The Settlement Agreement Sample Clauses

The Settlement Agreement. On November , 2016, the Parties 13 entered into a settlement agreement resolving all of the issues in the Lawsuits and related 14 issues in connection with the SR 241 Extension Project (“Settlement Agreement”). A 15 true and correct copy of the Settlement Agreement is attached to, and incorporated by 16 reference into, the [Proposed] Judgment Confirming and Implementing Settlement (“Final 17 Judgment”), attached hereto as Attachment A. The Parties desire to have the Settlement 18 Agreement incorporated into a judgment to give the settlement binding effect within the 19 litigation, with the Court to exercise continuing jurisdiction under Code of Civil 20 Procedure § 664.6 to ensure that the terms of the settlement are carried out.
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The Settlement Agreement. 6.1. Where Settlement is reached and has been approved by the Board of the Commission, the terms of the Settlement will be formalised in a signed Settlement Agreement (“Agreement”).
The Settlement Agreement. The Owner, the City, the District and certain other community facilities districts of the City entered into that certain Settlement Agreement (the “Settlement Agreement”) dated February 7, 2017, which is incorporated herein by this reference. This Acquisition Agreement is intended to, among other things, implement the terms of Sections 4 and 5 of the Settlement Agreement. Under the Settlement Agreement, the Owner and the City are to enter into this Acquisition Agreement and similar acquisition agreements with respect to the Improvement Area, the City’s Community Facilities District No. 2016-2, the City’s Community Facilities District No. 2016-3 and Improvement Areas 8E and 17D of the District (the “Other Acquisition Agreements”) in order to, among other things, provide the terms pursuant to which the Owner is to design and construct certain DIF Improvements (defined below) or advance funds to the City to design and construct other DIF Improvements. The amount of the advances and expenditures for DIF Improvements shall be reimbursed to the Owner from the proceeds of special taxes and bonds of the Improvement Area as specifically provided for in this Acquisition Agreement. Under the Settlement Agreement, the Owner has the right to receive a credit against DIFs for its design and construction of identified DIF Improvements.
The Settlement Agreement. 3.1 contemplates the establishment of a local economic development trust (the "Trust"), which is entitled to certain benefits under the Settlement Agreement;
The Settlement Agreement. If you would like to obtain a complete copy of the Settlement Agreement and the exhibits, you may review them at
The Settlement Agreement. Honeywell and Purchaser acknowledge and agree that Honeywell and certain of its Subsidiaries entered into the Settlement Agreement. From and after the Closing Date, Honeywell shall perform all obligations (including payment obligations) required to be performed by Honeywell or any of its Subsidiaries under the Settlement Agreement. Such obligations shall include, without limitation, the payment to Delphi France S.A.S. or
The Settlement Agreement. 1. Mediators are not encouraged to participate in assisting the parties to draft their settlement agreement. Your RICS Mediator may not have a legal background, even though he or she will be experienced in the type of dispute being mediated. RICS Mediators will therefore generally not participate in drafting the settlement where you or the other party has legal representation. If that is not the case the Mediator will encourage you either to settle the agreement yourselves, or at least the heads of agreement, and then have a lawyer provide such additional detail as is necessary.
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The Settlement Agreement. 34. The parties entered into the Settlement Agreement on or about August 1, 1988, which resolved the pending prior actions.
The Settlement Agreement. The Defendants will provide the following benefits to eligible Settlement Class Members, which are any of the following expenses caused by HFL Issues and incurred by a Claimant during the Factory Warranty Period: • expenses incurred for repair or replacement of the HFL unit in Class Vehicles as a result of HFL Issues (including any expenses incurred for diagnostics where diagnosis of HFL Issues leads to repair or replacement of the HFL unit) to a maximum amount of $500 per Claimant; or • expenses incurred for disconnecting the HFL unit in Class Vehicles as a result of HFL Issues (including any expenses incurred for diagnostics where diagnosis of HFL Issues leads to disconnection of the HFL unit) to a maximum amount of $350 per claimant. (together, “Claimable Expenses”) All Settlement Class Members will be entitled to receive reimbursement for the Claimable Expenses. However, in no circumstances will the Claimable Expenses for any one Claimant be allowed to exceed $500. Claimants are not eligible to Claim for any Claimable Expenses which have been: (1) incurred after the Factory Warranty Period; or (2) paid by or reimbursed from any other source, person or entity, including but not limited to, any insurance, the Class Vehicle’s factory warranty, or third party warranty. For the purpose of the Settlement, the Factory Warranty Period is deemed to be the earlier of: (1) 10 years from the original factory warranty in-service date for the Class Vehicle; or (2) 120,000 kilometers. If you submit a Claim, the Administrator will process it, and determine whether the amount you are claiming is reasonable, and whether you are entitled to that claim amount. A Claim must include the required Claims Information and Claim Documents and be submitted in a Claims Form. For more information please visit xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx. Please note that no Claim originally submitted after the expiration of the Claims Period will be processed under the Settlement Agreement. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? The class action is not over. The Settlement and the benefits available under it, have been approved by the Court. However, the Settlement benefits will not become available to those who are eligible until: (i) the time to appeal the Court’s order approving the Settlement Agreement has expired without any appeal being taken or, (ii) if an appeal occurs, once there has been affirmation of the Court’s order approving the Settlement Agreement upon a final disposition of all appeals. Important...
The Settlement Agreement. On 20 October 2020, the Final Award was issued in favour of the Aetos Parties against the Obligors, pursuant to which the Obligors are adjudged to owe and be liable to pay the Final Award Amount, together with interest accruing thereon. As at the date of this announcement, the Final Award Amount together with interest accruing thereon amounted to US$208,793,407 and has not been paid by the Obligors pursuant to the Final Award. The Company hereby announces that, on 4 March 2021, the Aetos Parties, the Obligors and the Yida Parties entered into the Settlement Agreement. The principal terms of the Settlement Agreement are as follows:
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