Delivery service definition

Delivery service means the providing of electric transmission or distribution to a retail customer.

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Docket No. 2019-00152Effective Date: March 17, 2020 Proposed Effective Date: March 17, 2020 Effective Date: ------------ MPUC Docket No: 2019 - 00152 ---- COMMERICAL LIGHTING SERVICE AVAILABILITY Delivery service under this rate is available for commercial lighting, incidental heating and appliances requiring up to twenty (20) kilowatts of capacity.

If the buyer is under the age of 18, the buyer is not legally permitted to enter a binding agreement and may only with the permission of a parent or legal guardian register with the BuzZ Delivery service and accept the terms and conditions.

List ongoing activities related to this requirement.- Delivery service is provided to all member libraries by NFLS as a means of supporting resource sharing, as well as the automation collaborative with OWLS.

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Delivery service means any person who is engaged in the commercial delivery of letters, packages, or other containers.
Delivery service means any service customarily performed in a commer- cial export transaction which is nec- essary to effect a physical transfer of commodities to the cooperating coun- try. Examples of such services are the following: export packing, local drayage in the source country (includ- ing waiting time at the dock), ocean and other freight, loading, heavy lift, wharfage, tollage, switching, dumping and trimming, lighterage, insurance, commodity inspection services, and services of a freight forwarder. Delivery services may also include work and ma- terials necessary to meet USAID mark- ing requirements.
Delivery service means any private carrier engaged in the commercial delivery of letters, packages, or other containers, that requires the recipient of that letter, package, or container to sign to accept delivery.
Delivery service means the surface CARRIAGE of inbound SHIPMENTS from the airport of destination to the address of the CONSIGNEE or that of his designated agent or to the custody of the appropriate government agency when required,
Delivery service means an authorized designated carrier pursuant to Rule 4(j) of the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure and 26 U.S.C. 7502(f)(2).
Delivery service means any person (other than a person
Delivery service means the service provided by Vendor on the Network wherein the Participant’s System sends Health Data on an Individual under Participant's care (and with which it has a Treatment relationship) to other Participants and for Public Health reporting purposes authorized by law.