Coordinator Sample Clauses

Coordinator. The Contractor shall employ an IS Coordinator who is dedicated full-time to the Contractor’s Indiana Medicaid product lines. This individual will oversee the Contractor’s Hoosier Healthwise information system(s) and serve as a liaison between the Contractor and the State fiscal agent or other FSSA contractors regarding encounter claims submissions, capitation payment, member eligibility), enrollment and other data transmission interface and management issues. The IS Coordinator, in close coordination with other key staff, is responsible for ensuring all program data transactions are in compliance with the terms of the Contract. The IS Coordinator is responsible for attendance at all Technical Meetings called by the State. If the IS Coordinator is unable to attend a Technical Meeting, the IS Coordinator shall designate a representative to take his or her place. This representative shall report back to the IS Coordinator on the Technical Meeting’s agenda and action items. For more information on the IS program requirements, see Section 8.
Coordinator. The Coordinator coordinates and manages the Project and represents the Parties before Stichting LSH-TKI. Parties appoint [party] as Coordinator and authorize Mr/Mrs ……….. to carry out the tasks set forth under this Section 6.7 and Section 6.8. In particular, the Coordinator shall be responsible for: preparing the meetings, proposing decisions and preparing the agenda of Project Committee chairing the meetings, preparing the minutes of the meetings and monitoring the implementation of decisions taken at meetings; monitoring compliance by the Parties with their obligations; keeping the address list of Members and other contact persons updated and available; collecting and reviewing information on the progress of the Project and submitting outline scientific reports and other deliverables (including financial statements and related certification), if required, to Stichting LSH-TKI and other Parties; transmitting promptly documents and information connected with the Project; administration of the Budget and fulfilling the financial tasks, all as described in Article 7; providing, upon request, the Parties with official copies or originals of documents which are in the sole possession of the Coordinator when such copies or originals are necessary for the Parties to present claims. The Coordinator shall not be entitled to act or to make legally binding declarations on behalf of any other Party.
Coordinator. The Cooperative Member agrees to appoint a program coordinator who shall have express authority to represent and bind the Cooperative Member, and the Cooperative will not be required to contact any other individual regarding program matters. Any notice to or any agreements with the coordinator shall be binding upon the Cooperative Member. The Cooperative Member reserves the right to change the coordinator as needed by giving written notice to the Cooperative. Such notice is not effective until actually received by the Cooperative.
Coordinator. A Coordinator is a Faculty Member appointed by the College to co-ordinate work of a specified area of responsibility.