DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING. Employees may be tested for drugs and/or alcohol pursuant to the provisions of the Employer's Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy which is attached hereto and made a part of this Agreement as if more fully set forth herein.
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DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING. Section 1. Drug and alcohol testing shall be done in a fair and equitable manner in strict observance of all applicable laws and regulations. All employees subject to such testing shall be so informed.
DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING. The employer reserves the right to introduce drug and alcohol testing during the life of this agreement. Prior to introduction of testing there will be reasonable consultation with the employees.
DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING. Section 1: In consideration of the legitimate concerns and interest the Employer and the Union both have in workplace safety and job performance and that both parties recognize that drug and alcohol abuse may have an adverse impact on County government, the image of County employees, and the general health, welfare and safety of the employees and the general public at large; and in consideration of the fact that both parties also recognize that drug and alcohol abuse are treatable illnesses that will be treated, where feasible, with emphasis on rehabilitation and education, the Employer and the Union hereby agree:
DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING. The Village may require an employee to submit to urine and/or blood tests if the Village determines there is reasonable suspicion for such testing, and provides the employee with the basis for such suspicion in writing within 48 hours after the test is administered. The Village shall use only licensed clinical laboratories for such testing and shall be responsible for maintaining the proper chain of custody. The taking of urine samples shall not be witnessed unless there is reasonable suspicion to believe the employee is tampering with the testing procedure. If the first test results in a positive finding, a confirmatory test (GC/MS or a scientifically accurate equivalent) shall be conducted. An initial positive test result shall not be submitted to the Village unless a confirmatory test result is also positive as to the same sample. Upon request, the Village shall provide an employee with a copy of any test results which the Village receives with respect to such employee. A portion of the tested sample shall be retained by the laboratory so that the employee may arrange for another confirmatory test (GC/MS or a scientifically accurate equivalent) to be conducted by a licensed clinical laboratory of the employee’s choosing and at the employee’s expense. Once the portion of the tested sample leaves the clinical laboratory selected by the Village, the employee shall be responsible for maintaining the proper chain of custody for said portion of the tested sample. The results of any positive tests shall be made available to the Village. If an employee tests positive for the use of a proscribed drug (i.e., an illegal drug, contraband), the Village can take such action as the Village in its discretion deems appropriate. The first time an employee tests positive for substance abuse involving something other than a prescribed drug, the employee shall be required to enter and successfully complete the Village’s Employee Assistance Program (“EAP”) during which time the employee may be required to submit to random testing with the understanding that if the employee again tests positive the Village can take such action as the Village, at its discretion, deems appropriate. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Village retains the right to take such action as the Village, in its discretion deems, appropriate if an employee consumes alcohol while on duty. The illegal use, sale or possession of proscribed drugs at any time while employed by the Village, abuse of prescribed d...
DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING. 1. Employees are required to submit to drug and/or alcohol testing in the following situations:
DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING. The County may require an individual to submit to a drug and alcohol test under the following circumstances.
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DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING. 16.1 The use, sale, transfer, purchase and/or possession of a controlled substance, alcohol and/or firearms at any time during the work day is prohibited.
DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING. 1. The Hospital and the Union agree to maintain a safe, healthy and productive work environment for all employees, to provide thorough and effective patient care, to maintain the integrity and security of the workplace, and to perform all of these functions in a fashion consistent with our responsibilities to the communities which we serve. An employee who works or attends work under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or who refuses to take an alcohol/drug test when directed to do so pursuant to this Article, shall therefore be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.
DRUG AND ALCOHOL TESTING. All testing will occur at a laboratory certified to conduct DOT testing. All testing expenses shall be paid by the Board, unless otherwise stated in this agreement. The test protocols contained in 49 CFR part 40 which apply to the reasonable suspicion testing mandated by OTETA, including the split sample, shall be used. The drug test used shall be the N.I.D.A.-like type and automatic M.R.O. (Medical Review Officer) review, including any revision to the N.I.D.A.-like test. The N.I.D.A.-like test currently detects amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, opiates, and phencyclidine (PCP). Employees may request a split sample test. The employee will pay for the analysis of the split sample test at the time of the request. If the analysis of the split sample is below the current N.I.D.A.-like threshold, the Board will reimburse the employee the cost and the test shall be considered negative. The alcohol test used shall be the breath alcohol test. If an employee produces a positive breath alcohol test (.04 or above), he/she may request a blood alcohol test at employee expense. The Board will consider the results of all tests conducted before determining what, if any action to take. If the employee is unable to produce sufficient breath volume after three attempts, the employee may be directed by the Board to submit to a blood alcohol test at Board expense.
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