ELECTRICAL SERVICES. A. Landlord shall provide electric power for a combined load of 3.0 xxxxx per square foot of useable area for lighting and for office machines through standard receptacles for the typical office space.
ELECTRICAL SERVICES. The Company must construct and reticulate electrical requirements for all amenities and facilities. The Company must construct sub-station and distribution boards necessary to reticulate power to all Company owned or leased facilities which provide amenities to the public. The electrical installation must be to the design and installation standards of the State Energy Commission of Western Australia. All electrical reticulation must be placed underground.
ELECTRICAL SERVICES. (a) So long as the Lease is in full force and effect and Tenant has paid all Rent then due, Landlord shall furnish to the Premises (subject to inclusion as an Operating Expense, unless such service is paid directly by Tenant to the utility provider), electric current for general office use, including normal lighting, normal business office machines and customary janitorial service. Notwithstanding any provision of the Lease to the contrary, without, in each instance, the prior written approval of Landlord, in Landlord’s prudent business judgment, Tenant shall not: (i) make any alterations or additions to the electric equipment or systems; or (ii) install or use or permit the installation or use of any computer or electronic data processing equipment in the Premises other than personal computers, laptop computers and ancillary equipment. Tenant’s use of electric current shall at no time exceed the capacity of the wiring, feeders and risers providing electric current to the Premises or the Building. The consent of Landlord to the installation of electric equipment shall not relieve Tenant from the obligation to limit usage of electricity to its capacity.
ELECTRICAL SERVICES. All hydro services shall be underground. The Owner, at its expense, shall supply, construct or install all underground hydro services in the manner, location and design depicted in the Engineering Data but subject to the manner, design and specifications established from time to time by Ontario Hydro and the Essex Power Corporation for such services. All costs of connecting hydro services to existing services shall be borne by the Owner.
ELECTRICAL SERVICES. The facilities furnishing electrical ------------------- service to the Building have the capacity for furnishing electricity in the amount of seven (7) xxxxx per Usable Square Foot within the Premises ("Building Standard Capacity") and Tenant's Proportionate Share of Utility costs will be calculated on the basis that Tenant's electrical usage in the Premises is equal to the Building Standard Capacity. Landlord shall allow electrical services to the Premises to be provided from a mutually agreed upon transformer pad which is to be installed by Tenant as a part of the Initial Improvements. Such transformer pad and installed transformers shall serve the Premises with a dedicated access of not less than 56 xxxxx per the Usable Square Feet within the Premises ("Approved Electrical Capacity"); and Tenant's lighting and receptacle/equipment loads in the Premises shall not have an electrical design load greater than the Approved Electrical Capacity. In the event Tenant's actual electrical usage within the Premises exceeds the Approved Electrical Capacity, such excess electrical usage may affect the capability of such electrical systems to furnish electricity to other tenants of the Building at the Building Standard Capacity. For this reason, Landlord shall have the right to determine the amount of any electrical usage by Tenant from time to time and, if such electrical usage by Tenant exceeds the Building Standard Capacity, may either separately meter Tenant's electrical usage within the Premises or require Tenant to reduce its electrical usage to the Building Standard Capacity. The cost of purchasing, installing, maintaining, and reading a separate meter shall be at Tenant's expense, and Tenant shall pay to Landlord, on demand, the cost of the consumption of electrical services within the Premises in excess of the Building Standard Capacity at rates determined by Landlord in accordance with applicable laws. In addition, Tenant shall pay for all costs of any wiring, risers, raceways, transformers, electrical panels, and other items required by Landlord, in Landlord's discretion, to accommodate Tenant's design loads and capacities that exceed the Standard Building Capacity, including, without limitation, all installation and maintenance costs relative to that equipment. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Landlord may refuse to install, and may withhold consent for Tenant's installation of, any wiring, transformers, electrical panels, or other equipment required to acc...
ELECTRICAL SERVICES. Tenant's use of electrical services furnished by Landlord shall be subject to the following:
ELECTRICAL SERVICES. (a) The electricity used during the performance of janitorial service or the making of alterations or repairs in the Premises by Landlord shall be paid by Tenant. Tenant also agrees to purchase from Landlord or its agents at competitive prices fixed by Landlord for all tenants in the Building all lamps, bulbs, ballasts and starters used in the Premises, and to pay a reasonable installation charge for any such items installed by Landlord at Tenant’s request. Landlord reserves the right to provide electricity to Tenant and in such event Tenant agrees to purchase electricity from Landlord at Landlord’s then current charges. Tenant shall make no alterations or additions to the electric equipment or systems without the prior written consent of Landlord in each instance.
ELECTRICAL SERVICES. 15.1 THE LESSOR has provided electrical wiring only up to the tap-off box on the floor on which Demised Premises are located and shall not provide any electrical wiring, fixtures, fans etc. inside Demised Premises.
ELECTRICAL SERVICES. Airport Airfield Electrician/Facilities Master Electrician/ Systems and Lighting Technician/Airport Facilities Technician (Electrical) Master Electrician Airport Facilities Technician Assistant II (Electrical)/Facilities Electrician Journeyman Electrician/Airport Facilities Technician Assistant (Electrical)
ELECTRICAL SERVICES. Landlord shall not provide or be obligated to cause any other party to provide any electrical services to the Premises. Tenant shall be solely responsible for all charges for electrical services to the Premises, including electricity costs for HVAC services to the Premises and all costs associated with the provision of a separate electric meter for the Premises. Tenant shall maintain active electrical service to the Premises at all times during the Lease Term.