Coordinators Sample Clauses

Coordinators. As of the Effective Date, each Party shall appoint and provide written notice to the other Party pursuant to Section 14.1, of the name, title and contact information for an individual who shall be a current officer or employee of such Party or an Affiliate thereof and shall serve as such Party’s primary contact with respect to issues that may arise out of the scope or performance of this Agreement (each, a “Coordinator”). The Parties may replace their respective Coordinator by giving notice pursuant Section 14.1 to the other Party stating the name, title and contact information for the new Coordinator. Subject to Section 7.7, each Coordinator will have primary responsibility on behalf of its respective Party, to communicate and coordinate with the other Coordinator with respect to this Agreement. The Coordinators shall meet, either in person or telephonically, from time to time as necessary or appropriate to discuss open issues related to this Agreement and performance hereunder. In the event there is an open issue that is time critical (in the reasonable judgment of the requesting Coordinator) or a dispute arises between the Parties under this Agreement, the Coordinators shall meet as soon as reasonably practicable and shall use reasonable efforts and work together in good faith to resolve any disagreements or disputes between the Parties as expeditiously as possible.
Coordinators. The contractor shall assign coordinators as needed to coordinate At-Sea Monitor deployment and provide At-Sea Monitor support services. The coordinator shall be designated as key personnel under this contract (per section H.8). All coordinators are required to maintain current At-Sea Monitor Certification. Ensure that all key personnel attend any refresher trainings for At-Sea Monitors. For a specific job description see Section J, Attachment 2, Labor Category Classifications and Job Descriptions.
Coordinators. During the Term, Replidyne, DSP and Nisso shall each appoint one or more authorized representatives (“Coordinators”) for the exchange of all communications, other than formal notices hereunder, related to the supply of the Drug Substance. Each Party shall provide notice to the other Parties as to the name and title of the individuals so appointed. Each Party may replace its Coordinators at any time for any reason by providing written notice to the other Parties. The Coordinators shall meet at least once in each calendar year to review each Party’s past and future performance hereunder.
Coordinators. Each of Provider and Recipient shall nominate a representative to act as its primary contact person to coordinate the provision of all Transition Services (collectively, the “Primary Coordinators”). Each Primary Coordinator may designate one or more service coordinators for each specific Transition Service (the “Service Coordinators”). Each Party may treat an act of a Primary Coordinator or Service Coordinator of another Party as being authorized by such other Party without inquiring behind such act or ascertaining whether such Primary Coordinator or Service Coordinator had authority to so act, provided, however, that no such Primary Coordinator or Service Coordinator has authority to amend this Agreement. Provider and Recipient shall advise each other promptly (in any case no more than five (5) business days) in writing of any change in the Primary Coordinators and any Service Coordinator for a particular Transition Service, setting forth the name of the Primary Coordinator or Service Coordinator to be replaced and the name of the replacement, and certifying that the replacement Primary Coordinator or Service Coordinator is authorized to act for such Party in all matters relating to this Agreement, in the case of a Primary Coordinator or, in the case of a Service Coordinator, with respect to the Transition Service for which such Service Coordinator has been designated. Provider and Recipient each agrees that all communications relating to the provision of the Transition Services shall be directed to the Service Coordinators for such Transition Service with copies to the Primary Coordinators. Provider’s initial Primary Coordinator shall be Xxxx Xxxxx. Recipient’s initial Primary Coordinator shall be Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx.
Coordinators. In addition, the following applies to coordinators:
Coordinators. School and Collaborator will each appoint one individual to act as the principal contact person and to coordinate activities in connection with the Program. Initial appointees are set out in the Plan. School and Collaborator may each change its contact person at any time and will so advise the other.
Coordinators. 9.1 Any notice required or permitted to be made by either party to this Agreement must be in writing. Notices are effective when received by the appropriate coordinator as demonstrated by reliable written confirmation (for example, certified mail receipt or facsimile receipt confirmation sheet).
Coordinators. 11.1.1 Appointments (see 2.8) The final decision for appointment of Coordinators rests with the Xxxx; however with a view to arriving at a consensus amongst those in the bargaining unit and those in the administration directly affected by any particular appointment, the following consultative processes will be used in making such appointments:
Coordinators. 14 The contractor shall assign coordinators as needed to coordinate At-Sea Monitor deployment 15 and provide At-Sea Monitor support services. The coordinator shall be designated as key
Coordinators a. Shall be evaluated on the basis of their duties and responsibilities statement.