Construction Services Sample Clauses

Construction Services. 4.01. Be available for discussion and consultation during the construction phase, but construction observation will be the responsibility of the City of Overland Park.
Construction Services. This agreement is to be on an at risk basis with a fee of TBD % of the cost of the work.
Construction Services. The County shall provide project construction and deployment services (“Construction Services”) to the City for those portions of the Project located in the City Project Area. The County shall segregate the costs of the Construction Services from the total costs of constructing the entire Project in the manner described in Section 5.3 below.
Construction Services. 3.2.1 Construction will commence upon the issuance by the Owner of a written notice to proceed.
Construction Services. It is agreed that the CONSULTANT and its representatives shall not at any time supervise, direct, control, or have authority over any contractor’s work, nor shall CONSULTANT have authority over or be responsible for the means, methods, techniques, sequences, or procedures of construction selected or used by any contractor, or the safety precautions and programs incident thereto, for security or safety at any Project site, nor for any failure of a Contractor to comply with Laws and Regulations applicable to that Contractor’s furnishing and performing of its work. CONSULTANT shall not be responsible for the acts or omissions of any Contractor. CLIENT acknowledges that on-site contractor(s) are solely responsible for construction site safety programs and their enforcement.