Implementation Services Sample Clauses

Implementation Services. The Company and the Client have developed a plan for implementing the services to be provided hereunder, including with respect to the transition of responsibility for such services from the Client and its current administrator to the Company, which plan attached hereto as Schedule I (the “Implementation Plan”). The Company shall perform the services required to complete the Implementation Plan, as set forth therein (the “Implementation Services”). The Company and the Client shall comply with any applicable requirements agreed in the Implementation Plan.
Implementation Services. Vendor shall provide the Implementation Services, if any, described in Exhibit A. The Services Fees for any Implementation Services shall be described in Exhibit A.
Implementation Services. Fiserv will provide services (i) to convert Client’s existing applicable data and/or information to the Fiserv Services; and/or (ii) to implement the Fiserv Services. These activities are referred to as “Implementation Services”. Client agrees to cooperate with Fiserv in connection with Fiserv’s provision of Implementation Services and to provide all necessary information and assistance to facilitate the conversion and/or implementation. Client is responsible for all out-of-pocket expenses associated with Implementation Services. Fiserv will provide Implementation Services as required in connection with Fiserv Services.
Implementation Services. The Customer is responsible for the initial set-up, configuration and any integration of the Cloud Service. Some set-up and/or configuration effort is required to use the Cloud Service and is not included with a subscription to the Cloud Service.
Implementation Services. 10.1 Implementation Phase Periods The implementation period will consist of a sixteen-month implementation; Phase One includes a pilot of 6 counties and the GA Secretary of State office for the November 2019 General elections. Phase Two includes the 2020 Presidential Preference Primary and all Primary, General, Runoff and Special elections for all 159 counties in Georgia as well as the state in the 2020 Election cycle.
Implementation Services. 6.1 Amadeus offers remote Implementation Services, for a fee, to build and configure the PMS Subscription Product.
Implementation Services. Ventiv will provide the implementation services described in the Statement of Work in Attachment 1, if any, to this Agreement (“Implementation Services”).
Implementation Services. Servicer will provide all implementation management services for Card products, including the services described below: • Weekly status update call between Servicer and Bank, as appropriate and requested by Bank and/or designated third parties who may be instrumental in effecting the implementation of the Card product or any enhancements to the Card product • Testing and quality control process around all development work and set-ups • An implementation managerImplementation dates as mutually agreed. • In the event of a “rush” request by Bank, Servicer will work with Bank to accommodate Bank’s time frames.
Implementation Services. Implementation is governed by a separate agreement.
Implementation Services. 7.1 During the Implementation Period of a Work Contract the Contractor shall provide the Implementation Services and the Deliverables in accordance with the relevant Transition Plan (including provision of any training modules contained in such Transition Plan, in the manner set out in Annex 10 of each Work Contract) and the technical solution and design obligations set out in Schedule 3 and Annex 7 of the relevant Work Contract.