Notice to Employees Sample Clauses

Notice to Employees. Contractor must give notice in writing to its employees who perform work on this Contract, either at the time of hire or before commencement of work on this Contract, or by posting a notice in a location frequented by employees, of the number of hours per day and days per week that the employees may be required to work.
Notice to Employees. When the Employer is contemplating disciplinary action (reduction in pay, suspension, demotion, and/or discharge) against an employee, the Employer will notify the employee and the Union. Such notice will include the charges against the employee, an explanation of the evidence which forms the basis for the charge, and the action contemplated. The employee has the right to give reasons orally or in writing why the action should not be taken.
Notice to Employees. The Association will use its best efforts to provide a copy of this agreement to all employees for ratification. The Board will use its best efforts to distribute this agreement to all employees within thirty (30) days after ratification. It shall also be distributed at new employee orientations. The Board will have it available for employee review in all District buildings.
Notice to Employees. Whenever a person is hired in any of the job classifications set forth herein, County shall notify such person that the Union is the recognized bargaining representative for employees in that classification.
Notice to Employees. On or before September 10 in each contract year, the Union will send a written notice following the criteria outlined in Addendum IV of this Agreement to each employee in the unit who is required to pay such a fee under Article II, Section 2.15.A.
Notice to Employees. The Department or Agency will give written notice to the employees to be laid off at least fourteen (14) calendar days before the first day of layoff. The Department or Agency will give the Union concurrent notice of employee names and, to the extent feasible, work location.
Notice to Employees. Members of the bargaining unit potentially affected by the intended technological change shall be notified of the impending change and advised of any agreements reached as heretofore provided.
Notice to Employees. Employees shall be informed about practices, policies and 27 procedures relating to filling of vacancies.
Notice to Employees. The following notice shall be included with all actions from the Employer to bargaining unit employees by reason of any disciplinary action, termination, reduction in force notice, demotion, promotion, reduction-in-salary: NOTICE TO BARGAINING UNIT EMPLOYEES You are entitled to be represented in this matter by Xxxxxxxxxx County Career Fire Fighters Association, Local 1664, International Association of Firefighters, AFL-CIO (Union). If you do/do not wish a copy of documents relating to this matter sent to the Union, indicate by checking the appropriate space below: I do wish the Union to receive documents relating to this matter I do not wish the Union to receive documents relating to this matter Employee's Signature Date
Notice to Employees. An employee hired to replace an employee on leave shall be so advised.