The Records Sample Clauses

The Records. The Records have been maintained in the ordinary course of Seller's business, and Seller has not intentionally omitted any material information from the Records.
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The Records. (a) are in the possession of the Australian Company and the NZ Company; (b) have been fully, properly and accurately kept and maintained and are up to date;
The Records. (a) have been fully, properly and accurately kept and completed; and
The Records. All of the files, records and data in the possession of Seller relating to the items described in subsections (I), (II), (III), (IV), and (V) above (the "Records"), including, without limitation, lease files, title records (including abstracts of title, title opinions, and title curative documents); contracts, correspondence, originals or copies of geological, geophysical, and
The Records. (14) Seller shall sell, endorse, assign and deliver to Buyer with respect to each Loan and each Account Loan the following documents to the extent they are applicable to a Loan and to the extent they are in Seller's possession, all subject to the reasonable approval of Buyer as to proper from and execution;
The Records. 10.1.1 are in the Company's possession;
The Records. 2.2 The Seller shall use all reasonable endeavours to procure the re-registration of the Domain Names in the name of the Buyer to take effect on or about twelve months after the Transfer Date and shall use all reasonable endeavours to execute all documentation at the expense of the Buyer reasonably necessary to effect such re-registration. Where the failure to effect such re-registration on the intended date is outside the control of the Seller and the Buyer, such failure will not be deemed to be a breach of this clause.
The Records. 2.1.3 There shall be excluded from the sale under this Agreement the following:
The Records. 8.1.1 are in the Group’s possession; and
The Records. At or prior to the Closing, Seller shall deliver the Records to Buyer, at Seller's expense. Seller may retain copies of such documents as Seller may deem necessary or appropriate for Seller to comply with any applicable law or regulatory requirements or to conduct its business.