Final Statement Sample Clauses

Final Statement. Not later than 56 days after the issue of the Defects Liability Certificate pursuant to Sub-Clause 62.1, the Contractor shall submit to the Engineer for consideration a draft final statement with supporting documents showing in detail, in the form approved by the Engineer; The final value of all work done in accordance with the Contract; Any further sums which the Contractor considers to be due to him. If the Engineer disagrees with or cannot verify any part of the draft final statement, the Contractor shall submit such further information as the Engineer may reasonable require and shall make such changes in the draft as may be required. SUBCLAUSE 60.7– DISCHARGE Upon submission of the Final Statement, the Contractor shall give to the Employer, with a copy to the Engineer, a written discharge confirming that the total of the Final statement represents full and final settlement of all monies due to the Contractor arising out of or in respect of the Contract. Provided that such discharge shall become effective only after payment under the Final Payment Certificate issued pursuant to Sub-Clause 60.8 has been made and the Performance Security referred to in Sub-Clause 10.1 has been returned to the Contractor. SUBCLAUSE 60.8 – FINAL PAYMENT CERTIFICATE Upon acceptance of the Final Statement as given in Sub-Clause 60.6, the Engineer shall prepare a Final Payment Certificate which shall be delivered to the Contractor's authorized agent or representative for his signature. The Final Payment Certificate shall state: The final value of all work done in accordance with the Contract; After giving credit to the Employer for all amounts previously paid by the Employer, the balance, if any, due from the Employer to the Contractor or the Contractor to the Employer. Final Certificate shall be issued for any sum due to the Contractor even if such is less than the sum named in the Appendix to the Form of BID. SUBCLAUSE 60.9– CESSATION OF EMPLOYERS LIABILITY unless the Contractor notifies the Engineer of his objection to the Final Certificate within fourteen days of delivery thereof he shall be deemed to have agreed that he accepts the total Contract Price as set out in the Final Certificate as full settlement for all Work Done under the Contract including any variations and omissions thereof but excluding any variations and claims previously made in writing. SUBCLAUSE 60.10 – TIME FOR PAYMENT The amount due to the Contractor under any Interim Payment Certificate or Final Pay...
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Final Statement. Within a reasonable time following the completion of the liquidation, the Liquidator shall supply to each of the Partners a statement which shall set forth the assets and the liabilities of the Partnership as of the date of complete liquidation, each Partner's pro rata portion of distributions under Section 15.3, and the amount retained as reserves by the Liquidator under Section 15.4.
Final Statement. (a) On or before 180 days after the Closing Date, Seller shall prepare and deliver to Buyer a post-closing statement setting forth a detailed calculation of all post-Closing Purchase Price Adjustments and supporting documentation pursuant to Section 10.02 (the “Final Statement”). The Final Statement shall include any adjustment, estimate or payment which was not finally determined as of the Closing Date and any amount to be accounted for pursuant to Section 12.01. To the extent reasonably required by Seller, Buyer shall assist in the preparation of the Final Statement. Seller shall provide Buyer such data and information as Buyer may reasonably request supporting the amounts reflected on the Final Statement in order to permit Buyer to perform or cause to be performed an audit. The Final Statement shall become final and binding upon the parties on the thirtieth (30th) calendar day following receipt thereof by Buyer (the “Final Settlement Date”) unless Buyer gives written notice of its disagreement (a “Notice of Disagreement”) to Seller prior to such date. Any Notice of Disagreement shall specify in detail the dollar amount, nature and basis of any disagreement so asserted. If a Notice of Disagreement is received by Seller in a timely manner, then the Parties shall resolve the Dispute (as defined in Section 16.01) evidenced by the Notice of Disagreement in accordance with Article XVI.
Final Statement. “Final Statement” has the meaning specified in Section 11.1.
Final Statement. Within a reasonable time following the completion of the winding up of the business and affairs (excluding, for purposes of this Section 11.5, the disposition of reserves described in Section 11.6(a)), the Liquidating Trustee shall furnish to each Class A Member and Assignee a statement setting forth the assets and the liabilities as of the date of such completion and such Class A Member’s or Assignee’s share of distributions.
Final Statement. As soon as practicable after the Closing Date, but in --------------- no event later than one hundred twenty (120) days thereafter, Buyer shall prepare and submit to Seller a draft Final Statement, which shall show the calculation of the adjusted Final Settlement Price, based upon the best information then available. Seller shall have the right to audit such Final Statement and all supporting data and accountings. As soon as practicable after receipt of the Final Statement, but in any event within thirty (30) days after receipt thereof, Seller shall deliver to Buyer a written report containing the changes, if any, which Seller proposes be made to the Final Statement. If no response is made by Seller within such thirty (30) day period, it shall be presumed that Seller concurs with the Final Statement, and such Final Statement shall be the basis for the Final
Final Statement. As soon as practicable after the dissolution of the Partnership, a final statement of its assets and liabilities shall be prepared by the accountants for the Partnership and furnished to the Partners.
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Final Statement. Upon the dissolution of the Company, a final certified statement of its assets and liabilities shall be prepared by the Company's certified public accountants and furnished to the Members within ninety (90) days after such dissolution.
Final Statement. After the end of the Base Year and each Comparison --------------- Year (including the Comparison Year in which the Lease Term terminates), Landlord shall deliver to Tenant a final statement ("Landlord's Final Statement'") showing a reasonably detailed line item description of Tenant's Share of the annual actual Excess Direct Expenses for the prior calendar year. Landlord shall diligently endeavor to deliver to Tenant the Landlord's Statement for each Comparison Year and the Base Year on or before May 31st of the succeeding year. If Tenant's Share of the amount of actual Excess Direct Expenses due for a Comparison Year exceeds any amounts paid by Tenant as estimated additional rent under this Article 7 for such Comparison Year, within --------- thirty (30) days of delivery of such Landlord's Statement, Tenant shall pay Landlord the amount of such excess over the estimated payments already made by Tenant. If the Tenant's Share of the amount of actual Excess Direct Expenses due for a Comparison Year is less than any amounts paid by Tenant as estimated additional rent for such Comparison Year, the amount of such overpayment shall be credited against the installments of Monthly Rent next coming due (immediately following preparation of Landlord's reconciliation of actual and Estimated Excess Direct Expenses); provided, however that overpayments for the Comparison Year in which the Lease Term terminates shall be paid by Landlord to Tenant within thirty (30) days after delivery of the Landlord's Statement. Objections by Tenant shall not excuse or xxxxx Tenant's obligation to make the payments required under this Section 7.5 (or under Section 7.4) pending the ----------- ----------- resolution of Tenant's objection.
Final Statement. This writing contains the entire Agreement of the parties. No representations were made or relied upon by either party, other than those that are expressly set forth. Extensions and modifications of this original agreement are addressed in paragraph 2 above. By initialing below, you acknowledge and agree to the terms in Section 1. X Initial Here
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