The Construction Manager Sample Clauses

The Construction Manager and the Consultant shall jointly prepare a schedule that shows when the Consultant and the Owner must authorize ordering of items called for under cash allowances to avoid delaying the progress of the Work. CCDC 5B – 2010 25 PART 5 PAYMENT
The Construction Manager s Contingency is not available and shall not be used for any of the following:
The Construction Manager shall prepare and distribute a Cash Flow projection by the end of the Schematic Design Phase and then periodically update and distribute that report with any significant changes.
The Construction Manager shall establish and implement a program to monitor the quality of construction to guard the Owner against defects and deficiencies in the Work. The Construction Manager shall reject the work and transmit to the Subcontractor or supplier a notice of non-confirming work when it is the opinion of the Construction Manager that the Work does not confirm to the requirements of the Contract Documents. The Construction Manger is not authorized as part of this requirement to change, enlarge, relax, alter or release any requirement of the Contract Documents or to approve or accept any portion of the Work not performed in accordance with the Contract Documents.
The Construction Manager shall develop and use the sub-contractor and supplier pre- qualification process proposed during their original selection, per Arizona Revised Statutes §41-2578, and reviewed by the Owner during the Pre-Construction Phase. This plan may include items such as screening potential firms for current and future workload, material availability and cost, subcontract or purchase order conditions, insurance, safety record, available and capable tradesmen, financial condition, prior working relationship with the Construction Manager, willingness to perform the work, bonding ability, ability to meet the Project Schedule, and other factors as determined by the Construction Manager to protect its and the Owner’s interests. Final selection of sub-contractors shall be through either a qualifications based selection only with the Owner’s prior consent, or pre-qualifications followed by competitive pricing. The Construction Manager shall hold pre-bid and pre-award meetings with all potential and selected subcontractors to assure that all qualifications will be met, scopes of work are proper to assure full coverage of the Work, and that there is full understanding of all issues or questions by all parties. If the lowest cost subcontractor is not selected, the reason for higher priced subcontractor shall be documented within the GMP proposed subcontractor listing or Schedule of Values.
The Construction Manager s Fee is included as part of the GMP and is considered a Cost of the Work to be Reimbursed in accordance with Subparagraph 8.1.1 of the Construction Services Agreement and as outlined below:
The Construction Manager subject to District review and approval, shall determine the logical division of the Project into components (“Project Components”) for, among other reasons, bidding, construction and, if requested by District, beneficial occupancy of any portion(s) of the Project prior to Final Completion thereof.
The Construction Manager. 3.3.100 If retained and so designated by the System, a Construction Manager may act as an agent for the System in the administration of the contract and may perform any or all of the functions stated herein, as determined by his agreement with the System.
The Construction Manager. The NYSIF or CSA Group NY shall require in its bid specifications for all Project Work within the scope of Article 3 that all successful bidders, and their subcontractors of all tiers, become bound by, and signatory to, this Agreement. The Construction Manager shall not be liable for any violation of this Agreement by any Contractor. It is understood that nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as limiting the sole discretion of the Construction Manager in determining which Contractors shall be awarded contracts for Project Work. It is further understood that the Construction Manager has sole discretion at any time to terminate, delay or suspend the Project Work, in whole or part, on any Program.