Statements Sample Clauses

Statements. Lender shall render to Borrower each month a statement setting forth the balance in the Borrower's loan account(s) maintained by Lender for Borrower pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement, including principal, interest, fees, costs and expenses. Each such statement shall be subject to subsequent adjustment by Lender but shall, absent manifest errors or omissions, be considered correct and deemed accepted by Borrower and conclusively binding upon Borrower as an account stated except to the extent that Lender receives a written notice from Borrower of any specific exceptions of Borrower thereto within thirty (30) days after the date such statement has been mailed by Lender. Until such time as Lender shall have rendered to Borrower a written statement as provided above, the balance in Borrower's loan account(s) shall be presumptive evidence of the amounts due and owing to Lender by Borrower.
Statements. (a) On each Distribution Date, based, as applicable, on information provided to it by the Servicer, the Trustee shall prepare and make available to each Holder of the Regular Certificates, the Servicer and the Rating Agencies, a statement as to the distributions made on such Distribution Date:
Statements a. Contents. If we provide a periodic statement for your account, you will receive a periodic statement of transactions and activity on your account during the statement period as required by applicable law. If a periodic statement is provided, you agree that only one (1) statement is necessary for joint accounts. For share draft or checking accounts, you understand and agree that your original check or draft, when paid, becomes property of the Credit Union and may not be returned to you, but copies of the check or draft may be retained by us or by payable-through financial institutions and may be made available upon your request. You understand and agree that statements are made available to you on the date they are sent to you. You also understand and agree that checks, drafts, or copies thereof are made available to you on the date the statement is sent to you, even if the checks or drafts do not accompany the statement.
Statements. All Advances to Borrower, and all other debits and credits provided for in this Agreement, shall be evidenced by entries made by the Agent in its internal data control systems showing the date, amount and reason for each such debit or credit. Until such time as the Agent shall have rendered to Borrower and the Lenders written statements of account, the balance in Borrower’s Loan Account, as set forth on the Agent’s most recent printout, shall be rebuttable presumptive evidence of the amounts due and owing the Lenders by Borrower and, as the case may be, by the Lenders to each other. On or about the last day of each calendar month, the Agent shall mail to Borrower a statement setting forth the balance of Borrower’s Loan Account, including without limitation, principal, interest, expenses and fees. Each such statement shall be subject to subsequent adjustment by the Agent but shall, absent manifest errors or omissions, be presumed correct and binding upon Borrower and shall constitute an account stated unless, within sixty (60) days after receipt of any statement from the Agent, Borrower or a Lender shall deliver to the Agent written objection specifying the error or errors, if any, contained in such statement.
Statements. During the term of this Agreement, the Escrow Agent shall provide the Company with (a) monthly statements containing the beginning balance in each Account as well as all principal and income transactions for the statement period and (b) a daily summary of amounts deposited and the status of available funds. The Company shall be responsible for reconciling such statements. The Escrow Agent shall be forever released and discharged from all liability with respect to the accuracy of such statements, except with respect to any such act or transaction as to which the Company shall, within 90 days after the furnishing of the statement, file written objections with the Escrow Agent.
Statements. An individual statement of Employee’s Account will be issued to Employee at such times as may be determined by the Company. Such a statement shall reflect the number of Units credited to Employee’s Account, transactions therein during the period covered by the statement, and other information deemed relevant by the Committee. Such a statement may be combined with or include information regarding other plans and compensatory arrangements for employees. Employee’s statements shall be deemed a part of this Agreement, and shall evidence the Company’s obligations in respect of Units, including the number of Units credited as a result of Dividend Equivalents (if any). Any statement containing an error shall not, however, represent a binding obligation to the extent of such error, notwithstanding the inclusion of such statement as part of this Agreement.
Statements. Each Lender claiming compensation or reimbursement pursuant to subsection 2.6D, 2.7 or 2.8B shall deliver to Company (with a copy to Administrative Agent) a written statement, setting forth in reasonable detail the basis of the calculation of such compensation or reimbursement, which statement shall be conclusive and binding upon all parties hereto absent manifest error.
Statements. The recitals contained herein and in the Securities shall be taken as statements of the Issuer or Japan, as the case may be, and neither the Fiscal Agent nor any other Agent assumes any responsibility for the correctness of the same, except that the Fiscal Agent and other Agents shall be responsible for the correctness of its representations (if any) in the Certificate of Authentication on each Security.
Statements. If your account is a Checking, NOW, Money Market, or Statement Savings account, we will provide you with a periodic statement showing the account activity. The last address you supply us in writing will be deemed the proper address for mailing this statement to you. The account holder who receives this statement is the agent for his/her co-account holder(s) for purposes of receiving the statement and items. You must exercise reasonable care in reviewing your statement and reasonable promptness in notifying us of any discrepancies, such as alterations or forged or unauthorized signatures, even if by the same wrongdoer. You must notify us within 30 days after we mail or otherwise make the statement available to you of any discrepancies, except for transfers governed by the Wire Transfer Agreement. If you fail to notify us with reasonable promptness, you will have no claim against us to the extent permitted by law. Additionally, you agree that we will not be liable for discrepancies reported to us after one year after we mail or otherwise make the statement or items available to you, even if we failed to exercise reasonable care. However, if the discrepancy is the result of an electronic fund transfer, the provisions of our Disclosures will control its resolution. If you do not receive a statement from us because you have failed to claim it, or have supplied us with an incorrect address, we may stop sending your statements until you specifically make written request that we resume sending your statements and you supply us with a proper address.
Statements. Subject to applicable law, we will send or make available to you monthly statements of account (called statements) for each billing period during which there are any charges or a balance owing to us on the account. Each statement will show important information about your account, such as the outstanding balance on the last day of the billing period (called the new balance), the minimum payment due, the payment due date and will include charges made by you and any supplementary cardmembers. If your account is seriously overdue or you have a credit balance, we may stop sending you statements. The number of days in each billing period varies and will be 28, 29, 30, or 31 depending on the number of days in the calendar month in which the billing period ends (which is the closing date shown on your statement). Always check each statement for accuracy and contact us as soon as possible if you need more information about a charge on any statement. If you have a complaint or problem with your statement or any charge on it, inform us immediately but in any event within 21 days of the closing date shown on your statement. Otherwise, the statement will be considered accurate except for any amount which has been improperly credited to the account and you may not later make a claim against us in respect of any item on the statement. If we request, you agree to promptly provide us with written confirmation of your complaint or problem. If you enroll in online statements you agree that we may stop sending paper statements. You agree that any specific terms about online statements that we provide to you will apply and form part of this agreement.