SENIORITY AND LAYOFF. 7.01 City-wide seniority is defined as the length of employment with the City. Such seniority shall be acquired by full-time employees after completion of a probationary period at which time seniority shall be retroactive to the first day of employment. The City-wide seniority shall apply to accrual of all benefits and to promotional vacancies.
SENIORITY AND LAYOFF. (a) For purposes of layoff and recall, all employees covered by this Agreement shall be placed on building seniority lists based upon their date of employment in the building or with the Employer, whichever is greater. The seniority date for all positions under the Agreement shall be the date the employee commenced working in the building for the agent and/or owner regardless of whether there is a collective bargaining agreement and regardless of the type of work performed by the employee. In the event of layoff due to reduction in force, the inverse order of departmental or job classification seniority shall be followed, except as provided in Termination Pay, Section 23, with due consideration for efficiency and special needs of a department. In the event that an employee is assigned to another job classification and there is a reduction in force in that department or job classification, the employee shall have the right to exercise his total building seniority to return to his former department or job classification. Nothing contained in this section shall be construed in such a manner as to permit an employee to bump a less senior employee working for another Employer in the same building. Seniority of an employee shall be based upon total length of service with the Employer or in the building, whichever is greater.
SENIORITY AND LAYOFF. A. Seniority shall mean length of continuous service with the Medical Center and Home Health Nurses hired after July 1, 2011, as a nurse within the bargaining unit. Home Health nurses employed before June 30, 2011, seniority shall mean the original date of hire by Medical Center or hire date in home health at the Albany and Lebanon hospitals prior to the merge, whichever hire date occurred first. Bargaining unit employees who leave or have left a position within the scope of the bargaining unit, but who remain continuously employed with the Medical Center, shall not lose their previously accrued seniority upon return to the bargaining unit. In such instances the employee shall not accrue seniority during the period of Medical Center employment outside the bargaining unit.
SENIORITY AND LAYOFF. Section 1. Seniority means the length of continuous service with the Employer since the last date of hire. An employee serving his/her initial probationary period shall not be allowed to use accumulated seniority until such an employee finishes his/her probationary period.
SENIORITY AND LAYOFF. The first twelve (12) months of continuous employment starting from the date of employment shall constitute a new employee’s probationary period. At the three (3) month point in the probationary period, the DPW Director (for the DPW employees) and the Town Administrator (for the Custodian employees) will meet with the employee for an evaluation in order to inform him/her of any problems with job performance and corrections that need to be made. If the DPW Director or the Town Administrator determines that within or at the end of the twelve (12) month period that the employee is not performing their duties, then said employee can be discharged from said position without recourse from the Union (not subject to the grievance procedure). An employee shall acquire seniority after completing the twelve (12) month probationary period and his/her seniority will revert to the beginning date of employment. During the twelve (12) month probationary period said employee shall be entitled to and receive all the benefits of the Collective Bargaining Agreement as practiced in the past. An employee's full time continuous service with the Town of Pembroke ("Town-wide" seniority) shall determine the employee's seniority for purposes of layoff and recall under this article. Overall seniority will be considered in cases of transfers. Overall seniority within each Division will be considered in preference in choice of vacation periods. In the event that the DPW Director needs to transfer employees from one Division to another, the transfer notification will be posted on the Union Board. The transfer will start with the least senior employee in the Division effected unless a senior employee in the Division requests the transfer in writing. If the Town finds it necessary to lay off employees, the procedures set forth in this article will apply. The employer shall meet with the Union to discuss any impending layoffs at least thirty (30) days prior to such layoff. A "layoff" is hereby defined as a complete termination of employment for economic or other legitimate non-disciplinary reasons. If a layoff is necessary, the Town shall layoff by job classification first, then by seniority, starting with the least senior employee. In all cases, seniority shall be measured by Town-wide service as defined above and not by departmental service. If it is the Highway, Tree, Cemetery budget that is affected by the layoff, the least senior employee will have the right to bump a lesser senior em...
SENIORITY AND LAYOFF. Section 1 - Seniority‌ Seniority shall be defined in the following manner:
SENIORITY AND LAYOFF. 12.01 Seniority shall be defined as length of continuous service in a full time position with the University from the date of hire in a COPE position and shall become effective after the successful completion of the probationary period as defined in Article 9.01. Seniority for part time employees is subject to Article 12.08.
SENIORITY AND LAYOFF. ECFE teachers shall be listed on a separate seniority list from other teachers within the District based on date of hire and teaching assignment. ECFE teachers shall have seniority rights only in the ECFE program. Other teachers within the District may not bump or displace ECFE teachers or vice versa. ECFE teachers are not subject to the rights as set forth in MN Statute 122A.40. Layoff of ECFE teachers shall be in inverse order of seniority according to licensure and teaching assignment.