Electricity Sample Clauses

Electricity. 14.01 Tenant shall obtain electricity for the Demised Premises on a direct meter basis, Tenant shall be responsible for and pay to the applicable utility all charges for electricity as measured by such meter. Landlord shall not in any way be liable or responsible to Tenant for any loss or damage or expense which Tenant may sustain or incur if either the quantity or character of electric service is changed or is no longer available or suitable for Tenant’s requirements. Any additional riser or risers to supply Tenant’s electrical requirements, upon written request to Tenant, will be installed by Landlord, at the sole cost and expense of Tenant, unless, in Landlord’s reasonable judgment, the same will cause permanent damage or injury to the Building or the Demised Premises or cause or create a dangerous or hazardous condition or interfere with or disturb other tenants or occupants. In addition to the installation of such riser or risers, Landlord will also at the sole cost and expense of Tenant, install all other equipment proper and necessary in connection therewith subject to the aforesaid terms and conditions. Tenant covenants and agrees that at all times its use of electric current shall never exceed the capacity of the feeders to the Building or the risers or wiring installation which Landlord represents is sufficient for ordinary office use. It is further covenanted and agreed by the Tenant that all the aforesaid costs and expenses are chargeable and collectible as Additional Rent and shall be paid by the Tenant to the Landlord within ten (10) days after the rendering of any xxxx or statement to the Tenant therefor. Tenant shall make no alterations or additions to the electric equipment and/or appliances without the prior written consent of Landlord in each instance, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, should electric service be interrupted for a period of more than five (5) consecutive business days through the sole fault of Landlord so as to prevent Tenant from using at least seventy-five (75%) percent of the Demised Premises, Fixed Rent shall xxxxx until such service resumes and Tenant is able to resume the use of at least seventy-five (75%) percent of the Demised Premises. Should such service interruption prevent Tenant from using at least seventy-five (75%) of the Demised Premises for more than sixty (60) days and be due to the sole fault of Landlord, Tenant sha...
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Electricity. All charges for the electricity consumed for the operation of the common machinery and equipment.
Electricity. All charges for the electricity consumed for the operation of the common lighting, machinery and equipment of the Said Block/Building and the Said Complex and the road network, STP etc.
Electricity. Landlord shall provide adequate electrical wiring and facilities for connection to Building standard ceiling mounted lighting fixtures and incidental use equipment, i.e., 5 xxxxx of connected load per usable square foot, provided that Tenant’s consumption of electricity does not exceed 2.4 xxxxx/hour per usable square foot of the Premises per month, which electrical usage shall be subject to Applicable Laws and regulations, including Title 24. Tenant will design Tenant’s electrical system serving any equipment producing nonlinear electrical loads to accommodate such nonlinear electrical loads, including, but not limited to, oversizing neutral conductors, derating transformers and/or providing power-line filters. Engineering plans shall include a calculation of Tenant’s fully connected electrical design load with and without demand factors and shall indicate the number of xxxxx of unmetered and submetered loads. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary contained in this Lease, Tenant shall pay to Landlord the actual cost (without xxxx-up) of all electricity services provided to and/or consumed in the Premises (including normal and excess consumption and including the cost of electricity to operate the HVAC air handlers), pursuant to submeters. Tenant shall pay the cost of such electricity within thirty (30) days after demand accompanied by a documented invoice therefor and as Additional Rent under this Lease (and not as part of the Operating Expenses). Tenant shall be solely responsible for the installation of all such submeters as part of the Tenant Improvements. Tenant shall bear the cost of replacement of lamps, starters and ballasts for non-Building standard lighting fixtures within the Premises.
Electricity. All electrical connections shall be equipped with an Electrical Ground Conductor.
Electricity. All charges for the electricity consumed for the operation of the common machinery and equipment of the Said Block/Said Complex.
Electricity. 30.1 The contractor will have to make his own arrangement at his own cost for obtaining or providing electric supply at work site. The department shall not bear any responsibility in respect of any problems and contractor shall not be liable for getting any compensation on any ground. The progress of work shall not hamper for the above reasons.
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Electricity. To furnish to the Premises, separately metered and at the direct expense of Tenant as hereinabove provided, reasonable electricity for Tenant’s Permitted Uses. If Tenant shall require electricity in excess of reasonable quantities for Tenant’s Permitted Uses and if (i) in Landlord’s reasonable judgment, Landlord’s facilities are inadequate for such excess requirements, or (ii) such excess use shall result in an additional burden on the Building utilities systems and additional cost to Landlord on account thereof, as the case may be, (a) Tenant shall, upon demand, reimburse Landlord for such additional cost, as aforesaid, or (b) Landlord, upon written request, and at the sole cost and expense of Tenant, will furnish and install such additional wire, conduits, feeders, switchboards and appurtenances as reasonably may be required to supply such additional requirements of Tenant (if electricity therefor is then available to Landlord), provided that the same shall be permitted by applicable laws and insurance regulations and shall not cause permanent damage or injury to the Building or cause or create a dangerous or hazardous condition or entail excessive or unreasonable alterations or repairs.
Electricity. Landlord shall provide sufficient electricity to operate normal office lighting and equipment. Tenant shall not install or operate in the Premises any electrically operated equipment or other machinery, other than business machines and equipment normally employed for general office use which do not require high electricity consumption for operation, without obtaining the prior written consent of Landlord. If any or all of Tenant's equipment requires electricity consumption in excess of that which is necessary to operate normal office equipment, such consumption (including consumption for computer or telephone rooms and special HVAC equipment) shall be submetered by Landlord at Tenant's expense, and Tenant shall reimburse Landlord as Additional Rent for the cost of its submetered consumption based upon Landlord's average cost of electricity. Such Additional Rent shall be in addition to Tenant's obligations pursuant to Section 2A(2) to pay its Proportionate Share of Operating Costs.
Electricity. 120 and 208 volts, 60 cps, single phase, electrical service is available in the Expo Center building. Each booth is furnished with one fused 120-volt duplex receptacle outlet. Payment for the first 500 xxxxx of electricity consumed is included in the rental fee. All electrical connections shall be equipped with an Equipment Ground Conductor. For any additional electrical requirements, Exhibitor must make arrangements with the Management. All electrical connections must be made by a representative of Expo Center or an approved Expo Center electrical contractor. Multiple plugs such as twin sockets, cube taps, or similar devices are not permitted.
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