Work Site Sample Clauses

Work Site. Customer shall prepare a sound Work Site adequate in size and capable of properly supporting OnSite's Unit pursuant to specifications provided by OnSite which shall be subject to OnSite's reasonable approval. It is recognized that Customer has superior knowledge of the Work Site and access routes to the Work Site and must advise OnSite of any conditions or obstructions which OnSite might encounter while in route to the Work Site or during operations hereunder. In the event the Work Site is not prepared pursuant to such specifications and loss or damage to the Unit results therefrom, Customer shall, without regard to the other provisions of this Contract, including paragraph 8.2 hereof, reimburse OnSite to the extent not covered by OnSite's insurance, for all such loss or damage.
Work Site. Work site shall be defined as a college campus or any other place designated by management where instruction and/or services are performed.
Work Site. CONTRACTOR shall work remotely from a secure environment with access to the city’s networking lab, located at 300 W. Waugh St Dalton, Georgia 30720.
Work Site. Contractor shall keep the work site clean and free of debris. Contractor shall be responsible for removing debris from the facility at the completion of each service (PM or Repair). Contractor shall follow all manufacturer’s safety warnings and recommendations and shall be responsible for working safely.
Work Site. During the performance of the Work, the Contractor shall exercise all reasonable precautions for the protection of persons and property. The safety provisions of applicable laws, building and construction codes shall be observed. Machinery, equipment and all other physical hazards shall be guarded in accordance with the safety provisions of federal, state or municipal laws or regulations. Upon completion of operations on each workday, the Contractor shall remove all rubbish, debris and other waste from the buildings and grounds of the Site. All premises shall be left in a neat, clean and acceptable condition. No litter, debris or Solid Waste of any kind shall be allowed to accumulate overnight in any portion of the Site. If no electricity is available at the site, the Contractor shall provide all electricity needed for the project. Any temporary electrical and lighting services shall have weatherproof enclosures and shall be ground fault protected. The Contractor shall also provide all temporary water needed for the project, included for any shower decontamination unit, portable toilet facilities, and temporary drinking water.
Work Site. EHN warrants that it has authorization to enter into this contract and has been authorized by any applicable landlord to proceed with construction at the Worksite.
Work Site. Executive's duties may be discharged from any business location of the Company as approved by the CEO. Executive may travel for business purposes and work from remote locations with authorization by the CEO, and must be available by phone or e-mail each working day.
Work Site. Failure to maintain a proper and safe work environment, in accordance with this Agreement, may be cause for terminating an employee from the telework program. A proper and safe work environment is defined as taking care to ensure that home office equipment (computers, printers, lighting) do not overload electrical circuits, that circuit breakers and surge protectors are used when necessary, and that walkways are clear of debris and electrical cords. The Teleworker is responsible for the safety and security of the Agency’s equipment, software, data and supplies in accordance with the Agency or EOTSS Enterprise Security Policies and Standards and Acceptable Use of Technology policy. If an employee incurs a work-related injury while telework, workerscompensation laws and rules will apply just as they would if such an injury occurred at the regular work site. The Agency is not liable for any damages to the Teleworker’s property that may result from participation in this telework arrangement. The Teleworker designates the following address as their “telework work location”, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement: This location may change with prior approval from a manager/supervisor. _______________________________________________________
Work Site. For other than Centreline Painting or Steel Bridge - means the actual physical location where employees are performing job duties for the employer; For Centreline Painting and Steel Bridge - means the site where the maintenance work is to be done or where the principle machinery is laid up each evening.
Work Site. It is the intent of the parties that no employee should be required to work under conditions which are unsafe or unhealthy beyond the normal hazards inherent in the operation.