Electrical Sample Clauses

Electrical a. All lighting fixtures should be located and scheduled showing all types and quantities of fixtures to be used, including proposed lighting levels for each usable space.
Electrical. Provider assumes there is no additional customer-side protection or disconnects required by the District or utilities above that provided by the certified inverters. Provider assumes electrical equipment such as the inverter and AC utility Lockable Disconnect will be installed on the ground with a standard SunPower service concrete pad, located in close proximity to the System support structures and within a maximum number of feet of the proposed electrical tie-in location as shown on the proposed array layouts. Provider also assumes use of trenching consisting of open trenches, 18 to 24 inches wide and 2 to 4 feet deep, without issues related to underground utilities, and use of EMT conduit with rain-tight compression fittings for above ground installations, exclusive of surveillance camera conduit on structure which shall be rigid, and schedule 40 PVC conduits for below ground installations. Provider shall install lightweight (200 psi) concrete slurry as required by code at all underground duct banks, exclusive of any low voltage duct banks. Provider assumes all utility-owned electrical equipment serving the campuses have adequate capacity to handle the System output. Agreement assumes use of cellular modem for communication with a third party monitoring company. All other communication and low voltage infrastructure is excluded from this Agreement. Energy Management System Integration or similar control or SCADA system integrations to the System is excluded from this Agreement.
Electrical. During the Term of this Lease, there shall be available to the Leased Premises electrical facilities comparable to those supplied in other comparable office buildings in the vicinity of the Building to provide sufficient power for normal lighting and office machines of similar low electrical consumption, and one personal computer for each desk station, but not for any additional computers or extraordinary data processing equipment, special lighting and any other item of electrical equipment which requires a voltage other than one hundred ten (110) volts single phase and is not typically found in an office, as determined by Landlord in its sole, but reasonable discretion; and provided, however, that if the installation of such electrical equipment requires additional air conditioning capacity above that normally provided to tenants of the Building or above standard usage of existing capacity as determined by Landlord in its sole, but reasonable discretion, then the additional air conditioning installation and/or operating costs attributable thereto shall be paid by Tenant. Tenant agrees not to use any apparatus or device in, upon or about the Leased Premises which may in any way increase the amount of such electricity usually furnished or supplied to the Leased Premises, and Tenant further agrees not to connect any apparatus or device to the wires, conduits or pipes or other means by which such electricity is supplied, for the purpose of using additional or unusual amounts of electricity, without the prior written consent of Landlord. At all times, Tenant’s use of electric current shall never exceed Tenant’s share of the capacity of the feeders to the Building or the risers or wiring installation. Tenant shall not install or use or permit the installation or use in the Leased Premises of any computer or electronic data processing or ancillary equipment or any other electrical apparatus designed to operate on electrical current in excess of 110 volts and 5 amps per machine, without the prior written consent of Landlord, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. If Tenant shall require electrical current in excess of that usually furnished or supplied for use of the Leased Premises as general office space, Tenant shall first procure the written consent of Landlord (which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed) to the use thereof and Landlord or Tenant may (i) cause a meter to be installed in or for t...
Electrical. 16.1 An Electrical layout will be provided by the architect.
Electrical. (i) Lighting and power plan showing all switching and controls. Fixture schedule and lighting details completed.
Electrical. LICENSEE shall be permitted to connect its equipment to necessary electrical and telephone service, at LICENSEE’s expense. LICENSEE shall attempt to coordinate with utility companies to provide separate service to LICENSEE’s equipment for LICENSEE use. In the event that LICENSEE can obtain separate electrical service with a separate meter measuring usage, the LICENSEE shall pay the utility directly for its power consumption, if billed directly by the utility. In the event that separate electrical service is not possible or practical under the circumstances, LICENSEE may use existing service, at LICENSEE’s expense, upon the reasonable approval of LICENSOR. In the event that LICENSEE uses existing utility service at an individual Premises, the Parties agree to either:
Electrical. Any major electrical problem or power outage (1 to 2 lights being out or light bulbs not working do not count)