Policy Owner definition

Policy Owner means the owner named in the policy or the certificate holder in the case of a group policy.
Policy Owner means the person who legally owns the Policy, including the trustee of a superannuation fund when a Superannuation Plan is issued;
Policy Owner means the person or persons named on the Policy Schedule as the ‘Policy Owner’ and any successor in title of that Policy Owner.

Examples of Policy Owner in a sentence

  • Where the Policy owner is not a corporation, Policy owner may only change the Life insured once throughout the policy term; and • This policy will cover the new Life insured up to the Maturity date on the Policy anniversary immediately before the new Life insured attains 100 years old.

  • Superintendent, or Superintendent’s trust, shall be the Policy owner and have control over the Policy value and have the right to name the beneficiary of the Policy.

  • Withdrawing or borrowing money from this Policy, as described in provision G.If there is more than one Policy owner, all Policy owners must exercise their rights and privileges unanimously.

  • Our legal obligations can apply in respect of any affected person who is a past, current or future resident, citizen, or tax payer as defined by the law of the country of residence of the Policy owner or another country.

  • Any questions of interpretation or conflict should be referred, in the first instance, to your supervisor, relevant department head or the relevant OpCo Policy owner and, in the second instance, to the Group Policy owner and legal team.

More Definitions of Policy Owner

Policy Owner means a person who is identified as the legal owner of an insurance policy or contract under the terms of the insurance policy or contract, or who is otherwise vested with legal title to the insurance policy or contract through a valid assignmentcompleted in accordance with the terms of the insurance policy or contract and is properly recorded as the legal owner of the policy or contract in the records of the insurer. “Policy owner” does not include a person who has a mere beneficial interest in an insurance policy or contract.
Policy Owner means the person listed on the Certificate as the ‘policy owner’ who is authorised by all people insured under the Policy to act on their behalf in management of the Policy and any claims. The Policy Owner will be the only person to whom we send notices under the Policy or any other Policy information. Any claim payments will be made to the Policy Owner only.
Policy Owner means the Participant or that person or entity to whom the Participant has assigned his interest in the Policy.
Policy Owner means the person who owns this Policy and can exercise all rights, privileges and options available under this Policy;
Policy Owner means an individual or an organization participating in insurance, signing and exercising the rights and obligations stipulated in the Policy.If the Policy Owner is an individual: he/she must have attained age 18, must be currently residing in Vietnam with full legal civil capacity, and is the person who discloses related information and signs on the Application form;If the Policy Owner is an organization: it must be registered, established, and legally operational in Vietnam.
Policy Owner means the person (or entity) shown as the Policy Owner in the Policy Schedule, Renewal Summary or Membership Certificate. For Policies held inside superannuation, the Policy Owner is the trustee of the superannuation fund.
Policy Owner means the person who has legal title to a policy and includes—