General Office Use Sample Clauses

General Office Use. The Premises shall be used and occupied for general office purposes and for no other use. Tenant, at its expense, shall obtain and maintain in full force and effect any and all licenses and permits necessary for its use of the Premises. Tenant shall not use or occupy, or permit the use or occupancy of, the Premises or any part thereof for any use other than the sole use specifically set forth above or in any illegal manner, or in any manner that, in Landlord’s judgment, would adversely affect or interfere with any services required to be furnished by Landlord to Tenant or to any other tenant or occupant of the Building, or with the proper and economical rendition of any such service, or with the use and enjoyment of any part of the Building by any other tenant or occupant. Tenant agrees that it will not exceed the maximum floor bearing capacity for the Premises.
General Office Use. Tenant will use and occupy the Premises solely for general office use and solely for the operation of the business set forth in the BLI Rider. Tenant acknowledges that its type of business, as above specified, is a material consideration for Landlord's execution of this Lease. Tenant will not commit waste upon the Premises nor suffer or permit the Premises or any part of them to be used in any manner, or suffer or permit anything to be done in or brought into or kept in the Premises or the Building, which would: (i) violate any law or requirement of public authorities, (ii) cause injury to the Building or any part thereof, (iii) annoy or offend other tenants or their patrons or interfere with the normal operations of HVAC, plumbing or other mechanical or electrical systems of the Building or the elevators installed therein, (iv) constitute a public or private nuisance, or (v) alter the appearance of the exterior of the Building or of any portion of the interior other than the Premises pursuant to the provisions of this Lease. Tenant agrees and acknowledges that Tenant shall be responsible for obtaining any special amendments to the certificate of occupancy for the Premises and/or the Building and any other governmental permits, authorizations or consents required solely on account of Tenant's use of the Premises.
General Office Use. Paragraph 11 of the Original Lease permits Tenant ------------------- to occupy and use the Premises for general offices and no other purpose whatsoever. "General office use" does not include use as a telephone call center or other use which would increase the level of occupancy of the Premise to more than one person per 170 square feet.
General Office Use. Subtenant shall use and occupy the Sub-Sublease Premises for general, executive and administrative offices.
General Office Use. The Premises are to be used for general and executive offices, or both, and for no other purpose without the prior written consent of Landlord.