Data and Information definition

Data and Information in relation to ESA means the data and information as set out in the agreement between the Depository and the issuer or offeror in relation to all applications made via ESA which have been successfully balloted at the first or main ballot;
Data and Information means technical data (as that term is defined in the Rights in Data – General (Deviated) clause) and/or information incidental to contract administration, such as financial, administrative, cost or pricing, or management information.
Data and Information means data collection field sheets, valuations, calculations, photographs, spreadsheets, databases, files, maps, market reports, sales analysis, sale and rental records, MPRA training guides, aerial photos, satellite imagery, GIS valuation roll cadastral property register (ESRI source) and systems, whether electronic or hard copy;

Examples of Data and Information in a sentence

  • Meetings with various stakeholders will also be held to contribute to the findings of the field survey.• Data analysis: Data and information will be analyzed by applying appropriate statistic programs like excel and SPSS.Objective 2: To develop appropriate technical guideline in forest enrichment using high valuable native species in Hoa Binh province based on assessment results and information attained.• Expert method is used to develop the technical guideline.

  • Data and information sup- porting the complaint (including all in- formation necessary for the Commis- sion to apply the rate formulas in § 1.1406 should be based upon historical or original cost methodology, insofar as possible.

  • Data and information shall not be released without expressed NHA authorization.

  • Data and information otherwise exempt from public disclosure may be disclosed to Commission consultants, advisory committees, and state and local gov- ernment officials and employees for use only in their work in cooperation with the Commission.

  • Data and information were collected from secondary sources such as Books, Research Report, case laws, law related Journals, Internet and different websites.RESULTS AND DISCUSSION1.

  • Data and information collection through public hearing and focus group discusionBased on the EIA, the overall plantation development activities were concluded to be appropriate in terms of the environment.

  • Data and information could be accessed and used (for example) to build better and more complete maintenance plans, improve decisions or the decision base, introduce new preventive measures, or indicate parts or functions of the product that need to be improved.The local sub-optimization that currently exists in local maintenance organizations is coming to an end.

  • Level 5 Prognostics Data and information available from all other levels is available together with failure models and prognostic algorithms to calculate the future health of the system.

  • Data and information collected and/or created under NOAA grants and cooperative agreements must be made visible, accessible, and independently understandable to general users, free of charge or at minimal cost, in a timely manner (typically no later than two years after the data are collected or created), except where limited by law, regulation, policy or by security requirements.

  • Data and information on natural resources was already available on different levels, but it was difficult to combine data from different sources for different actors.

More Definitions of Data and Information

Data and Information means numbers, letters and symbols, and everything that they are able to store, process, generate, produce and transfer to a computer or other electronic medium.
Data and Information means the personal data and the information referred to in article 44/1 of the Belgian Act of 5 August 1992 on the office of police.
Data and Information. Facts, information, documents, knowledge or other matters including data and electronic data accessible to the User through the ETS-SF.

Related to Data and Information

  • Information has the meaning specified in Section 10.07.

  • Appendix Information means the information which must be provided for the selected modules as set out in the Appendix of the Approved EU SCCs (other than the Parties), and which for this Addendum is set out in: Annex 1A: List of Parties: Annex 1B: Description of Transfer: Annex II: Technical and organisational measures including technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of the data: Annex III: List of Sub processors (Modules 2 and 3 only): Which Parties may end this Addendum as set out in Section 19: Importer Exporter neither Party Ending this Addendum when the Approved Addendum changes Table 4: Ending this Addendum when the Approved Addendum Changes Part 2: Mandatory Clauses Entering into this Addendum