Image Files Sample Clauses

Image Files. An Image File will not be deemed to be received by our processing center until it has been entered into our system and validated by us. It is understood that the Image Deposits transmitted to us in the form of Image Files are “items” as such term is defined in Article 4 of the UCC. Checks converted to ACH entries may not be included in an Image File unless we expressly permit them to be in writing. If we do permit ACH entries to be included in Image Files, you must comply with such operating standards as we may issue pursuant to Section 10, below, to govern the transmission of ACH entries. Correspondent Image Cash Letter Service Description We’re here to help.
Image Files. The partner institution will produce images of the original item to project specifications and save them in the TIFF file format. The partner will create two (2) original files of each image scanned: an “Archival Master” and a “Cropped Archival Master.”
Image Files a. Data/Files must be compressed in a uniquely named zip file, with a maximum of 1 gigabyte per batch (zip file). Images must be uniquely named and must be valid and viewable images that are properly indexed. The documents must be mapped to the correct document type and contain only the essential pages. A standard naming pattern will be established. An example is provided: <image provider>_<partner name>_<sequence#>.zip

Related to Image Files

  • Receivable Files The Servicer has in its possession all original copies of documents or instruments that constitute or evidence the Receivables. The Receivable Files that constitute or evidence the Receivables do not have any marks or notations indicating that they have been pledged, assigned or otherwise conveyed by the Seller to any Person other than the Depositor, except for such Liens as have been released on or before the Closing Date. All financing statements filed or to be filed against the Seller in favor of the Depositor in connection herewith describing the Receivables contain a statement to the following effect: “A purchase of or security interest in any collateral described in this financing statement, except as provided in the Receivables Purchase Agreement, will violate the rights of the Depositor.”

  • EMPLOYEE FILES 10.01 A copy of any completed formal evaluation which is to be placed in an employee’s file shall be first reviewed with the employee. The employee shall initial such evaluation as having been read and shall have the opportunity to add her or his views to such evaluation prior to it being placed in her or his file. It is understood that such evaluations do not constitute disciplinary action by the Employer against the employee. Having provided a written request to the Director of Care, or her designate, an employee shall be entitled to her personnel file for the purpose of reviewing any evaluations or formal disciplinary notations contained therein, in the presence of the Director of Care, at a mutually agreeable time.

  • Review of Mortgage Files (a) On or prior to the Closing Date, in accordance with Section 2.02 of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement, the Custodian shall deliver to the Trustee an Initial Certification in the form annexed hereto as Exhibit One evidencing receipt (subject to any exceptions noted therein) of a Mortgage File for each of the Mortgage Loans listed on the Schedule attached hereto (the "Mortgage Loan Schedule").

  • Review of Custodial Files The Custodian agrees, for the benefit of Certificateholders, to review, in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.02 of the Pooling and Servicing Agreement, each Custodial File and to provide the initial and final certifications in the forms of Exhibits N and O to the Pooling and Servicing Agreement in accordance with the provisions thereof. If in performing the review required by this Section 2.3 the Custodian finds any document or documents constituting a part of a Custodial File to be missing or defective, the Custodian shall follow the procedures specified in the Pooling and Servicing Agreement.

  • Receivable Files Complete There exists a Receivable File pertaining to each Receivable and such Receivable File contains (a) a fully executed original of the Receivable, (b) the original executed credit application, or a paper or electronic copy thereof and (c) the original Lien Certificate or application therefor. Each of such documents which is required to be signed by the Obligor has been signed by the Obligor in the appropriate spaces. All blanks on any form have been properly filled in and each form has otherwise been correctly prepared. The complete Receivable File for each Receivable currently is in the possession of the Custodian.

  • Grievance Files Written grievances and responses will be maintained separately from the employee’s personnel file.

  • Complete Servicing File All documents comprising the Servicing File will be or have been delivered to the Master Servicer with respect to each Mortgage Loan by the deadlines set forth in the Pooling and Servicing Agreement and/or this Agreement.

  • Possession of Mortgage Files Originals or copies of all documents, including but not limited to the documents listed on Exhibit 2 and comprising the Mortgage File, other than the Mortgage Loan Documents, shall be delivered to the Purchaser or its designee on or prior to the related Closing Date. During the Interim Servicing Period, originals of the contents of each Mortgage File not delivered to the Purchaser or the custodian appointed by the Purchaser are and shall be held in trust by the Seller for the benefit of the Purchaser as the owner thereof and shall be available for review by the Purchaser upon request. The Seller’s possession of any portion of each such Mortgage File is at the will of the Purchaser, and such retention and possession by the Seller shall be in a custodial capacity only. The ownership of each Mortgage Note, Mortgage and the contents of each Mortgage File is vested in the Purchaser and the ownership of all records and documents with respect to the related Mortgage Loan prepared by or which come into the possession of the Seller shall immediately vest in the Purchaser and shall be retained and maintained, in trust, by the Seller at the will of the Purchaser in such custodial capacity only. The copies of the Mortgage File retained by the Seller with respect to each Mortgage Loan pursuant to this Agreement shall be appropriately identified in the Seller’s computer system to reflect clearly the ownership of such related Mortgage Loan by the Purchaser. The Seller shall release from its custody the contents of any Mortgage File retained by it only in accordance with this Agreement and the Servicing Transfer Instructions, except when such release is required in connection with a repurchase of any such Mortgage Loan pursuant to Subsection 7.03 of this Agreement or if required under applicable law or court order.

  • Delivery of Mortgage Files In connection with the transfer and assignment set forth in Section 2.1 above, the Seller has delivered or caused to be delivered to the Trustee or to the Custodian on its behalf (or, in the case of the Delay Delivery Mortgage Loans, will deliver or cause to be delivered to the Trustee or to the Custodian on its behalf within thirty (30) days following the Closing Date) the following documents or instruments with respect to each Mortgage Loan so assigned (collectively, the "Mortgage Files"):

  • Examination of Mortgage Files Prior to the Closing Date, the Seller shall either (i) deliver in escrow to the Purchaser, or to any assignee, transferee or designee of the Purchaser for examination, the Mortgage File pertaining to each Mortgage Loan or (ii) make such Mortgage Files available to the Purchaser or to any assignee, transferee or designee of the Purchaser for examination. Such examination may be made by the Purchaser or the Trustee, and their respective designees, upon reasonable notice to the Seller during normal business hours before the Closing Date and within 60 days after the Closing Date. If any such person makes such examination prior to the Closing Date and identifies any Mortgage Loans that do not conform to the requirements of the Purchaser as described in this Agreement, such Mortgage Loans shall be deleted from the Closing Schedule. The Purchaser may, at its option and without notice to the Seller, purchase all or part of the Mortgage Loans without conducting any partial or complete examination. The fact that the Purchaser or any person has conducted or has failed to conduct any partial or complete examination of the Mortgage Files shall not affect the rights of the Purchaser or any assignee, transferee or designee of the Purchaser to demand repurchase or other relief as provided herein or under the Pooling and Servicing Agreement.