Total Contract Price definition

Total Contract Price means the total set out in "Tender Document Form: Contract Prices".
Total Contract Price means the fully inclusive, all-in total contract price, constituting the aggregate sum of all compensation whatsoever quoted by and receivable by a Proponent in its Proposal with respect to the Services contemplated by this RFP and, unless expressly and specifically agreed in writing by the City otherwise, shall be the maximum compensation and consideration receivable by the Consultant under the Contract or otherwise for providing all Services, including incidentals, contemplated under the Contract. The Total Contract Price shall include, without limitation, all professional fees, consulting fees, staff time, sub-consulting fees and other Service fees, all Disbursements, costs, expenses, Taxes other than HST, allowances and charges whatsoever, all items and incidentals to be provided pursuant to the RFP and anything properly included as a best practice.
Total Contract Price means the Contract Price plus the Additional Costs plus the costs of the Upgrade to the Specifications;

Examples of Total Contract Price in a sentence

  • Subject to Section13.2(c), each Party's aggregate liability to the other under the Contract for direct damages for all events giving rise to liability hereunder shall be limited to an amount equal to the Total Contract Price.

  • Any costs associated with the supervision shall be included in the Total Contract Price.

  • The Total Contract Price does not include other amounts that Buyer must pay at Closing, as provided in the Sale Contract.

More Definitions of Total Contract Price

Total Contract Price means the total contract price set out in Tender Document Form: Contract Prices.
Total Contract Price means cumulative price of all items / category of items as specified in the Contract.
Total Contract Price means the aggregate price to be paid for all Allowances required to be Transferred on a Delivery Date under an Allowance Transaction;
Total Contract Price means the upset limit amount established as the total contract price for the Contract by Metrolinx, in accordance with Sections 17.1(a) through 17.1(d) of Instructions to Bidders.
Total Contract Price means the cumulative amount of all Monthly Purchase Amounts owed under a Monthly Purchase Plan, or the Total Contract Price set forth in a Lump Sum Contract.
Total Contract Price means the fully inclusive, all-in total Contract price, constituting the sum of all costs quoted by a Proponent in its Proposal with respect to the Work,