Water Sample Clauses

Water. This lease does not grant permission, express or implied, to Lessee for water exploration, drilling, or establishing water xxxxx without the written permission of the surface owner. If Lessor is the surface owner, said permission shall not be unreasonably withheld. If Lessee desires to establish or adjudicate any water right for beneficial use on the leased land, any such adjudication or application shall be in the name of Lessor if Lessor is the surface owner. The same shall apply to any non-tributary water rights established on the leased land which may be put to beneficial use off said land.
Water. (a) Landlord shall furnish cold water for ordinary premises and kitchenette, cleaning, toilet, lavatory and drinking purposes and hot water for the core restroom sinks. If Tenant requires, uses or consumes water for any purpose other than for the aforementioned purposes, Landlord may (i) assess a reasonable charge for the additional water so used or consumed by Tenant or (ii) install a water meter and thereby measure Tenant’s water consumption for all purposes. In the latter event, Landlord shall pay the cost of the meter and the cost of installation thereof and shall keep said meter and installation equipment in good working order and repair. Txxxxx agrees to pay for the additional water consumed, as shown on said meter, together with the sewer charge based on said meter charges, as and when bills are rendered, and on default in making such payment, Landlord may pay such charges and collect the same from Tenant. All piping and other equipment and facilities for use of water outside the Building core, but that exclusively serve the Premises, will be installed and maintained by contractors approved by Landlord at Tenant’s sole cost and expense.
Water. Landlord shall furnish hot and cold water in such quantities as Landlord deems sufficient for ordinary drinking, lavatory and cleaning purposes to the Premises. If Tenant requires, uses or consumes water for any purpose in addition to ordinary lavatory, cleaning and drinking purposes, Landlord may install a hot water meter and a cold water meter and thereby measure Tenant’s consumption of water for all purposes. Tenant shall (a) pay to Landlord the cost of any such meters and their installation, (b) at Tenant’s expense, keep any such meters and any such installation equipment in good working order and repair, and (c) pay to Landlord, as Additional Rent, as and when billed therefor for water consumed, together with a charge for any required pumping or heating thereof, all sewer rents, charges or any other taxes, rents, levies or charges which now or hereafter are assessed, imposed or shall become a lien upon the Premises or the Real Property pursuant to law, order or regulation made or issued in connection with any such metered use, consumption, maintenance or supply of water, water system, or sewage or sewage connection or system, and in default in making such payment Landlord may pay such charges and collect the same from Tenant.
Water. Landlord shall provide water in the core lavatories on each floor of the Building. If Tenant requires water for any additional purposes, Tenant shall pay for the cost of bringing water to the Premises and Landlord may install a meter to measure the water. Tenant shall pay the cost of such installation, and for all maintenance, repairs and replacements thereto, and for the reasonable charges of Landlord for the water consumed.
Water. 12. (1) The State and the Company shall agree upon the amounts and qualities of the Company’s annual and daily maximum water requirements for use in its operations under this Agreement (which amounts or such other amounts as shall from time to time be agreed between the parties to be reasonable are hereinafter called “the Company’s water requirements”).
Water. 28.01 Tenant shall pay the amount of Landlord’s cost for all excessive water used by Tenant for any purpose other than ordinary lavatory and drinking uses, and any sewer rent or tax based thereon. In the event of such excessive use, Landlord may install a water meter to measure Tenant’s water consumption for all purposes and Tenant agrees to pay for the installation and maintenance thereof and for water consumed as shown on said meter at Landlord’s cost therefor plus five (5%) percent. If water is made available to Tenant in the Building or the Premises through a meter which also supplies other Premises, or without a meter, then Tenant shall pay to Landlord a reasonable charge per month for water.