroz Hartleys may pay your adviser a share of such commissions and the amount payable will be disclosed to you in the SOA. For example, a typical commission range for yearly renewable term life insurance may be between 0% and 66% (including GST) of the first year’s premium and up to 22% (including GST) per annum of renewing premiums and part of this amount will be payable to your adviser. If your insurance policy lapses in the first year (i.e. the policy is cancelled or not continued, or the policy cost is reduced), there will be a clawback of 100% of the commission received by the adviser, which is reduced to 60% clawback in the event of a lapse in the second year. Nominee service In the event that you elect to obtain nominee services, the fee payable is based upon the number of lines of stock held in the nominee account at the end of the calendar month and charged to the nominated account within 7 business days. For example, if the account has 5 different stock positions then the fee will be 5 times $15 or $75 plus GST ($82.50) per month. Underwriting and initial public offers We may receive fees from an issuing company when we lodge your successful application to participate in an IPO. Details of the fee will be provided in the relevant prospectus but they typically range from 1% to 6% of the capital raised. Your adviser may receive a fee for arranging this investment for you. This fee is typically 0.5% to 5% of the capital raised. We may also underwrite capital raisings and will receive a fee as a result. The total fee received by us will be disclosed in the relevant offer documents. Off Market securities transfers Each transfer will be charged at the rate of $44 (Inc. GST). Remuneration received from other entities To the extent permitted by law, our advisers may also receive alternative forms of remuneration such as the costs of maintaining their professional development qualifications. Our advisers may attend professional training either subsidised or wholly funded by product providers that issue products available to be accessed in connection with our services. Euroz Hartleys keeps a register detailing certain non-monetary benefits that their advisers rece...
Insurance Products. Except as would not reasonably be expected to have, individually or in the aggregate, a Company Material Adverse Effect, to the Knowledge of the Company, each Person, including salaried employees of the Company or its Subsidiaries, performing the duties of insurance producer, agency, managing general agent, third party administrator, broker, solicitor, adjuster, marketer, underwriter, wholesaler, distributor, producer or customer representative for the Company or any of its Subsidiaries (collectively, “Producers”), at the time such Producer marketed, underwrote, wrote, sold, solicited, produced, serviced or adjusted the Company’s insurance products and administered the Company’s claims, or performed such other act for or on behalf of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries that may require a producer’s, solicitor’s, broker’s, adjusters’ or other insurance license, was duly licensed and appointed, where required, as an insurance producer, managing general agent, third party administrator, broker, solicitor or adjuster, as applicable (for the type of business written, sold or produced by such producer, agency, managing general agent, third party administrator, broker, solicitor, adjuster or customer representative), in the particular jurisdiction in which such Producer wrote, sold, produced, solicited or serviced such business. Except as would not reasonably be expected to have, individually or in the aggregate, a Company Material Adverse Effect, to the Knowledge of the Company, no such Producer violated any term or provision of applicable Law relating to the sale or production of any Insurance Contract and no Producer has breached the terms of any agency or broker contract with a Company Subsidiary or violated any Law or policy of any Company Subsidiary in the solicitation, negotiation, writing, sale or production of business for any Company Subsidiary.
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Insurance Products. For a period of three years from the date of this Agreement, Carolina Benefit Associates, LLC ("CBA") and its affiliates shall be the exclusive broker and agent for insurance and insurance related products and services promoted or offered by AsmaraHR and its affiliates to AsmaraHR's customers. During this period, AsmaraHR shall work jointly with CBA in the marketing of insurance products and services offered through CBA. In addition, CBA shall have the right to receive and use all customer contact information for the purpose of soliciting, either directly or through AsmaraHR, and underwriting insurance products and services to AsmaraHR's customers (subject in all cases to applicable U.S., state and local laws regarding the solicitation of such products and services). All insurance related forms and information generated through the solicitation, issuance and administration of insurance products and services shall be and remain the sole property of CBA. Upon the expiration of the initial 3-year term, CBA shall have a right of first refusal for providing insurance related services for AsmaraHR's customers. For this purpose, AsmaraHR shall provide CBA with written notice of the terms of any bona-fide third-party offers to provide insurance services. Such right may be exercised at any time by CBA within ten business days of receipt of said notice. This Section shall survive the expiration of the Term or other termination of this Agreement. CBA shall be a third-party beneficiary for purposes of this Section and all other related provisions of this Agreement.
Insurance Products. The Insurance Products contemplated, without limitation, as the subject of this Agreement are as follows:
Insurance Products. (i) Each of the Insurance Contracts that is a life insurance contract qualifies as a “life insurance contract” under Section 7702 of the Code.
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