Performance of the Work Sample Clauses

Performance of the Work. Except as provided in subparagraphs 7(A) and 7(D), NAI must, using its best skill and judgment and in an expeditious and economical manner not inconsistent with the interests of BNPPLC, perform or cause to be performed all work required, and must provide or cause to be provided all supplies and materials required, to design and complete construction of the Construction Project (collectively, the “Work”) no later than the Target Completion Date. The Work will include obtaining all necessary building permits and other governmental approvals required in connection with the design and construction of the Construction Project, or required in connection with the use and occupancy thereof (e.g., certificates of occupancy). The Work will also include any repairs or restoration required because of damage to Improvements by fire or other casualty prior to the Completion Date (a “Pre-lease Casualty”); provided, however, the cost of any such repairs or restoration will be subject to reimbursement not only through Construction Advances made to NAI on and subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, but also through the application of Escrowed Proceeds as provided in Paragraph 5; and, provided further, like other Work, any such repairs and restoration to be provided by NAI will be subject to subparagraphs 7(A) and 7(B), which establish certain rights of NAI to suspend or discontinue any Work. NAI will carefully schedule and supervise all Work, will check all materials and services used in connection with all Work and will keep full and detailed accounts as may be necessary to document expenditures made or expenses incurred for the Work.
Performance of the Work. In addition to those matters elsewhere expressly made the responsibility of the CONTRACTOR, the CONTRACTOR shall have the full and direct responsibility for the performance and completion of the Work under this Contract and for any act or neglect of the CONTRACTOR, his agents, employees or subcontractors. He shall bear all losses, if any, resulting on account of the amount and character of the Work, or because the conditions under which the work must be done are different from what were estimated or anticipated by him, or because of weather, floods, elements or other causes.
Performance of the Work. The Contractor shall carefully study the approved Construction Documents and shall plan its schedule of operations well ahead of time. If at any time it is discovered that work is being done which is not in accordance with the approved Construction Documents, the Contractor shall correct the Work immediately.
Performance of the Work. Design-Builder represents that the Work shall be planned, organized and executed in accordance with the Project Schedule to achieve the Guaranteed Completion Date(s). Should Owner have a reasonable belief that the Project Schedule or Guaranteed Completion Date(s) will not be met for causes that do not constitute an Excusable Delay, Owner has the right, but not the obligation, to so notify Design-Builder, and Design- Builder shall then work additional overtime, engage additional personnel and take such other measures as necessary to complete the Work within the Project Schedule and by the Guaranteed Completion Date(s). Design-Builder shall bear all costs related to such overtime, additional personnel, and other measures.
Performance of the Work. 5.1 Developer shall commence the Work immediately following the satisfaction (or waiver in writing by all of the parties hereto) of the following conditions: (a) approval of the applicable Plans and Specifications by Governmental Authorities, the issuance of all required Development Approvals and the expiration of any and all appeal periods with respect thereto without the filing of any appeals, including, without limitation, issuance by the City of a building permit authorizing the construction of the Work, (b) the Developer has provided proof of Developer Equity, which Developer Equity is sufficient to fund the costs of the Work remaining to be funded under the Development Budget less the amount of the Construction Loan (c) the CRA and Developer have closed on the Construction Loan, (d) the Development Plan has been approved by the CRA (provided Developer has submitted such to the CRA as required by this Agreement), (e) a written amendment to this Agreement setting forth the Substantial Completion Date has been executed and delivered by the parties, (f) the Construction Contract consistent with the requirements of this Agreement and the Development Plan has been fully executed and (g) the Bonds are in place, and (h) the completion guarantee has been delivered to the CRA. In any case, the Work shall not commence unless and until a Notice to Proceed has been issued by the CRA to the Developer, which Notice to Proceed shall not be issued until receipt of all Development Approvals. The Developer and CRA agree to use their respective good faith and diligent efforts to satisfy the foregoing conditions for which each party is responsible and to otherwise cooperate with each other in this regard; provided, however, if any of the foregoing conditions are not satisfied within one hundred eighty (180) days from the date hereof, the parties shall continue to use their good faith and diligent efforts to satisfy such condition(s) for up to an additional ninety (90) days. If following such good faith and diligent efforts to satisfy such conditions the parties cannot do so by the expiration of the ninety (90) day extension period, unless the parties mutually waive in writing the conditions at issue, then either party may elect to terminate this Agreement upon written notice to the other party, in which case the Developer shall pay the Inspection Costs and the parties shall be relieved of all rights and obligations hereunder, except any rights or obligations that express...
Performance of the Work. PEM will perform the Work in a workman like manner in accordance xx xxe normal standards of skill and competence employed by management consultants, in the waste industry. The Work will be performed diligently and continuously with the required complement of competent personnel so as to achieve the required schedule for the Work.
Performance of the Work. Contractor shall, at its sole cost and expense, provide, perform, and complete all of the following, all of which is herein referred to as the “Work”:
Performance of the Work a. Grantee shall complete the Project and provide the deliverables (the “Deliverables”) described in the Scope of Work set forth in Attachment 1 (the “Scope of Work”).‌
Performance of the Work. With the exclusion of all Enabling Work which is performed pursuant to the Enabling Work Agreement, StadCo shall not do or permit others to do any Project Improvements Work unless and until (i) StadCo shall have first procured and paid for applicable permits, licenses, and approvals then required under Applicable Law to commence the specific work being performed and (ii) StadCo has complied with the Insurance Covenants. All such Project Improvements Work shall be (i) prosecuted with reasonable diligence and completed with all reasonable dispatch, subject to Force Majeure; (ii) constructed and performed in a good and workmanlike manner in accordance with standard construction practices for construction, repair, renewal, renovation, demolition, rebuilding, addition or alteration, as the case may be, of improvements similar to the Project Improvements; (iii) constructed and performed using qualified workers and subcontractors; (iv) constructed and performed in accordance with Applicable Laws and the terms of this Agreement; and (v) subject to Section 7.14 below, free of any Liens other than any Leasehold Mortgage permitted pursuant to the terms of the Stadium Lease. StadCo shall take all reasonably necessary measures and precautions to minimize damage, disruption or inconvenience caused by such work and make adequate provisions for the safety and convenience of all Persons affected thereby, in each case in the manner as a Reasonable and Prudent Developer would undertake in light of the particular circumstances. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, StadCo shall be responsible for all costs incurred in connection with the Project Improvements Work, including any costs, charges, and fees in connection with supplying the Project Improvements with all necessary utilities, all costs, charges, and fees payable to any Governmental Authority in connection with the Project Improvements Work (including all building permits, platting, and zoning fees and street closure fees or any other license, permit or approval under Applicable Laws), title insurance costs associated with leasehold and mortgagee title insurance obtained by StadCo and all other site preparation costs, fees or expenses incurred in connection with the Land or the design, development, construction, furnishing, and opening of the Project Improvements. Dust, noise, traffic, hazards, and other effects of such work shall be controlled in such manner as a Reasonable and Prudent Developer would under...