Issue of the Sample Clauses

Issue of the. NOTES 10 2.1 Form, Terms and Certification and Delivery of the Notes 10 2.2 Execution of Notes 11 2.3 Certification 12 2.4 Additional Events of Default 12
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Issue of the certificate The number of the certificate issued by Kiwa has been built up as follows: 0620-CPR-XXXX(unique number)/XX(version number).
Issue of the. Consideration Shares The Consideration Shares will be allotted and issued in accordance with the constitutional documents of the Buyer and all relevant Laws. The issuance of the Consideration Shares will not result in a violation or breach of, require any consent to be obtained under or give rise to any termination rights under any provision of:
Issue of the certificate of posting The employer asks the competent insurance institution in the State from which the employee is being posted (State of origin) to issue a certificate of posting. This certificate confirms that the posted worker continues to be subject to the social security legislation of the State of origin for the duration of the posting. As such, the worker is exempt from contributions to the compulsory social security schemes of the host State which are covered by the agreement. Competent insurance institutions In Switzerland the competent insurance institutions are the competent OASI compensation offices. The application form for a certificate of posting as regards postings from Switzerland can be downloaded at the following link (Application to remain subject to Swiss social insurance legislation during the temporary exercise of a professional activity abroad). In Uruguay the competent authority is the Social Insurance Bank (BPS, May the posting be extended? Should the posting exceed the time limit of two years, it is possible to apply for an extension of no more than 24 months by submitting a request to the competent authority in the State of origin: - in Switzerland: the Federal Social Insurance Office ( - in Uruguay: the Social Insurance Bank (BPS, The application form for extending postings from Switzerland is available at the following link (Application to remain subject to Swiss social insurance legislation during the temporary exercise of a professional activity abroad). hat about family members? Non-working family members (spouse and children) accompanying a posted worker also remain subject to the social security legislation of the State of origin. More detailed information on postings can be found in the fact sheet “Social security for posted workers. Contracting States, outside EU/EFTA”. Information on social security schemes not covered by the agreement (e.g. health care and accident insurance) can be found in the fact sheet “Social Security for posted workers – Non-contracting States”. 7 Swiss old-age, survivors’ and invalidity benefits Retirement age in Switzerland Statutory retirement age in Switzerland is 64 for women and 65 for men. Old-age benefits – Work periods in Switzerland and Uruguay Uruguayan or Swiss nationals who have worked both in Switzerland and in Uruguay, and have therefore contributed to both social security systems, receive partial pensions from each State provide...
Issue of the. Performance Security

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  • Issue of PIN We may in our absolute discretion issue a PIN to you and/or permit you to select or change the PIN via TBS. We may send you the PIN by ordinary post at your sole risk.

  • Issue of Notes (a) Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Issuer may issue Notes to any of the Dealers from time to time at such prices and upon such terms as the Issuer and the relevant Dealer may agree. The Issuer acknowledges that the Dealers may resell Notes subscribed for by such Dealers.

  • Original Issue of Notes The Notes may, upon execution of this Supplemental Indenture, be executed by the Company and delivered to the Trustee for authentication, and the Trustee shall, upon receipt of a Company Order, authenticate and deliver such Notes as in such Company Order provided.

  • Issue of Warrants Section 2.1 Creation and Issue of Warrants 7 Section 2.2 Terms of Warrants 7 Section 2.3 Warrantholder not a Shareholder 8 Section 2.4 Warrants to Rank Pari Passu 8 Section 2.5 Form of Warrants, Certificated Warrants 8 Section 2.6 Book Entry Warrants 9 Section 2.7 Warrant Certificate. 11 Section 2.8 Legends 13 Section 2.9 Register of Warrants 15 Section 2.10 Issue in Substitution for Warrant Certificates Lost, etc 17 Section 2.11 Exchange of Warrant Certificates 17 Section 2.12 Transfer and Ownership of Warrants 18 Section 2.13 Cancellation of Surrendered Warrants 19

  • Issue of Shares 3.1 Subject to the provisions, if any, in the Memorandum (and to any direction that may be given by the Company in general meeting) and without prejudice to any rights attached to any existing Shares, the Directors may allot, issue, grant options over or otherwise dispose of Shares (including fractions of a Share) with or without preferred, deferred or other rights or restrictions, whether in regard to Dividend or other distribution, voting, return of capital or otherwise and to such persons, at such times and on such other terms as they think proper, and may also (subject to the Statute and the Articles) vary such rights. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Subscriber shall have the power to:

  • Issue of Securities Not later than 10:00 a.m., New York City time on June 18, 2014, or such other time as may be agreed upon between the Underwriters and the Republic (the “Closing Date”), the Republic will issue and deliver one or more duly executed and authenticated Global Securities in an aggregate principal amount of U.S.$2,000,000,000. The Underwriters shall instruct DTC as to the allocation of interests in the Global Securities among the accounts of DTC participants.

  • ISSUE OF GLOBAL NOTES 3.1 Subject to subclause 3.4, following receipt of a faxed copy of the applicable Final Terms signed by the Issuer, the Issuer authorises the Agent and the Agent agrees, to take the steps required of the Agent in the Procedures Memorandum.

  • Creation and Issue of Warrants A maximum of 38,342,352 Warrants (subject to adjustment as herein provided) are hereby created and authorized to be issued in accordance with the terms and conditions hereof. By written order of the Corporation, the Warrant Agent shall deliver Warrant Certificates to Registered Warrantholders and record the name of the Registered Warrantholders on the Warrant register. Registration of interests in Warrants held by the Depository may be evidenced by a position appearing on the register for Warrants of the Warrant Agent for an amount representing the aggregate number of such Warrants outstanding from time to time.

  • Designation Amount and Issue of Notes The Notes shall be designated as “Tranche B Zero Coupon Guaranteed Senior Unsecured Notes”. Notes not to exceed the aggregate principal amount of $84,000,000 (except pursuant to Sections 2.05 and 2.06 hereof) upon the execution of this Indenture, or from time to time thereafter, may be executed by the Company and delivered to the Trustee for authentication, and the Trustee shall thereupon authenticate and deliver said Notes to or upon the written order of the Company, signed by its Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, President or any Vice President (whether or not designated by a number or numbers or word or words added before or after the title “Vice President”), the Treasurer or any Assistant Treasurer or the Secretary or Assistant Secretary, without any further action by the Company hereunder.

  • Issue of ADRs After any such deposit of Shares, the Custodian shall notify the Depositary of such deposit and of the information contained in any related Delivery Order by letter, first class airmail postage prepaid, or, at the request, risk and expense of the person making the deposit, by cable, telex or facsimile transmission. After receiving such notice from the Custodian, the Depositary, subject to this Deposit Agreement, shall properly issue at the Transfer Office, to or upon the order of any person named in such notice, an ADR or ADRs registered as requested and evidencing the aggregate ADSs to which such person is entitled.