Insurance Services Sample Clauses

Insurance Services. Safehold shall provide to Retailer insurance placement services as described herein:
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Insurance Services. An example of a defined benefit analysis For general Insurance products only you may pay by commission. We will facilitate payment either via commission or a fee or a combination of both. Any fee will be agreed in advance and payable whether the policy goes on risk or not.
Insurance Services a. Standard Property and Casualty Insurance Services; and
Insurance Services. The Company will advise and assist Client in general insurance matters, in obtaining policies, making inspections and settling claims.
Insurance Services. The Managing Trustee or any of its Affiliates may provide insurance brokerage services in connection with obtaining insurance on the Trust Assets so long as the cost of providing such service, including the cost of the insurance, is no greater than the lowest quote obtained from two unaffiliated insurance agencies and the coverage and terms are likewise comparable. In no event may such services be provided by the Managing Trustee or any of its Affiliates unless they are independently engaged in the business of providing such services to Persons other than Affiliates and at least seventy-five percent (75%) of their insurance brokerage service gross revenue is derived from Persons other than Affiliates.
Insurance Services. Altisource will act on behalf of Residential to manage the services described more particularly on the Insurance SOW, including, but not limited to:
Insurance Services. The Parties can agree that Subscriber – in addi- tion to the Internet and Network Service – shall be comprised by Netbank- og Cyberforsikring (Net banking – and Cyber Insurance). Netbank- og Cyberforsikring are covered by the at any time applicable ”Vilkår for Netbank- og Cyberforsikring hos Købstæderne Forsikring” (Provisions for Net Banking and Cyber Insurance with Købstædernes Forsikring), which can be found on xxxxxx.xx. The Subscriber shall pay special attention to the following provisions: • The coverage applies to Subscriber and Subscriber’s affiliated companies as well as the Subscribers subsidiaries. • Coverage per damage is maximized to the amounts stated in ”Vilkår for Netbank- og Cyberforsikring hos Købstæderne For- sikring”. • For any damage covered by the insurance, an excess shall apply as fixed in ”Vilkår for Netbank- og Cyberforsikring hos Kø- bstæderne Forsikring”. • Subscribers having banking or lending ac- tivities of any kind and companies having auditing or legal counselling activities can- not be covered by Net banking and Cyber Insurance.
Insurance Services. The term “Insurance Services” means those Services described in Section 4.6 of the SOW.
Insurance Services. To protect the Fiesta Proprietary Marks, the Copyrights, the Fiesta System and the goodwill associated with the same:
Insurance Services. Services: McDonald's will negotiate and develop property and casualty insurance programs, terms, coverages, and premiums for Chipotle, including the following categories of insurance: Fiduciary Liability Crime Internet Liability All Risk Property, including Earthquake and Flood Umbrella Liability & Excess Liability General Liability Workers Compensation Auto Liability and Physical Damage In addition, McDonald's will: