Checking Sample Clauses

Checking. The Contractor shall check all drawings and owner supplied specifications furnished him immediately, for individual Job Orders, upon their receipt and shall promptly notify the County of any discrepancies. Figures marked on drawings shall in general be followed in preference to scale measurements. Large-scale drawings shall in general govern small-scale drawings. Door, finish hardware; etc., schedules shall govern over drawings. The Contractor shall compare all drawings and verify the figures before laying out the Work and will be responsible for any errors, which might have been avoided thereby. When measurements are affected by conditions already established, the Contractor shall take measurements notwithstanding the giving of scale or figure dimensions in the drawings. Anything mentioned in the specifications and not shown on the drawings, or shown on the drawings and not mentioned in the specifications, shall be of like effect as if shown or mentioned in both.
Checking. Checking attendance and receipts, and investigating unauthorized use of the Picture, whether payable to or incurred by WDP employees or other Persons.
Checking. CMAR shall review all Contract Documents immediately upon receiving them and shall promptly notify OWNER of any discrepancies. CMAR shall notify Owner about the absence of a specification or detail, and such absence shall not excuse CMAR from following standard practices in the industry. Dimensions marked on drawings shall in general be followed in preference to scale measurements. Larger-scale, more detailed drawings shall in general govern over smaller-scale, less detailed drawings. Architectural and engineering schedules shall take precedence over other portions of the Plans. CMAR shall compare all Plans and verify the dimensions before laying out the work and will be responsible for any errors that might have been avoided by doing so. If measurements are affected by site conditions, CMAR shall take new measurements for which CMAR bears full responsibility, and which shall be treated as if represented in the Plans and Special Provisions.
Checking. Checking accounts will include physical checks and deposits, ATM/debit cards, physical and electronic consolidated statements, direct deposits, and pre-authorized debits. Both non-interest bearing and interest bearing checking accounts will be offered and may be combined under a tiered interest checking approach. Overdraft protection lines of credit may be offered, upon approvals of the terms of such lines by CFB.
Checking mattresses carefully; those with minimal infestation may be cleaned, encased in vinyl covers, and returned to service. Heavily infested mattresses are not salvageable; seal these in plastic and dispose of them properly.
Checking. For proper completion of assigned checking cards, Operators shall receive forty cents ($0.40) per hour. TRAINING: When training prospective Operators, Operators shall receive fifty cents ($0.50) per hour.
Checking. Time Limitations No Pilot shall be scheduled for or exceed five (5) hours in a flight simulator in any Duty Period. However, if retraining, simulator malfunction, or other unforeseen event has occurred during the session, then the actual simulator time may extend beyond five (5) hours, but will not exceed five and one-half (5.5) hours. A Pilot will not perform PF or PM duties in the simulator for more than one complete crew’s (2 Pilots) Checkride, recurrent flight training, LOFT, or MV in any Duty Period. For simulator sessions scheduled in excess of three (3) hours there shall be an appropriate break during the session.
Checking. (a) Project Co shall, at its own cost and expense, engage consultants to conduct activities as set forth in Section 200.7.22 of Schedule 15-2 - Technical RequirementsDesign and Construction (the “Checking Team”).
Checking work email is a work duty to be done on work time, and time shall be allocated for this work within an employee’s scheduled workday. In the event an employee is not allotted such time, they may request the Building Administrator’s assistance in scheduling this time.