Electric Sample Clauses

Electric. If Customer has selected an Electricity Fixed Rate on the Application, Customer’s Price will be based on the Fixed Rate(s) which includes Local and State taxes, Gross Receipts Tax (GRT), PJM Adjustment (defined below) charges and adjustments and Utility applied charges and/or fees related to generation, plus the Administration Charge, which includes, Electricity Balancing Amount and third party utility and billing charges. Customer understands and agrees that included in the Administration Charge is the cost of the Energy Balancing Amount (defined below). Customer understands that in order for RITERATE ENERGY to be able to supply Energy to its existing and prospective customers, RITERATE ENERGY enters into supply arrangements to meet the forecasted consumption of its various groups of customers. These forecasts are based on historical data, load shapes and/or estimates. To the extent that actual pooled consumption of RITERATE ENERGY’s Energy customers varies from supply arrangements and/or Customer’s Utility delivery requirements, RITERATE ENERGY incurs a cost in balancing and settling its supply arrangements with such pooled consumption. To ensure a fixed all-inclusive Rate, RITERATE ENERGY has included in the Administration charge, the Energy Balancing Amount, to balance and settle the variance between pooled consumption and supply arrangements (the “Energy Balancing Amount”). In respect of Electricity, Customer understands that there are certain estimated pass through costs, made up of charges to RITERATE ENERGY by the PJM Interconnection (“PJM”) and/or Customer’s Utility, including but not limited to ancillary service charges, the cost of unaccounted for electricity, capacity charges and any replacement or recharacterization of these charges. In this regard, the “PJM Adjustment”, is included in the Fixed Price Rate. Customer acknowledges and agrees that by entering into this Agreement, Customer will not be eligible to receive any net metering credits and other incentives to which Customer would otherwise be entitled. Further, included in the Rate are the amounts charged or billed to RITERATE ENERGY or Customer by Customer’s Utility, the PUC or any other regulatory or government entity, including any taxes, delivery, regulated transmission, regulated distribution, pipeline, compressor fuel, uplift, congestion, locational marginal pricing, invoice market participant, service, billing, or similar or related changes and any, deposits, interest or late paym...
Electric. MWh GENERATION RATIO - A ratio based on the sum of electric MWh generated during each month for the immediately preceding twelve consecutive calendar months. The numerator is equal to the electric MWh generated by a specific Client entity and the denominator is equal to all electric MWh generated by all applicable Client entities. This ratio will be determined annually, or at such time as may be required due to significant changes.
Electric. If you have electrical issues, ie dangerous electrics, or no power. if no power, please check your consumer unit/fusebox first, if this is okay and all switches are on then call your supplier to enquire about any power cuts in your area and if so liaise with them regarding estimated times when your power will be restored, this is not something we can deal with. Should we receive a call from you to find out there is a power cut the total charge of the engineers call out will be paid for by the tenants. If there is no power cut or there are dangerous/sparking electrics then you must call us immediately. WATER: If there is a burst water pipe and there is flooding in the house, please call us immediately, and place suitable receptacles under the flow of water to avoid any further collateral damage until the plumber arrives LOCK OUTS/ LOST KEYS: if you are unable to be let in by your housemates, please call your landlord for further advice. For anything other than this please call the relevant emergency number 999. Anything outside these areas is treated as routine maintenance and is to be reported, Monday – Friday during office hours only. Report it to your landlord either by telephone or email and strictly not on the out of hours emergency number.
Electric. Running exposed wires or a fixture in violation of electrical codes is prohibited. Management discourages the use of portable heaters within the premises. Small electric appliances, Christmas lights, etc. should be unplugged when residents leave the apartment. All elements on the stove and in the oven should be turned off when left unattended.
Electric. N/A Electric from Clark from PP6 to SWS-8747 3 N/A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Electric. 12. Rates and conditions in respect to submetering or rent inclusion, as the case may be, to be added in RIDER attached hereto. Tenant covenants and agrees that at all times its use of electric current shall not exceed the capacity of existing feeders to the building or the risers or wiring installation and Tenant may not use any electrical equipment which, in Owner's opinion, reasonably exercised, will overload such installations or interfere with the use thereof by other tenants of the building, The change at any time of the character of electric service shall in no wise make Owner liable or responsible to Tenant, for any loss, damages or expenses which Tenant may sustain. ACCESS TO PREMISES:
Electric. The Parties acknowledge that the Parties have no rights against each other or obligations to each other under this Agreement with respect to any relationship between the Parties in which PG&E is acting in its capacity as an owner or provider of electrical interconnection or transmission service. Thus, whether or not the Units are interconnected to electrical transmission or distribution systems that are owned or operated by PG&E, Seller’s arrangements for electrical interconnection and transmission must be made separately with Seller’s Transmission Provider (which may be PG&E acting in its capacity as a transmission provider) and, except for setting forth the rights and obligations of the Seller to construct, and/or cause to be constructed, and maintain metering facilities, Electrical Interconnection Facilities, Transmission Upgrades, (in each case in accordance with the requirements of its Transmission Provider or transmission owner, as applicable) and arrange for transmission of Products (to the extent applicable) to and at the Electrical Delivery Point, this Agreement conveys no rights or obligations with respect to electrical interconnection and transmission. If, in accordance with the applicable tariffs, rules, or agreements governing Seller’s arrangements for Transmission Upgrades, Seller is entitled to receive a credit, repayment or other rights or privileges as a result of funding the Transmission Upgrades, nothing in this Agreement shall impair or prohibit Seller from retaining those credits, repayments, rights or privileges for its use and benefit. Regardless of whether PG&E owns or operates the interconnecting transmission system, under no circumstances will PG&E in its capacity as a Buyer under this Agreement be responsible for Seller’s interconnection arrangements or costs nor any credit, repayment or other rights or privileges due to Seller as a result of its funding of the Transmission Upgrades. Moreover, Buyer is not responsible for or liable in any way for any delay in the Initial Delivery Date owing to electric interconnection or transmission service, and Seller’s non-performance of any provision of this Agreement shall not be excused to any greater extent due to any action or inaction of PG&E in its capacity as an owner or provider of electrical interconnection or transmission service than it would be if the non-performance were due to any action or inaction of a Person other than PG&E.
Electric. Electric service to the Leased Premises will be billed by the utility service provider to Owner, and then allocated to Resident based on the following formula: 5 - Allocation based on the number of persons residing in unit. 3rd Party Billing Company: Simplebills METERING/ALLOCATION METHOD KEY 1 Sub-metering of all water/gas/electric use 2 Calculation of total water use based on sub-metering of hot water 3 Calculation of total water use based on sub-metering of cold water 4 Flat rate per month 5 Allocation based on the number of persons residing in the Leased Premises
Electric. 1. All electrical work must be shown on the plans and filed with the Electrical Control Board. An electrical permit must be obtained and all work performed by a licensed electrician.
Electric. Tenant shall pay for electricity consumed within the Suite 102 Premises in accordance with Section 6 of the original Lease during the Suite 102 Premises Term beginning on the Suite 102 Premises Commencement Date.