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POSSESSION OF THE. PREMISES The failure of Tenants to take possession of the premises shall not relieve them of their obligation to pay rent. If Landlord is unable to deliver possession of the premises for any reason not within Landlord’s control, Landlord shall not be liable for any damage caused thereby, nor will this Rental Agreement be void or voidable, If Landlord is unable to deliver possession within 10 calendar days after the agreed commencement date, Tenants may terminate this Rental Agreement by giving written notice to Landlord, and shall receive a refund of all rent and security deposits paid.
POSSESSION OF THE. APARTMENT/PLOT: Schedule for possession of the said Apartment: The Promoter agrees and understands that timely delivery of possession of the Apartmentis the essence of the Agreement. The Promoter, based on the approved plans and specifications, assures to hand over possession of the Apartment on , unless there is delay or failure due to war, flood, drought, fire, cyclone, earthquake or any other calamity caused by nature affecting the regular development of the real estate project ("Force Majeure"). If, however, the completion of the Project is delayed due to the Force Majeure conditions then the Allottee agrees that the Promoter shall be entitled to the extension of time for delivery of possession of the Apartment, provided that such Force Majeure conditions are not of a nature which make it impossible for the contract to be implemented. The Allottee agrees and confirms that, in the event it becomes impossible for the Promoter to implement the project due to Force Majeure conditions, then this allotment shall stand terminated and the Promoter shall refund to the Allottee the entire amount received by the Promoter from the allotment within 45 days from that date. After refund of the money paid by the Allottee, Xxxxxxxx agrees that he/she/they/it shall not have any rights, claims etc. against the Promoter and that the Promoter shall be released and discharged from all its obligations and liabilities under this Agreement. Procedure for taking possession:The Promoter, upon obtaining the occupancy certificate* from the competent authority shall offer in writing the possession of the Apartment, to the Allottee in terms of this Agreement to be taken within 3 (three months from the date of issue of such notice and the Promoter shall give possession of the Apartmentto the Allottee. The Promoter agrees and undertakes to indemnify the Allottee in case of failure of fulfillment of any of the provisions, formalities, documentation on part of the Promoter. The Allottee agree(s) to pay the maintenance charges as determined by the Promoter/association of allottees, as the case may be. The Promoter on its behalf shall offer the possession to the Allottee in writing within days of receiving the occupancy certificate* of the Project.
POSSESSION OF THE. Premises has been delivered to Tenant and Tenant has accepted and taken possession of the Premises.
POSSESSION OF THE. Purchased Assets as described herein shall be delivered by Seller to Buyer at Closing subject to the Permitted Exceptions.
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POSSESSION OF THE. Expansion Improvements shall be given to Lessee in tenantable condition, broom clean and free of debris, and free of liens and encumbrances except as set forth in Lessee's Title Policy (and subject to any additional title exceptions which may be approved by Lessee as set forth in paragraph 12(d) above). Lessor shall require the General Contractor (i) to warrant in the Construction Contract that all materials and workmanship utilized or employed by the General Contractor in the construction of the Expansion Improvements shall be free of defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of completion of construction thereof in accordance with the Plans and Specifications; and (ii) to acknowledge and agree in the Construction Contract that Lessee constitutes a third party beneficiary of such contract and that Lessee has the right, but not the obligation, to enforce the terms thereof to no lesser extent than Lessor. In addition to repairs or replacements covered by such manufacturers' or contractors' warranties, Lessor shall make all necessary repairs or replacements to the Expansion Improvements, structures, systems, and fixtures constructed or installed by or at the request of Lessor for a period of one (1) year after the completion of the Expansion Improvements to the extent such repairs or replacements are rendered necessary as a result of defective materials or workmanship. The agreements of Lessor as contained in this subparagraph 12(h) shall survive for one (1) year after the completion of the Expansion Improvements. To the extent of any inconsistencies between this subparagraph 12(h) and any provisions of the Lease regarding Lessor's maintenance, repair and or restoration obligations, the Lessor's obligations as set forth in this subparagraph 12(h) shall be in addition to such maintenance and/or repair obligations as set forth in the Lease. Nothing in this subparagraph 12(h) shall be deemed to constitute a waiver by Lessee of, or otherwise limit, Lessor's obligations to perform any obligation to maintain, repair, or restore the Premises as provided in the Lease.
POSSESSION OF THE. Premises shall not be deemed tendered and the term shall not commence until the first to occur of the following:
POSSESSION OF THE. Subject Property shall be delivered to Buyer at the Closing, free and clear of all tenancies, use agreements and possessory rights.
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