Supplemental Agreement definition

Supplemental Agreement means any contract modification which is accomplished by the mutual action of the parties.
Supplemental Agreement means an agreement supplemental to this Agreement, substantially in the form set out in Schedule 1 to this Agreement to be entered into by the Secretary of State and the Company pursuant to which the Company agrees to establish and maintain, and to carry on or provide for the carrying on, and the Secretary of State agrees to fund, an Academy in accordance with the terms and conditions of that Supplemental Agreement and this Agreement;
Supplemental Agreement. Any supplemental agreement entered into pursuant to Article IX hereof.

Examples of Supplemental Agreement in a sentence

  • The TIPS Member entity participating in the TIPS Agreement and awarded Vendor may enter into a separate Supplemental Agreement or contract to further define the level of service requirements over and above the minimum defined in this Agreement such as but not limited to, invoice requirements, ordering requirements, specialized delivery, etc.

  • TIPS, its agents, TIPS Members and employees not a party to the Supplemental Agreement with the TIPS Member customer, shall not be made party to any claim for breach of such agreement unless named and agreed by the Party in question in writing in the agreement.

  • Any Supplemental Agreement or contract developed as a result of this Agreement is exclusively between the TIPS Member entity customer and the Vendor.

  • After expiration of the 14-day period from the date of the Supplemental Agreement, the Client shall have the right to initiate termination of the overdraft by repaying the overdraft amount, paying the accrued interest for its use, the amount of unauthorised debt, if any, and the charged fine, and signing an overdraft termination agreement at a branch of the Bank.

  • The Parties have agreed that in cases of receipt of a document for compulsory debiting of funds from a term deposit or early debiting of funds from a term deposit, the terms of the Supplemental Agreement shall cease to be valid with respect to the expiration date of the term deposit.

More Definitions of Supplemental Agreement

Supplemental Agreement means an agreement supplemental to this Agreement for any Academy which the Academy Trust agrees to establish and maintain and the Secretary of State agrees to fund, which is substantially in the form of the supplemental funding agreement entered into by both parties at the time that this Agreement is signed.
Supplemental Agreement. An agreement which, as to the related issuance of Debt Securities, supplements the other provisions of this Agreement and identifies and establishes the particular offering of Debt Securities issued in respect thereof. A Supplemental Agreement may be documented by a supplement to this Agreement, a Pricing Supplement, a confirmation or a terms sheet. A Supplemental Agreement may, as to any particular issuance of Debt Securities, modify, amend or supplement the provisions of this Agreement in any respect whatsoever. A Supplemental Agreement shall be effective and binding as of its publication, whether or not executed by Xxxxxxx Mac. TARGET2: The Trans-European Automated Real-Time Gross Settlement Express Transfer payment system which utilizes a single shared platform and which was launched on November 19, 2007. TARGET2 Business Day: A day on which the TARGET2 system or its successor is operating.
Supplemental Agreement means a written agreement among a borrower, a PACE lender and the County, as provided for in subsection (7).
Supplemental Agreement. Any supplemental agreement entered into pursuant to Article IX hereof. Transfer Agent: U.S. Bank, until a successor Person shall be appointed by Xxxxxx Xxx. Transferor: Any Person that transfers Mortgage Securities in its capacity as principal to Xxxxxx Mae in exchange for Certificates of a Trust or cash. If the Mortgage Securities are transferred from Xxxxxx Mae’s portfolio, Xxxxxx Mae shall be a Transferor. The definition of Transferor shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the requirements of Financial Accounting Standards No. 140, Accounting for Transfers and Servicing of Financial Assets and Extinguishments of Liabilities. Trust: Either the Lower Tier REMIC or the Trust Fund, as the context requires. Trust Account: The account created and maintained pursuant to Section 4.02 hereof. Trust Agreement: This Trust Agreement, as the same is originally executed, or as modified, amended or supplemented in accordance with the applicable provisions hereof.
Supplemental Agreement means an agreement the execution of which is authorized by a resolution which has been duly adopted by the City under the Act and which agreement is amendatory of or supplemental to this Agreement, but only if and to the extent that such agreement is specifically authorized hereunder.
Supplemental Agreement means any contract modification which is accomplished