Admissions Sample Clauses

Admissions. The School shall comply with its admission policies and procedures as approved by the Commission. If the number of applicants exceeds the School's capacity of a program, class, grade level, or building, the School shall select students to attend using a random selection process that shall be publicly noticed and open to the public; provided that if the School is a conversion charter school serving as the home school for the DOE district, then the School shall follow 302D-34(c), HRS. These policies and procedures shall be readily accessible from the School’s website, as described in Section 11.4.1.
Admissions. Nothing in this Agreement is intended to be, or will be deemed to be, an admission of liability by Executive or Company to each other, or an admission that they or any of their agents, affiliates, or employees have violated any state, federal or local statute, regulation or ordinance or any principle of common law of any jurisdiction, or that they have engaged in any wrongdoing towards each other.
Admissions. 20 1. CONTRACTOR shall accept any person with Orange County Medi-Cal; and who is 21 physically and mentally able to comply with the program's rules and regulations. Said persons shall 22 include persons with a concurrent diagnosis of mental illness, i.e., those identified as having a co- 23 occurring diagnosis. Persons with co-occurring disorders and others who require prescribed medication 24 shall not be precluded from acceptance or admission solely based on their licit use of prescribed 25 medications.
Admissions. This Agreement is a compromise believed by the Parties to be in the best interests of all concerned parties. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed or deemed to be an admission by any of the Parties of any liability or any material fact in connection with any other litigation or proceeding.
Admissions. 5. The Academy Trust must ensure that pupils with SEN are admitted on an equal basis with others in accordance with its admissions policy. 1 Currently these duties are in sections 313 (Duty to have regard to the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice 2001); 317 (Duties in relation to pupils with special educational needs), 317A (Duty to advise parents that special educational provision is being made); and 324(5)(b) (Duty to admit the child where a school is named in the statement).
Admissions. Employee acknowledges that the payment by the Company of the benefits described herein shall never for any purpose be considered an admission of liability on the part of the Company, by whom liability is expressly denied, and no past or present wrongdoing on the part of the Company shall be implied by such payment. Similarly, no admission of past or present wrongdoing on the part of Employee shall be implied by virtue of his resignation from the Company.
Admissions. All transfers of an interest in the Company by a Member shall entitle the transferee only the rights afforded a transferee of a Distributional Interest pursuant to § 18-702 of the Act except as otherwise expressly provided herein. These rights are the rights to receive allocations and distributions to which the transferring Member would otherwise have been entitled, but shall not allow the transferee any additional rights, nor shall the transferee become a Member of the Company upon such transfer. The transferee shall only become a Member of the Company by receiving the written consent of all Members of the Company and executing this Agreement. The consent of the Members to admit any transferee of a distributional interest into the Company shall be given in the sole and absolute discretion of each Member.
Admissions. It is understood that this Agreement is not an admission of any liability whatsoever by either Receptos or Executive.