A Purchase Order definition

A Purchase Order means a written order given to the Supplier in the form included in this document; The Term means the period delimited in clause 3.
A Purchase Order means the properly signed, printed and numbered order form issued by the Company.
A Purchase Order means an order for the Products placed by the Buyer

Examples of A Purchase Order in a sentence

  • A Purchase Order or acknowledgment shall be deemed to be genuine for all purposes if it is transmitted to the location designated for such documents.

  • A Purchase Order, Agreement or Contract is the TIPS Member’s approval providing the authority to proceed with the negotiated delivery order under the Agreement.

  • A Purchase Order (“PO”), Agreement or Contract is the TIPS Member’s approval providing the authority to proceed with the negotiated delivery order under the Agreement.

  • Modification: A Purchase Order can be modified or rescinded only by a writing signed by both of the parties or their duly authorized agents.

  • A Purchase Order (PO) may be issued to the Contractor on behalf of the County agency ordering the items/services covered under this contract.

  • A Purchase Order (PO) may be issued to the contractor on behalf of the County agency ordering the items/services covered under this contract.

  • A Purchase Order is issued by HHSC indicating types, quantities, and agreed pricing for services and goods the Contractor will provide.

  • A Purchase Order with an original contract price of $1 million or more may not be increased under TEX.

  • A Purchase Order must indicate that the ordering agency has sufficient funds available to pay for the purchase.

  • A Purchase Order is the order issued by a Customer including all related documentation; Services are the services and/or all pertaining deliverables to be provided as specified in the Purchase Order.

More Definitions of A Purchase Order

A Purchase Order in the form described in Paragraph 8 above, which complies with the terms of this Agreement, (a "Complying Order") shall be deemed accepted by Solectron upon receipt regardless of whether or not confirmed or acknowledged by Solectron as provided in paragraph 8.3. Solectron shall not be obligated to accept a purchase order that is not a Complying Order, nor shall Solectron be obligated to accept a purchase order which states quantities in excess of those Forecast and Flexibility [*]-CERTAIN INFORMATION AS INDICATED ON THIS PAGE HAS BEEN OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMMISSION. CONFIDENTAL TREATEMENT HAS BEEN REQUESTED WITH RESPCECT TO THE OMITTED PORTIONS. Parameters (any of the foregoing a "Non-Complying Order"), and such a Non-Complying Order shall not be deemed accepted by Solectron unless Solectron expressly accepts it in writing. If Solectron determines that any purchase order is a Non-Complying Order, Solectron shall notify Trimble as described in Paragraph 8.3 above, and the Parties shall use their mutual reasonably diligent efforts to cause the Purchase Order to be a Complying Order, at which time it shall be deemed accepted by Solectron and Solectron shall so confirm to Trimble in writing.

Related to A Purchase Order

  • IITK Purchase Order means the IITK’s official Purchase Order document;

  • The Purchase Order means the order placed by the Purchaser on the Supplier signed by the Purchaser including all attachments and appendices thereto and all documents incorporated by reference therein. The purchase order shall be deemed as "Contract" appearing in the document.

  • Purchase Order means the form or format a Customer uses to make a purchase under the Contract (e.g., a formal written purchase order, electronic purchase order, procurement card, contract or other authorized means).

  • Purchase Orders means official orders issued by an operating division of Transnet to the Supplier/Service Provider for the supply of Goods or Services;

  • Purchase Order (PO) means a written offer made by a purchaser to a supplier formally stating the terms and conditions of a proposed transaction.

  • Purchase Order Number means the Customer’s unique number relating to the supply of the Services;

  • The Advance Purchase Order or “Letter of Intent” means the intention of Purchaser to place the Purchase Order on the bidder.

  • Firm Order has the meaning set forth in Section 3.2.

  • Firm Order Confirmation or "FOC" means the notice Qwest provides to CLEC to confirm that CLEC's Local Service Order (LSR) has been received and has been successfully processed. The FOC confirms the schedule of dates committed to by Qwest for the Provisioning of the service requested.

  • Delivery Schedule means the schedule for the delivery of Services as set forth in attached Annex 3.

  • Customer Order means, with respect to a Participant or Authorized Trader, an Order or Request for Quote that has been provided to such Participant or Authorized Trader, as applicable, by or on behalf of a Customer.

  • Advance shipment notice means an electronic notification used to list the contents of a shipment of goods as well as additional information relating to the shipment, such as passive radio frequency dentification (RFID) or item unique identification (IUID) information, order information, product description, physical characteristics, type of packaging, marking, carrier information, and configuration of goods within the transportation equipment.

  • Product Schedule means PTC’s standard order form entitled “PTC Product Schedule” (including all schedules, attachments and other document(s) specifically referenced therein) or such alternative order form as may be submitted by Customer and accepted by PTC, in each case that specifies (i) the Licensed Products and/or Services ordered; and (ii) for Licensed Products, the installation address (including the Designated Country) and the Licence Term.

  • Service Order Form means our standard Service Order Form for Services, or any other order form that we agree with you in writing that incorporates the provisions of this DPA;

  • Shipment means a volume of products offered to and accepted by Carrier for transportation.

  • Delivery Location means the Supplier's premises or other location where the Services are to be supplied, as set out in the Order;

  • Delivery Terms as defined in Section 10.1;

  • Order Form means an ordering document specifying the Services to be provided hereunder that is entered into between You and Us or any of Our Affiliates, including any addenda and supplements thereto. By entering into an Order Form hereunder, an Affiliate agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement as if it were an original party hereto.

  • Stop Work Order means the written Notice, delivered in accordance with this Agreement, by which the State may require the Contractor to stop all, or any part, of the Work of this Agreement, for the period set forth in the Stop Work Order. The Stop Work Order shall be specifically identified as such and shall indicate that it is issued pursuant to the Stop Work provision in this Exhibit B.

  • Cloud Service Order Form means all written order forms or other ordering documentation for Cloud Services entered into by SAP, or a SAP SE Affiliate or a reseller of SAP SE or an SAP SE Affiliate, and Prime Contractor.

  • Work Order means an individually negotiated document that is executed by both Parties and which authorizes a Project, if any, in an indefinite quantity Contract.

  • Product Specification means a product specification for a Medical Device set out in Schedule 2;

  • Calling Name Delivery Service (CNDS means a service that enables a terminating End User to identify the calling Party by a displayed name before a call is answered. The calling Party’s name is retrieved from a calling name database and delivered to the End User’s premise between the first and second ring for display on compatible End User premises equipment.

  • Product Specific Terms means the terms applicable to a specific item of Licensed Software as set out in Schedule 2;

  • Service Order or “Contract” or “Agreement” shall mean the Service Order / Agreement and all attached exhibits and documents referred to therein and all terms and conditions thereof together with any subsequent modifications thereto;

  • Rejection Notice has the meaning specified in Section 2.05(b)(v).