Definition of Retirement Benefits

Retirement Benefits means the benefits described in Section 3.1(b) hereof.

Retirement Benefits means any compensation a retiree is eligible to receive under a Retirement Plan.

Examples of Retirement Benefits in a sentence

The Plan shall terminate upon the date of receipt of such notice and all Participants shall be paid their Retirement Benefits (determined as of the date this Plan is terminated) as set forth herein, or to the extent permitted by section 409A, in an actuarially equivalent lump sum as soon as possible after the effective date of such termination, as determined by the Administrator.
Retirement Benefits An employee who meets the age and service requirements of the particular division in which he partici- pates is entitled to an annual benefit, payable monthly for life, equal to the employee's average final compensation multiplied bypercentage that is determined by the employee's years of credited ser- vice.
If the Release of Claims does not become effective by the Release Agreement Deadline, the Executive will forfeit any right to severance benefits or Retirement Benefits pursuant to this Agreement.
Except as provided in Appendix B, Appendix B-1, Appendix C, Appendix D and Appendix D-1, the terms of the Plan as in effect when the Participant terminates Service shall determine the amount, form and timing of his Retirement Benefits.
Participants eligible for benefits pursuant to paragraph (a) above commenced receipt of their Retirement Benefits prior to the Effective Date.