General Principles Sample Clauses

General Principles. 9.2.1 Each Party shall implement its tasks in accordance with the Consortium Plan and shall bear sole responsibility for ensuring that its acts within the Project do not knowingly infringe third party property rights.
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General Principles. Each Party undertakes to take part in the efficient implementation of the Project, and to cooperate, perform and fulfil, promptly and on time, all of its obligations under the Grant Agreement and this Consortium Agreement as may be reasonably required from it and in a manner of good faith as prescribed by Belgian law. Each Party undertakes to notify promptly, in accordance with the governance structure of the Project, any significant information, fact, problem or delay likely to affect the Project. Each Party shall promptly provide all information reasonably required by a Consortium Body or by the Coordinator to carry out its tasks. Each Party shall take reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of any information or materials it supplies to the other Parties.
General Principles. Ensuring that personal information is protected against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access is the sixth principle of the Data Protection Xxx 0000. Partners should ensure they have appropriate security in place and arrangements to monitor these. A key issue, especially for electronic documentation, is the consistent use of encryption and secure information exchange. Unguarded exchange of personal information may not only infringe the rights of the individual subject or others that may be identifiable from the information, but also compromise the organisations sharing information or jeopardise any proceedings or legal measure based upon that information. With remote working there is an issue about storing personalised information on flash drives/memory sticks and of encryption. Partners sharing personal information are responsible for ensuring laptops, drive or removable electronic media containing personal information used for remote working are encrypted, and have Home Office approved levels of security. To comply with national guidance encryption should be at least 256 bit. Recent Home Office guidance with respect to third party suppliers suggests that:
General Principles. For the avoidance of doubt, the general provisions for Access Rights provided for in this Section 9 are applicable also to Software as far as not modified by this Section 9.8. Parties’ Access Rights to Software do not include any right to receive Source Code or Object Code ported to a certain hardware platform or any right to receive Source Code, Object Code or respective Software Documentation in any particular form or detail, but only as available from the Party granting the Access Rights. The intended introduction of Intellectual Property (including, but not limited to Software) under Controlled Licence Terms in the Project requires the approval of the General Assembly to implement such introduction into the Consortium Plan.
General Principles. 1. Further to Article 1.2, this Chapter reflects the preferential trading relationship between the Parties, the desirability of facilitating temporary entry on a reciprocal basis and of establishing transparent criteria and procedures for temporary entry, and the need to ensure border security and to protect the domestic labour force and permanent employment in their respective territories.
General Principles. 3.1 Nothing in this Agreement shall affect:
General Principles. 1. The Parties shall engage in a dialogue on bilateral and multilateral trade and trade-related issues with a view to strengthening bilateral trade relations and advancing the multilateral trade system.
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General Principles. 1. A Registered Participant shall pay the amounts due as calculated in accordance with Article 51 for all Daily Transmission Rights allocated to him. This obligation shall be fulfilled irrespective of any curtailment of all or some of these Daily Transmission Rights in accordance with these Allocation Rules.
General Principles. Subject to the Terms and Conditions of this MSFAA-Canada and the requirements of the CSFAA, you may be eligible for Financial Assistance with limits on amount and time and you are not required to make payments nor will interest accrue on the principal amount of your Outstanding Loan Balance while you are a Full-Time Student and during the six months following the Month you cease to be a Full-Time Student.
General Principles. A. A grievance may be withdrawn at any level.
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