CONTRACTS THAT. CROSS FISCAL YEARS Continuation of this contract beyond the current fiscal year is contingent upon future fiscal appropriations.
CONTRACTS THAT. (A) limit or restrict any Xxxxxxxx Islands Subsidiary from engaging in any business or other activity in any jurisdiction; or (B) create or purport to create any exclusive relationship or arrangement;


  • Contracts, etc To enter into, make and perform all such obligations, contracts, agreements and undertakings of every kind and description, with any Person or Persons, as the Trustees shall in their discretion deem expedient in the conduct of the business of the Trust, for such terms as they shall see fit, whether or not extending beyond the term of office of the Trustees, or beyond the possible expiration of the Trust; to amend, extend, release or cancel any such obligations, contracts, agreements or understandings; and to execute, acknowledge, deliver and record all written instruments which they may deem necessary or expedient in the exercise of their powers;

  • The Contracts (i) will be sold by broker-dealers, or their registered representatives, who are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") under the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "1934 Act") and who are members in good standing of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (the "NASD"); (ii) will be issued and sold in compliance in all material respects with all applicable federal and state laws; and (iii) will be sold in compliance in all material respects with state insurance suitability requirements and NASD suitability guidelines.

  • Contracts and Leases Except as shown on Schedule 5.16, the Seller does not (a) have any leases of personal property relating to the Purchased Assets, whether as lessor or lessee; (b) have any current performer lease agreements or other similar obligations with entertainers; (c) have any contractual or other obligations relating to the Purchased Assets, whether written or oral; and (d) have, and has not given, any power of attorney to any person or organization for any purpose relating to the Purchased Assets or the Business. The Seller operates its adult entertainment establishment located at the Premises under an existing lease agreement (“Existing Lease”), which Existing Lease will either be (i) assigned to the Purchaser with the consent of the landlord and the Purchaser or (ii) terminated if a New Lease (defined in Section 9.16) is entered into between the landlord and the Purchaser as of the Closing Date. The Seller will make available to Purchaser prior to the Closing Date each and every written contract or lease relating to the Purchased Assets of the Seller to which it is subject or is a party or a beneficiary. Such contracts, leases or other documents are valid and in full force and effect according to their terms and constitute legal, valid and binding obligations of the Seller and the other respective parties thereto and are enforceable in accordance with their terms, except as may be limited by bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization, and other similar laws of general application relating to or affecting creditors’ rights and to general equitable principles. There are no defaults or breaches under such contracts, leases or other documents or of any pending or threatened claims under any such contracts, leases or other documents.

  • Subcontracts and Staff 4.1 The Contractor is fully responsible for satisfactory completion of all work on this Contract. The Contractor shall ensure and provide assurances to the Department or Customer upon request, that any subcontractor(s) or Staff provided under this Contract has the necessary qualifications and abilities to perform in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Contract. The Contractor must provide the Customer with the names of Staff considered for work on a purchase order issued under this Contract. The Customer shall retain the right to reject any Staff whose qualifications or performance, in the Customer’s exclusive judgment, is insufficient.

  • Compliance with Laws and Material Contracts Each Borrower will comply, and cause each Subsidiary to comply, with the requirements of all applicable Laws and Material Contracts, except to the extent that failure to so comply could not reasonably be expected to (a) have a Material Adverse Effect, or (b) result in any Lien upon either (i) a material portion of the assets of any such Person in favor of any Governmental Authority, or (ii) any Collateral which is part of the Borrowing Base.

  • Government Contracts Except as set forth in Disclosure Schedule (3.20), as of the Closing Date, no Credit Party is a party to any contract or agreement with any Governmental Authority and no Credit Party’s Accounts are subject to the Federal Assignment of Claims Act (31 U.S.C. Section 3727) or any similar state or local law.

  • Prior Contracts This Contract supersedes and terminates, as of the date hereof, all prior contracts between the Fund and the Custodian relating to the custody of the Fund's assets.

  • Contracts and Agreements The agreements and documents described in the Registration Statement and the Prospectus conform in all material respects to the descriptions thereof contained therein and there are no agreements or other documents required by the Securities Act to be described in the Registration Statement and the Prospectus or to be filed with the Commission as exhibits to the Registration Statement, that have not been so described or filed. Each agreement or other instrument (however characterized or described) to which the Company is a party or by which it is or may be bound or affected and (i) that is referred to in the Registration Statement and the Prospectus, or (ii) is material to the Company’s business, has been duly authorized and validly executed by the Company, is in full force and effect in all material respects and is enforceable against the Company and, to the Company’s knowledge, the other parties thereto, in accordance with its terms, except (x) as such enforceability may be limited by bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization or similar laws affecting creditors’ rights generally, (y) as enforceability of any indemnification or contribution provision may be limited under the federal and state securities laws, and (z) that the remedy of specific performance and injunctive and other forms of equitable relief may be subject to the equitable defenses and to the discretion of the court before which any proceeding therefor may be brought. None of such agreements or instruments has been assigned by the Company, and neither the Company nor, to the Company’s knowledge, any other party is in default thereunder and, to the Company’s knowledge, no event has occurred that, with the lapse of time or the giving of notice, or both, would constitute a default thereunder. To the best of the Company’s knowledge, performance by the Company of the material provisions of such agreements or instruments will not result in a violation of any existing applicable law, rule, regulation, judgment, order or decree of any governmental agency or court, domestic or foreign, having jurisdiction over the Company or any of its assets or businesses (each, a “Governmental Entity”), including, without limitation, those relating to environmental laws and regulations.

  • Compliance with Laws and Contracts Each Loan Party is not, and no Subsidiary is, in default under or in violation of any Laws (including the HMO Regulations and Insurance Regulations) or any order, writ, judgment, injunction, decree or award binding upon or applicable to such Loan Party or such Subsidiary, in each case the consequence of which default or violation could reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect. None of the execution and delivery by either Loan Party of each Loan Document to which it is party, the application of the proceeds of the Loans, or compliance with the provisions of each Loan Document to which it is party will, or at the relevant time did, (i) violate any Law (including HMO Regulations and Insurance Regulations and Regulations U and X of the FRB), order (including HMO Regulations and Insurance Regulations), writ, judgment, injunction, decree or award binding on either Loan Party or any Subsidiary or either Loan Party’s or any Subsidiary’s Organization Documents or (ii) violate the provisions of or require the approval or consent of any party to any indenture, instrument or agreement to which either Loan Party or any Subsidiary is a party or is subject, or by which it, or its property, is bound, or conflict with or constitute a default thereunder, or result in the creation or imposition of any Lien (other than Permitted Liens) in, of or on the property of a Loan Party or any Subsidiary pursuant to the terms of any such indenture, instrument or agreement other than such violations and failures to obtain that could not reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect.