Construction industry definition

Construction industry means any constructing, altering,
Construction industry. ’ means the broad conglomeration of industries and sectors which add value in the creation and maintenance of fixed assets within the built environment; 15

Examples of Construction industry in a sentence

  • Construction industry professionals and particularly Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) face unprecedented hurdles as a result of lockdowns, high energy costs, breaks in supply chains that set timelines back weeks to months.

  • Most of the suggestions covered under the meso-level fall within the ambit of enterprise development as conceptualised in the Charter for the Construction industry in South Africa.

  • Construction industry is generally known to be one of the most challenging industries in many countries.

  • The middle class along with robust macro-economic scenario and changing demographic profiles has a major role to play in the growth and emergence of the Construction industry in India.

  • The Use of Thermosets in the Building and Construction industry, in: Guo, Q.

More Definitions of Construction industry

Construction industry means any one or more of the activities which, subject to the provisions of paragraph 2 of Schedule 1 to the Construction Board Order are specified in paragraph 1 of that Schedule as the activities of the construction industry;
Construction industry means the businesses that are engaged in constructing, altering, decorating, repairing or demolishing buildings, structures, roads, sewers, water or gas mains, pipe lines, tunnels, bridges, canals or other works at the site; (“industrie de la construction”)
Construction industry means the industry —
Construction industry means the industry –
Construction industry means the industry concerning construction works;
Construction industry means an industry engaged in the construction, reconstruction, maintenance, repair, alteration or demolition of any building, railway, tramway, harbor, dock, pier, canal, inland waterway, road, tunnel, bridge, dam, viaduct, sewer, drain, water work, well, telegraphic or telephonic installation, electrical undertaking, gas work, or other work of construction as well as the preparation for, or laying the foundations of, any such work or structure;
Construction industry means the work activity designated