VALUATION OF Sample Clauses

VALUATION OF. FUND The Fund will be valued each Valuation Date at fair market value.
VALUATION OF. Condensate and/or Natural Gas Liquids (NGL): The Value of Condensate and/or Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) shall be 75% of the price as shall be determined on the basis of either the FOB selling price per Barrel of a basket of three Crude Oils which, at the time of calculation, are being freely and actively traded in the international market or the spot market for the same Crude Oils ascertained in the same manner, whichever price, in the opinion of the Parties, more truly reflects the current value of such Crude Oils. Crude Oils which qualify for inclusion in the basket shall be those for which the spot price and term price FOB point of export is published on a regular basis in Xxxxx'x Oilgram or in the Asian Petroleum Price Index (APPI) whichever the parties mutually consider more relevant for this purpose. Contractor and Petrobangla hereby agree that the following three Crude Oils shall be used:
VALUATION OF a Ship subject to long-term charter. The Market Value of a Ship subject to a Mortgage which at the relevant time is subject to a charter or other contract of employment having an unexpired term of at least 12 months with a first class charterer acceptable to the Lenders (in their absolute discretion) shall be the aggregate of the present values (as may be conclusively determined by the Agent) of:
VALUATION OF. CRUDE OIL ----------------------
VALUATION OF. HOLYHEAD PORT AND STRANRAER PORT The value of each Port shall be the amount (expressed in Dollars by reference to exchange rates prevailing on the day of computation of the Security Value) determined as the earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation in respect of such Port for the previous period of twelve (12) months as shown in the documents relating to such Port most recently delivered to and accepted by the Agent pursuant to Clause 14.2(E) multiplied by six and one half (6.5) provided that if the Agent on the instructions of the Majority Banks gives notice to the Borrower that the foregoing does not represent a fair market value of Holyhead Port and/or Stranraer Port the value shall be determined by the auditors of the Borrower or such other firm of auditors as the Agent shall on the instructions of the Majority Banks appoint on a basis which in the opinion of such auditors provides a Fair Market Valuation in accordance with the practice adopted by auditors in valuing similar port facilities in the United Kingdom. The foregoing procedure shall also be used to value any other Port which may from time to time be subject to a Port Mortgage in favour of the Security Agent. The initial values in Sterling of Holyhead Port and Stranraer Port shall be (pound)72,202,000 and (pound)13,533,000 respectively (being the values determined as at 31 December 2001 by reference to the earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation for the previous twelve (12) months in respect of each respective Port).


  • Valuation The Subscriber acknowledges that the price of the Securities was set by the Company on the basis of the Company’s internal valuation and no warranties are made as to value. The Subscriber further acknowledges that future offerings of Securities may be made at lower valuations, with the result that the Subscriber’s investment will bear a lower valuation.

  • Valuation Date The value of the Collateral shall be determined on the date of the Buy-In (or the payment made pursuant to Section 6.2 below).

  • Determination of Fair Market Value For purposes of this Section 10.2, “fair market value” of a share of Common Stock as of a particular date (the “Determination Date”) shall mean:

  • FINANCIAL EVALUATION (a) The financial bid shall be opened of only those bidders who have been found to be technically eligible. The financial bids shall be opened in presence of representatives of technically eligible bidders, who may like to be present. The institute shall inform the date, place and time for opening of financial bid.

  • Determination of Net Asset Value The Trustees shall cause the Net Asset Value of Shares of each Series or Class to be determined from time to time in a manner consistent with applicable laws and regulations. The Trustees may delegate the power and duty to determine Net Asset Value per Share to one or more Trustees or officers of the Trust or to a custodian, depository or other agent appointed for such purpose. The Net Asset Value of Shares shall be determined separately for each Series or Class at such times as may be prescribed by the Trustees or, in the absence of action by the Trustees, as of the close of regular trading on the New York Stock Exchange on each day for all or part of which such Exchange is open for unrestricted trading.

  • Annual Evaluation The Partnership will be evaluated on an annual basis through the use of the Strategic Partnership Annual Evaluation Format as specified in Appendix C of OSHA Instruction CSP 00-00-000, OSHA Strategic Partnership Program for Worker Safety and Health. The Choate Team will be responsible for gathering required participant data to evaluate and track the overall results and success of the Partnership. This data will be shared with OSHA. OSHA will be responsible for writing and submitting the annual evaluation.

  • Valuations Capital Commitment Investments shall be valued annually as of the end of each year (and at such other times as deemed appropriate by the Managing Member) in accordance with the principles utilized by the Company (or any Affiliate that is a general partner of the Funds) in valuing investments of the Funds or, in the case of investments not held by the Funds, in the good faith judgment of the Managing Member, subject in each case to the second proviso of the immediately succeeding sentence. The value of any Capital Commitment Interest as of any date (the “Capital Commitment Value”) shall be based on the value of the underlying Capital Commitment Investment as set forth above; provided, that the Capital Commitment Value may be determined as of an earlier date if determined appropriate by the Managing Member in good faith; provided further, that such value may be adjusted by the Managing Member to take into account factors relating solely to the value of a Capital Commitment Interest (as compared to the value of the underlying Capital Commitment Investment), such as restrictions on transferability, the lack of a market for such Capital Commitment Interest and lack of control of the underlying Capital Commitment Investment. To the full extent permitted by applicable law such valuations shall be final and binding on all Members; provided further, that the immediately preceding proviso shall not apply to any Capital Commitment Interests held by a person who is or was at any time a direct Member of the Company.

  • VALUATION PERIOD Each Division will be valued at the end of each Valuation Period on a Valuation Date. A Valuation Period is each Business Day together with any non-Business Days before it. A Business Day is any day the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is open for trading, and the SEC requires mutual funds, unit investment trusts, or other investment portfolios to value their securities. ACCUMULATION VALUE The Accumulation Value of this Contract is the sum of the amounts in each of the Divisions of the Variable Separate Account and General Account. You select the Divisions of the Variable Separate Account and General Account to which to allocate the Accumulation Value. The maximum number of Divisions to which the Accumulation Value may be allocated at any one time is shown in the Schedule. ACCUMULATION VALUE IN EACH DIVISION ON THE CONTRACT DATE On the Contract Date, the Accumulation Value is allocated to each Division as elected by you, subject to certain terms and conditions imposed by us. We reserve the right to allocate premium to the Specially Designated Division during any Right to Examine contract period. After such time, allocation will be made proportionately in accordance with the initial allocation(s) as elected by you. ON EACH VALUATION DATE At the end of each subsequent Valuation Period, the amount of Accumulation Value in each Division will be calculated as follows:

  • CALCULATION OF NET ASSET VALUE Countrywide will calculate the net asset value of each series of the Trust and the per share net asset value of each series of the Trust, in accordance with the Trust's effective Registration Statement on Form N-1A under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, including its current prospectus and statement of additional information (the "Registration Statement"), once daily as of the time selected by the Trust's Board of Trustees. Countrywide will prepare and maintain a daily valuation of all securities and other assets of the Trust in accordance with instructions from a designated officer of the Trust or its investment adviser and in the manner set forth in the Registration Statement. In valuing securities of the Trust, Countrywide may contract with, and rely upon market quotations provided by, outside services, the cost of which shall be borne by the Trust.