Building Standard Sample Clauses

Building Standard. “Building Standard” means the minimum or exclusive type, brand, quality or quantity of materials Landlord designates for use in the Building from time to time.
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Building Standard. Tenant shall be required to use, and the Final Plans shall specify Building Standard (a) light fixtures, (b) doors, (c) ceiling tiles, and (d) hardware throughout the Expansion Space and the costs of purchasing, transporting and installing each of the foregoing Building Standard items shall be borne solely by Tenant, subject, however, to the reimbursement provisions of Paragraph 7 below. Whenever the term "Building Standard" is used in this Work Letter Agreement, it shall mean the exclusive type, brand, quality, and/or quantity of materials Landlord designates from time to time to be the quality or quantity to be used in the Building.
Building Standard. Component elements utilized in the design and ----------------- construction of the Improvements that have been pre-selected by the Landlord to ensure uniformity of quality, function, and appearance throughout the Building. These elements include but are not limited to ceiling systems, doors, hardware, walls, floor coverings, finishes, window coverings, light fixtures, and HVAC components.
Building Standard. Except as shown or set forth in the Plans and Specifications, Tenant must use items prescribed by Landlord for the Building (the "Building Standard") in order to assure the consistent quality and appearance of the Building.
Building Standard. The phrase “Building standard” shall, in all instances, refer to the then-current standard described in Landlord’s most recently adopted schedule of Building standard or, if no such schedule has been adopted, to the standard which commonly prevails in and for the entire Building.
Building Standard. The type, brand, quality and/or quantity of materials Landlord designates from time-to-time to be the minimum quality and/or quantity to be used in the Building or the exclusive type, grade, quality and/or quantity of material to be used in the Building.
Building Standard. In order to insure the consistent quality and appearance of the Building, the style, color and items to be used in the construction and installation of Tenant’s Directory Board Signage and Tenant’s Suite-Entry Signage shall be made in Landlord’s sole discretion.
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Building Standard. Tenant will utilize Building Standard items or items of equal or higher quality, to assure the consistent quality and appearance of the Building. In cases in which the criteria set forth in EXHIBIT “G” hereto applies to such items, no use of items other than Building Standard (or items of equal or higher quality) will be permitted in the Space Plan or the Construction Drawings and Specifications without Landlord’s consent. Landlord will not approve any deviations that Landlord reasonably believes (a) do not conform to applicable codes, ordinances and other Requirements or are disapproved by any governmental agency, or (b) require services materially beyond the level normally provided to other tenants in the Building (unless Tenant agrees in writing to pay for the same). No approval by Landlord of any deviation constitutes an acknowledgment by Landlord that such deviations are in conformance with applicable codes, ordinances and other Laws.
Building Standard. The term "Building Standard" shall mean the standard of all material, finishes and workmanship established by Landlord for the Building. All Building Standard materials, finishes and workmanship shall be consistent with the first-class nature of the Building, the Base Building Plans, and comply with all applicable codes, regulations, and statutes including fire and life safety codes and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Except as may be otherwise expressly agreed to by Landlord and Tenant, Tenant will be solely responsible for such compliance with respect to the Tenant Improvement Work. The Improvement Allowance shall be available for such purpose.
Building Standard. For purposes of this Lease, "Building Standard" shall mean those improvements and other items as approved by Landlord as standard for build out purposes on initial space and for expansion and additional space in the Building. The improvements set forth as Building Standard are part of the Three Bridgepoint Tenant Improvements and shall be charged against the Three Bridgepoint Tenant Improvement Allowance. The following shall apply unless otherwise specified in this Lease:
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