Distribution Sample Clauses

Distribution. The Servicer will prepare the form in duplicate and send the original together with evidence of conveyance of title and appropriate supporting documentation to the Master Servicer with the Monthly Accounting Reports which supports the Mortgage Loan’s removal from the Mortgage Loan Activity Report. The Servicer will retain the duplicate for its own records. Due Date With respect to any liquidated Mortgage Loan, the form will be submitted to the Master Servicer no later than the date on which statements are due to the Master Servicer under Section 4.02 of this Agreement (the “Statement Date”) in the month following receipt of final liquidation proceeds and supporting documentation relating to such liquidated Mortgage Loan; provided, that if such Statement Date is not at least 30 days after receipt of final liquidation proceeds and supporting documentation relating to such liquidated Mortgage Loan, then the form will be submitted on the first Statement Date occurring after the 30th day following receipt of final liquidation proceeds and supporting documentation. Preparation Instructions The numbers on the form correspond with the numbers listed below.
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Distribution. To distribute the Shares of the Trust, to be principal underwriter of such Shares, and/or to act as agent of the Trust in the sale of Shares and the acceptance or rejection of orders for the purchase of Shares;
Distribution. (a) Each payment received by the Facility Agent under the Finance Documents for another Party must, except as provided below, be made available by the Facility Agent to that Party by payment (as soon as practicable after receipt) to its account with such office or bank:
Distribution. (1) Upon notification by the Funds of the declaration of any distribution to Shareholders, the Company shall act as Dividend Disbursing Agent for the Funds in accordance with the provisions of its governing document and the then-current Prospectus of the Fund. The Company shall prepare and mail or credit income, capital gain, or any other payments to Shareholders. As the Dividend Disbursing Agent, the Company shall, on or before the payment date of any such distribution, notify the Custodian of the estimated amount required to pay any portion of said distribution which is payable in cash and request the Custodian to make available sufficient funds for the cash amount to be paid out. The Company shall reconcile the amounts so requested and the amounts actually received with the Custodian on a daily basis. If a Shareholder is entitled to receive additional Shares by virtue of any such distribution or dividend, appropriate credits shall be made to the Shareholder's account; and
Distribution. 5.1 So long as an Event of Default does not exist, Debtor shall be entitled to exercise all voting power pertaining to any of the Collateral, provided such exercise is not contrary to the interests of the Lenders and does not impair the Collateral.
Distribution. Each employee engaged in the performance of any federal grant or contract shall be given a copy of this LOA.
Distribution. F = the fair market value (on the record date for the distribution to which this Section 11.08 applies) of the assets, securities, rights, warrants or options to be distributed in respect of each share of Common Stock in the distribution to which this Section 11.08 is being applied (including, in the case of cash dividends or other cash distributions giving rise to an adjustment, all such cash distributed concurrently).
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Distribution. Distributions shall be made to the Member at the times and in the amounts determined by the Member.
Distribution any declaration or payment of a distribution, interest or dividend on any Equity Interest (other than payment-in-kind); distribution, advance or repayment of Debt to a holder of Equity Interests; or purchase, redemption, or other acquisition or retirement for value of any Equity Interest. Dollars: lawful money of the United States.
Distribution. Should the School receive a Capital Outlay allocation, the District shall distribute such funds to the School within 10 days of receipt of such funds from the FDOE.
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